8 Signs You Clearly KNOW Who You Are

Have you ever come across people who seem a bit lost? They’re not necessarily suicidal or depressed but they don’t have much of a spark. They tend to go along with the crowd and almost seem to fade into the background of life.

Then there are others who simply shine and charm their way through life. I’m not talking about in a vain, egotistical kind of way but it’s much more to do with their aura or presence, you couldn’t hate them even if you tried!

What is it that makes some people shine while others remain in the backdrop of life ? Is about your personality? Your confidence perhaps? Or maybe it’s something you’re born with or develop along the way!

I believe it has everything to do with knowing Who You Are. What do I mean by this?


Knowing who you are is an inner reference point. It is the moral compass you rely on as you journey through life. It is a strong platform from which you derive strength and direction and draw upon in times of need.

Knowing who you are defines your life and like the bamboo tree blowing in treacherous winds, you are forever anchored at its source, regardless of the outside condition.

You live from a Position of Power but not the external power that seeks recognition and applause. Yours is a much deeper authority and is the place from which you light up the entire world!

Do you know Who You Are? Check out these 8 Signs that will leave you with no doubt!

  1. You Don’t Dress to Impress

You have the distinctive ability to just be YOU. You don’t spend all your time trying to impress others in the hope they will like or accept you. Because you are accepting of yourself and appreciate your own value to the world, it doesn’t matter what other people make of you. If it’s a problem, it’s their problem, you’re here to do You!

  1. You Don’t Apologise For Your Space in the World

Hell no! You’ve already fought off 600 million other sperm to get to that egg, now it’s your time to lay claim to that unique spot which has your name written all over it!

So you move with a sense of purpose, a pep in your step that makes you stand out from the crowd. It is not arrogant or conceited but a statement to the world that you have the right to be here, the world is better because you’re in it!

You know that playing second fiddle or dancing to someone else’s beat could never have the same rhythm as yours.

So you dance in harmony with your heart and soul making sweet music on the grand stage of your life!

  1. Your Replace Fear with Faith

You just do it! You have an indelible platform that propels you to wherever you choose to go. Do you feel the fear? Of course you do! Fear is the most primitive of your emotions that you need for survival. So you feel the fear but do it anyway. Not in a reckless, haphazard type of way, that’s not your style. You plan and know to yourself…you can!

Your faith can move mountains and it matters not whether that is faith in a higher power or faith in you. You place faith in who you are and even if nobody else believes in your dream, guess what? You do and that’s all you need to see it through!

  1. You Know How To Do It your Way

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When you live from a position of power it reflects in everything you do and everything you are. Your goal is not to fit in but to stand out. And stand out you do, complete with your very own signature!

You stamp it on every creation from the way you do your job to the way your express your art.

If it’s dance, you do it with grace. Business reflects your style. Even the mundane comes alive when you infuse it with your creative sparkle.

Doing it your way, your style, with your elegance and your smile… works! The same loving and positive energy you put in to what ever you do, attracts the same back to you and more!

People naturally gravitate towards you and think what you say has merit. They’re bowled over by the charm that is such a delightful part of who you are, it never feels artificial or that you have to work at being you.

  1. You Are Bold, Brave and Courageous

You go out and you make a path for yourself, and if there is no path, you dare to make your own. You are not fazed by difficulty and challenge because you know they are a fundamental part of your growth. Even when you fall time and time again, you never give up. Instead you pick yourself up, dust yourself down, and get back on track. There’s no looking back for you, unless it’s to learn from your mistakes so you can do it better the next time around.

When you know who you are, you are driven by a sense of adventure to satisfy your bold, brave and courageous spirit. Boring Ben and dull Debs won’t be on this fearless ride!

  1. You Stand Up For What You Believe In

Do you know people who sit on the fence, go with flow and blow in the direction of the wind? They wait for others to make a decision, then jump on the popular bandwagon?

They don’t have a voice or at least not one that commands any authority.

If they see a wrong doing, they’d rather turn the other way then turn it in.

People who have a strong sense of self are not afraid to stand up and be counted. They have a powerful voice and rally for injustice, inequality, an important cause, for suffering and for global peace.

What you stand up for and believe in is embodied in who you are. It is such a remarkable part of your character that it quite literally rights the wrongs of our society and makes the world better and safer for all. Knowing who you are empowers you to stand up to the bully at work or in the playground because you know your power and stance has a neutralizing affect on a two bit bully plus it challenges and changes the culture, prejudices and status quo.

  1. People Pleaser and Crowd Teaser!

This you are definitely NOT!

Some people are so preoccupied with what other people think, they crawl around like a chameleon changing their opinion and behaviour according to the situation.

They are lost and really don’t know who they are. They do things not because they want to but because they think they ought to, just to keep everyone else happy. The only one that isn’t happy deep down inside, yes you’ve guessed it, you!

