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Give us a Giggle!

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At the Heart of  Sharing Self-Improvement is our Community because Community is our Heart.♥

Give us a Giggle!

The demands of work, the kids, the husband, the wife, the finances, the car, the house, the neighbour from hell, the dog!!

Gee! it’s time to have some fun!

Let’s hear your funny stories, your jokes, what made you double up with laughter today? Anything to give us a giggle!

Maybe you’ve secretly fancied yourself as a stand up comic, or you’ve always been the classroom clown. Well take off that frown and come on down! Let’s fill the pages with lots and lots of FUN!

Research shows that ‘a laugh a day keeps the doctor away’, well maybe not actual research but who needs research anyway!

If you’ve had a heavy day and rain is on its way. That big blow up with Fred, kept you sobbing all day in bed. You got the blues and there’s no happy ever after, its time to throw it all away and have some good old LAUGHTER!!

I’ll start with a post on my facebook page which still has me in stitches!:


Keep smiling, it’s contagious!