Managing Menopause Naturally!

Menopause sure can be mean! Sometimes it starts as early as the mid 30’s and even as late as the 60’s with the average age being around 52 in the U.S and 51 in the UK.

My own experience of Menopause began around the age 48 and even though it is a ‘normal part of life’, there was nothing normal about breaking out in an embarrassing hot flush or wrestling with unpredictable moods swings from day to day! Yes Menopause can be mean but I hope after reading my blog, I can help make Menopause a bit more Manageable!

What is Menopause?

Do you remember, way back when, way, way back when, to the awkward days of puberty? You started growing all sorts of strange hairs and humps and your body became barely recognizable? Things were changing at such a fast pace, you were growing into an adult before you knew it!


Well Menopause signals another change in your life and marks the permanent end of your menstrual cycle. And though the symptoms may be mean, it is actually a milestone and a stage in your life that should be celebrated.

It is the natural rebalancing of hormones in your body as you transition to the after-child-bearing years.

Menopause can be liberating and an amazing time for growth. A period of reflection and letting go. A time of acceptance and moving in to a new and zesty time of your life!

If you have experienced the worst side of Menopause, you’re probably thinking ‘Is she crazy?’ There’s nothing zesty about waking up in a smelly pool of sweat or cleaning out clumps of hair from a hairbrush! And really I’m not trying to down play some of the awful symptoms, but change is inevitable and it’s impact is determined by the way we embrace it.

And besides Menopause may not even affect you to any great extend because the ‘change of life’ varies from women to women.

You may be one of the lucky ones to avoid hot flashes, cold shivering, sleepless nights, mood swings, moodiness, hair loss and vaginal dryness! For some women Menopause is a breeze with very little change at all.

The Stages of Change

  • Perimenopause
  • Menopause
  • Postmenopause



Perimenopause (meaning around Menopause) can happen several years before Menopause, as much as 10 to 13 years and you may go in and out of this stage. Your ovaries produce less of the female hormone estrogen and progesterone resulting in lower fertility.

The symptoms of this normal hormonal fluctuation can be wide-ranging as your body moves closer to Menopause.

You may experience hot flashes, night sweats, irregular and/or heavy bleeding, migraine, disturbed sleep, thinning hair, urinary problems, vaginal dryness, worsening PMS, and increased fat build up in the abdomen.

This hormone imbalance is also linked to depression, anxiety and irritability. And if you find yourself belly laughing one minute and crying buckets of tears the next, a change in your hormones is more than likely the culprit of these intense mood swings.

Many women report a decreased libido and vaginal dryness may cause discomfort during sex.

A lack of estrogen can cause shrinking and thinning of vaginal tissue as well as decrease lubrication. This can lead to inflammation of your vagina and is commonly known as vaginal atrophy.

‘Approximately 30% of women experience vaginal atrophy symptoms during the early post-menopausal period, while 47% do so during the later post-menopausal period’.

Read more


At Menopause you can finally wave goodbye to your menstrual cycle. After a full year without a period, you have officially gone through Menopause and perimenopause is over. Phew! 🙂

Yes! But don’t go celebrating yet, there are two common health problems related to menopause that you should be aware of. Osteoporosis and Heart Disease.


Your body is constantly breaking down old bone and replacing it with new healthy bone. As you get older your bones begin to break down faster than they can rebuild.

Estrogen plays a major role in bone health and during menopause when you are losing excessive amounts of estrogen, you lose more bone that is replaced. Your bones become weak and brittle.

Read more

Heart Disease

Changes in estrogen levels at menopause also put women at greater risk to heart disease.

There are other factors such as age and weight gain that can lead to high blood pressure and increase your chances of heart disease.

You may find this article helpful


Postmenopause follows menopause and lasts the rest of your life. But you haven’t hit home base yet! Your hormone levels may continue to fluctuate resulting in persistent menopause-related symptoms.

The pendulum can swing wildly between different symptoms at postmenopause and may certainly include some of the symptoms mentioned above.

On the flip side however many women report an easing of the more common symptoms and experience a heightened sense of well-being.

I found an interesting article that describes some common symptoms at postmenopause. Click to read more 

Making Menopause More Manageable


As in most health conditions there are factors that either help or hinder the process.

I thought it would be helpful to put together a list of healthy lifestyle choices to help you make the most of Menopause and beyond.

What may surprise you is that simple adjustments can go a long way in supporting, not just Menopause, but your overall health as well!