Usually people like this lack personal power. Chances are they have no power in their romantic relationships, in their home, at work, amongst family and friends and generally feel powerless and unworthy.

You on the other hand with a strong sense of who you are spend a minuscule amount of time worrying about how others perceive you. The only person you are trying to please is you because you know a better you equals a better world.

And as for following or teasing the crowd, it’s not even part of the vocabulary of someone who leaves their own mark for OTHERS to follow.

  1. You Say What You Mean And Mean What You Say

Massaging someone else’s ego is really not your thing! You know it’s a waste of time and doesn’t help you or the other person to grow.

Being dishonest and hypocritical you know, will attract the same distasteful energy to your circle and who wants to be surrounded by a bunch of hypocrites?

When you know who you are, you know that being real and honest is far healthier and creates relationships that support your growth. Others get more value when you say what you mean and when you mean what you say, you get their respect.

Knowing Who You Are is the Real Deal!


Living from a position of inner power is the same as knowing who you are. It means that your view of the world is from spectacles of truth, integrity and love.

You drawn on your internal reservoir to design your life exactly the way you choose because you understand the capacity of that great resource.

You stay true to yourself even when others have sold out to the highest bid. You live life on your terms and walk your own path. Your internal compass leads you to do the right thing, even when others may not agree, that’s okay, you still move forward with the strength of your own conviction.

When you know who your are, you have many qualities because you have invested the time and commitment to self-growth and development. You are different and people remember you not necessarily for what you said or did but for the way you made them feel. The way you created the space for them to be visible and feel valued.

If you would like to develop some of the qualities I mention in this blog, I’d love to help you!

Change is a process and doesn’t happen over night but it does start with the first step. As a certified Life Coach I help you live from a position of power to create the life you choose.

I have helped clients overcome self-esteem, lose weight, start a business and find more joy and meaning in their lives.

If this resonate with you check out my Coaching Program, and choose a Coaching Package that fits your requirements. Or use the Contact Us Form to drop me a line if you have any enquires, I’m happy to give you a free 30 minute consultation to see if Coaching is right for you!

Take that first step to a bigger, better, brighter tomorrow!

Be Blessed, Stay Beautiful

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Certified Life Coach and Professional Health Coach. Passionate Health and Wellness practitioner for over 20 years. Business entrepreneur and Managing Director. Fitness enthusiast with a love for cycling! Writer (blogger), Poet and Mum.

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18 Responses

  1. Cierra says:

    I love this article. A great refresher and introspective checklist of really owning who you are! Awesome!

  2. Knowing ourselves is definitely a life in progress, Michelle. It takes many experiences and years to truly know ourself inside out. And that is how our biography is designed. To take us through stages in life where the focus shifts and changes. What is important to us as teens or in our 20’s is no longer front and centre as we mature and go through our 30’s into our 40’s. What is important to me now and who I AM now, has little resemblance I believe to who I was when I was younger. I love your 8 signs, as these truly are places to begin the quest and the exploration. It is something so worth the energy and as we reveal more and more of who we are and what is important to us, we become more comfortable in our own skin and begin to come from within. Great post and good opportunity, regardless of our age, to re-look at who we are today, in this moment and to continue being authentically ourselves.

  3. Deb says:

    Another though-provoking post, Michee. I definitely am not a people pleaser and crowd teaser!! And, yes, I know way too many of them. Who I am has also changed over the years as I became brave enough to acknowledge who I am and who I want to be. Your 8 points offer up great tools for all of us to take a look in the mirror and find out if who we are is who we want to be. Thanks for a wonderful post.

  4. Kaz says:

    Love love love this blog! Thank you for sharing Michelle! I agree with you 100%. It’s crucial to know who you are and what matters to you. Life is not to impress other people. Great blog and I love it so much! Thanks

  5. I had to laugh while reading this because this sums me up in a nutshell. When I deliver my training programs and workshops, the participants are usually in stitches because I make absolutely no apologies about my quirks and warn them to develop a tough skin as I will call them out on their “stuff” if it comes into play. I usually share a story to demonstrate why entrepreneurs must have passion for what they do. The story almost always involves my mother who is a diva and major beauty expert. I compare her approach towards makeup to my own which is non-existent LOL! I really don’t care about that stuff and feel like you have to just take me as I am. The point of the story is that I wouldn’t be caught dead trying to market Mary Kay whereas mom can do it successfully because she is passionate about it. Thanks for confirming that I definitely know who I am. Ha!

  6. Hi Michee,
    Excellent post! Figuring out WHO you are is so important , and you have clearly defined the 8 best ways to do that!

    Thank you!

