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Matters of the Heart!

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At the Heart of Sharing Self-Improvement is our Community because Community is our Heart.♥

Matters of the Heart!

Most of us have broken one, or had one broken! The heart is a big deal and we want to hear about your relationship issues, good and bad.

Maybe you’re a relationship veteran and can offer some ideas and guidance about ‘how do we get to month one’?!

Maybe you are at month one of a new relationship and wondering, ‘okay what do I do now’?!

And if you haven’t actually got started yet, perhaps some dating tips wouldn’t go amiss from the more ‘seasoned’ amongst us!

This is the perfect platform to share your own happy ever after story about finding true love, your Soulmate, someone you’re connected to mind, body and Spirit!

We love stories that encourage, support and empower and okay, okay, we all love a happy ending too!

Join us, introduce yourself and share your own relationship experiences on the pages of our Community.