Sharing Self-Improvement is like the legendary Journey of a Thousand Miles…


It starts with the first step…

Looking for a One-Stop Website With a Difference?

Then you are in for a treat!

Join us if you wish to embark on a journey of Empowerment, Inspiration, Transformation and Change.

Here at Sharing Self-Improvement we understand the fundamental relationship of the Mind, Body and Spirit working in harmony to create the life you truly desire.

Our goal is to help you move beyond living life in black and white, to living it in full 10.80 H.D colour (with integrated surround sound of course!) 🙂

By getting involved with the heart of this Community, you will be able to make life happen and direct the movie of your very own life

Light, camera, acton! – Let’s get it on..

How Sharing Self-Improvement Began

Self-improvement, affirmations, keys to success, power of the mind, positive thinking

Sharing Self-Improvement began with a distant vision somewhere in the crevice of my mind.  I dreamt of creating a place where people would come together to share thoughts and ideas of betterment and change in a caring and supportive environment.

I wanted to spread a message of empowerment and help ordinary people achieve the extra-ordinary in all aspects of their lives.

After all, I had! An ordinary gal on my own unique and challenging journey that led me to the extra-ordinary!

I achieved many goals and Sharing Self-Improvement was no longer some distant dream or obscure vision.  It became real!

Born out of a dream and a belief that even though the odds were against me, determination would accomplish my goal.

Here I was, a single parent with two young kids and raising them in a country that was foreign to me.  I knew it would not be easy. But I decided, nothing would deter me!

My story isn’t new and has probably been told by many faces in different places.  Yet it does not take away from my own relentless drive and the sincerity in my heart to tell it my way!

A story you will read between the lines, hear echoed behind the words and feel in the love reflected throughout this site.

I share my story to motivate, inspire and enrich your life, in a way that will help you move forward to success in yours.  Not in the shadows, but in full view of your very own greatness.

stress, stress management, stress prevention, healthy mind and body, stress busters

Sharing Self-Improvement is the platform that fuels my desire to bring the very best of health and wellness right to your doorstep. Much of my time is spent writing and researching on this topic that is so close to my heart.  A way of living that has been the cornerstone of my own life for over 20 years.

In doing so, I am confident that every page, product and supplement is stamped personally, with the highest quality.

You no longer need to waste your time trawling through the millions of suppliers out there offering their own interpretation of the best.  I’ve done the legwork to bring you the best!

I’ve cut through all the network noise to ensure you find superior and exceptional quality all in one place, right here on this site.

From weight loss to wellness, soaps to superfoods, organics to organizing your life, I’ll help you go from stress to less strife!

From personal power to push-ups and the down low on Eco, I’ll give you solutions to make your health glow.

From nutrition to knowing how to tap into your own reservoir of greatness! And from working out, to what makes you feel good, Mind Body and Spirit.

You’ll find everything you need to succeed at Sharing Self-Improvement.

Yes that ‘s what we do, share everything to seriously improve the quality of your life, health and well-being, all from a wholesome and holistic perspective because I know that when you’re good, your life is good and when your life is good you can help the world to be better! 🙂

Our Logo

When I created the site’s logo, I wanted the design to fully embody, embrace and celebrate my philosophy and ideology.  So I chose:

Zen Stones



Zen Stones

The traditional wisdom of Zen is a pathway to fully awaken your True or Inner Self.  The three Zen stones therefore represent the integrative journey of Mind, Body and Spirit that ultimately leads to Peace.


Bamboo is the perfect symbol of Self-growth and Success.

The Chinese Bamboo tree lies dormant in the ground for 4 to 5 years without being seen. It then springs forth at an incredible rate, shooting up as high as 90 feet in just 5 weeks!

When you embark on a journey of self-growth, initially it may look like you’re making very little progress.  You may even find yourself going back in to your past to help in the process of going forward. Either way, nothing much happens at the early stage.

Then, after years of growth and self-love, all the work finally pays off and you’re propelled to the most amazing heights in all areas of your life.

The Butterfly

It is you and it is me.  Beautiful and Graceful as it dances in an unwavering air of freedom. It represents the inner state of strength and liberation, guidance and knowing.  The butterfly dances in the present, capturing the moment.

 What exactly is Self-Improvement?

Self-Improvement is the process of improving the different aspects of your life, such as the financial, intellectual, spiritual, emotional or physical aspects, with an emphasis on the psychological.

With that said our aim here is to support the:

High Intensity, hiit, resistance training, how to lose weight, burn calories

So whether your goal is to lose 28 pounds to fit into your wedding dress by fall or to get that job you have always wanted, this website is for you!

and here’s why…

We’ll help you….

  • Reduce belly fat and gain insight into the right food to fight the flab
  • Create a Healthy Diet plan that not only helps you to lose weight but keep it off for good!
  • Increase your energy and vitality and re-claim the brand new you!
  • Get knowledgeable about Nutrition and the foods to optimize your health.
  • Build Self-Esteem and eliminate the self-imposed limitations or fears that prevent you from moving forward.
  • Understand what stress and better manage the stress factors in your life.
  • Tap into the Power of Positive Thinking.
  • Understand and apply the Law of Attraction to create abundance and Financial Freedom.
  • Explore and cultivate Spiritual Values to create a more beautiful  and peaceful world both inside and out.
  • Create a space for Conscious Living.
  • Find the Peace, Prosperity and Happiness you truly deserve.

All this and so so much more…

And the best part of it all?

Sharing Self-Improvement IS ALL ABOUT YOU AND I sharing our unique journey together.

We are all about building Community, and you will find different topics that you can participate in. Look for us under the Community section and get involved with whatever takes your fancy…

Whether it’s posting your poetry or sharing your very own success story

Sharing beauty tips to weight loss tips

Or weighing in (excuse the pun 🙂 ) to better health and a better body

Wanna post a Tasty Recipe? Or tell ‘us’ it’s your birthday!

Overcome an obstacle, a challenge or a life changing event and care to share?

Lost loads of weight and want to inspire someone to do the same? Step on board, here’s the place to do it!

Started your own business or accomplished some other amazing achievement? Your story could inspire somebody’s life.

spirituality, self development, words of wisdom, quotes

Yes, this is where it all begins. Come on down and share your magical journey of Self-Discovery. Reclaim your Personal Power and Inspire others to do the same. And doing it together is a sure way for you to get the support as well as share the love.

I have kicked started the Community section by sharing my personal story with you. I invite you to join me as I push the boundaries of my own life and I can not wait to hear all about yours!

I truly look forward to your participation in a spirit of caring, sharing, oneness, openness and love

Be Blessed, Stay Beautiful

Michee x