  7. Hi Michelle,
    Excellent article!!! I especually love the piece about who we are is our “moral compass that we use to journey through life and the platform we use to derive strength. I just had a young woman in my office and she was mentally all over the place, going from relationship to relationship. Then we finally got down to “Who are you? She could not answer that question. So I gave her the homework assignment to spend time reflecting on who she is as we can not go much further until we begin to uncover that.

  8. Renee says:

    When I was younger, I was always shy to express myself, and when I did speak, it was to satisfy someone else. Cut to 30 years later, I am still introverted and need time for myself, though I am far more aware of my purpose in life, the most challenging part of my life is to take care of myself! Indeed, it’s a lifelong learning path to know who you are, have the courage to reveal yourself to the world, and to be confident and happy in your skin. Great tips to help review where we are on the spectrum of shining

  9. Hi Michelle, Excellent post and a great reminder about how it’s OK to be who we are as an individual. We’ve all been through trials, joys, sorrows, etc. and we’ve handled in a 1000 different ways – makings us better for it. It has taken me a long while to feel comfortable and confident in my own skin, and now that I’m there – people are noticing! It feels great. Definitely bookmarking this one! Thank you.

  10. Michee says:

    Thank you Cierra, it sure is about ownership, at the end of the day, if we don’t take responsibility for ourselves, who will?

  11. Michee says:

    Love your thoughts on this Beverley! In our younger years, it is so much about trial and error and stumbling around until we begin to get comfortable with who we are. But every bump along the way, adds to our growth and development as we unfold in to the beautiful and powerful being, we enjoy and others do too. This whole process of maturation, really propels us to a place of refinement where we operate from within rather than from the outside and there is definitely a shift in the way we view life, our relationships and our priorities. But the adventure never stops, the more we explore, the deeper the transformation and so as you say, it is so worth the energy, or the investment to embark on this soul-seeking journey that has in store, a prized treasure chest just waiting to indulgence us! Thanks for your amazing insights. x

  12. Michee says:

    I think we all know some people pleasers and crowd teasers! I worked with someone like that and I would get worn out just looking at the inordinate amount of energy she expended trying to keep everyone happy and all the balls up in the air, so to speak. I love that you were brave enough to acknowledge (and no doubt celebrate) who you are because when we do, we relinquish so much of the extraneous junk, we were carrying around for way too long! We literally get lighter and life reflects that new energy! I appreciate you sharing yourself with us Deb! 🙂

  13. Michee says:

    Thanks for your kind words of appreciation Kaz, I’m so glad you enjoyed my blog. Knowing who you are is so fundamental to everything that we do that it is, in my view, the most important journey we take in life!

  14. Michee says:

    Beautiful analogy Niquenya! The great thing abut being yourself is there is less work involved, it just flows much more naturally. You’re not subject to the whims and fancies of others and you’re much better positioned to give the best of you to the world! Your mother sounds wonderful but your story is really about acceptance and appreciation. You for her and her for you and more importantly understanding that each person has a divine place in the world to fulfil their own life’s purpose. You described it so well! Thank you for sharing you, quirks an all! 🙂

  15. Michee says:

    Glad you like the post Joan, figuring it all it is crucial and I hope the post helped in some small way! Appreciate your comments 🙂

  16. Michee says:

    Wonderful Sharise! I love the example of the young lady in your office which sadly describes too many people who live without a clue of who they are. If you don’t know who you are, you cannot possibly know where you’re going or why you’re going there! I describe it as the journey of self and believe it to be the most important journey we ever really make. Why? Because everything else stems from that. Your choices in terms of your relationships, health and wellness, career path and fulfilment of your life’s purpose are all determined by the definition of who you are? You absolutely gave her the correct homework because understanding who we are begins with that a deep introspective search. Thanks for your wonderful insights! 🙂

  17. Michee says:

    Thank you for your candid thoughts on the topic of who you are Renee! One thing you said that certainly rings true for me, is that learning is a lifelong path. Sometimes just when we think yes! we’ve overcome a particular challenge, life has a way of throwing more hurdles our way! What you thought you’d overcome still needs more work! And so we try again and again until we take our very last breath! Self care definitely pales by comparison along the laundry list of priorities most of us have in our busy lives. Some regard it as ‘selfish’ even, though it is not selfish at all but self-full. Only when you are full to the brim with your own sense of love and well-being can you truly give to others without totally depleting your own very special ‘shine’.

  18. Michee says:

    Ahhh how lovely Tamara! I’m thrilled to know how comfortable you are in your own skin. People who are tend to shine brighter and you can’t help notice their bring light which fills an entire room. The challenges and difficulties we encounter in life are indeed meant to make us better and stronger. When we realise we are in a situation but we are NOT the ‘situation’, we tend to address it from a whole different perspective. Thanks for sharing a little bit of who you are and keep feeling great! 🙂

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