The small things you do today can have a major impact on how your life looks tomorrow! So let’s get started! 🙂

  1. Quit smoking! Research shows a link between smoking and early signs of menopause.Get the Scientific Facts here
  1. Eat a Healthy Diet. Fill up on low-calorie fruits and vegetables and a diet of low fat, high fibre food. Whole grain food such as steel-cut oatmeal, quinoa, barley, and brown rice are excellent for providing B vitamins.  Read more about Whole food

The Magic of Maca! Modern research has shown that maca has the potential to balance hormone levels and alleviate perimenopausal symptoms. Read more and while you’re there, grab a couple of delicious maca recipes too!

Click here for Raw, Non-GMO, Certified Organic Maca Extreme

  1. Calcium and Vitamin D. These are essential and protect your bones during menopause. Calcium rich foods include, Spinach Kale Okra, Collards White beans. Fish such as like sardines, perch, and rainbow trout. The best source of Vitamin D is the sunshine which unfortunately is not always available depending on where you live. Other sources of Vitamin D include fatty fish (full of omega 3 fatty acids), like tuna, mackerel, and salmon, dairy products, beef liver cheese and egg yolks
  1. Stay Hydrated. Hormonal changes can bring about dehydration. The loss of water due to excess sweating can also leave you feeling dry. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. Read why I love♥ water
  1. Resistance or Weight Training. A great form of exercise to help increase muscle mass and build bone. Resistance training can stop, prevent and even reverse bone and muscle loss.  Read more reasons why you should incorporate it as a regular part of your exercise regime.

And here’s another one that might surprise you, stomping! Yes feet stomping or impact exercise improves bone density. Sports such as tennis where there is a direct impact to the arm, helps to replace lost bone. I found an excellent article packed full of great info on a range of physical exercise especially for menopause. Get it here

  1. Physical Exercise. Apart from boosting your mood, physical exercise is essential during menopause. A regular exercise program will prevent weight gain and reduce the risk of other diseases such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes.  Try these fitness tips for Menopause. Yoga is also a good choice for core strengthening.
  1. Stay Positive! Honestly it works! Staying positive and surrounding yourself with women on a similar journey will lighten the load!

Embrace Menopause as a transformative and empowering journey. Put some fun into it! There are some great women support network’s out there.

I love this one! Hot Flash Mob Movement. It is a worldwide, synchronized dance flash mob movement held to honor peri-menopausal and menopausal women everywhere. Why not find out more and sign up today!

It is perfectly natural to go through a hormonal transition but nature did not intend for women to suffer the painful and sometimes unbearable conditions of Menopause.

And if like some women perimenopause began in your 30’s, which is not uncommon, your suffering probably feels like a lifetime.


For many women all it takes is the addition of a daily supplement, along with some of the dietary and lifestyle changes I mentioned above.

And here is where I can help! There is nothing better to restore your body back to normal than Dr. Sears All-Natural Supplement formulated to help balance female hormones.

With 11 gentle, natural herbal extracts perfectly crafted for maximum effect, you will soon feel like the old you again! 🙂

In fact Dr. Sear’s is so confident that his time-tested herbal solution will knock Menopause down to size, he backs it up with 60 day, no hassle, money back guarantee.

You have nothing to lose but everything to gain by bringing calm and Balance in to your life, Dr Sear’s Balance of course. 🙂

Simply click on the graphic above or click here to read more and place your order.

You can manage your Menopause! Don’t let it take control of your life.

I recall some of my worst menopausal days being in a hot mess with hot flushes. I was in turmoil with tears and frustration and it was definitely NOT the best time to watch reruns of Bambi or Finding Nemo!

But you know, I was so determined to Master my Menopause! From the get go, I let it know who was boss! My attitude probably got me 75% of the way and the rest was education, support and lifestyle.

I embrace Menopause as a new adventure! Actually in some ways I was happy to wave goodbye to messy monthlies and much prefer life in the ‘accident-stain free’ zone!

I think about it as a time to reclaim the new me, without society-imposed inhibitions, and a personal declaration of my sexual and sensual liberation!

I wish you well on your Menopause journey.

Be Blessed, Stay Beautiful

Michee Signature_Fotor

P.S If you are ready to get back to living your life the way it used to be before Menopause, enjoy a natural way back to health with Balance.


Certified Life Coach and Professional Health Coach. Passionate Health and Wellness practitioner for over 20 years. Business entrepreneur and Managing Director. Fitness enthusiast with a love for cycling! Writer (blogger), Poet and Mum.

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  3. Deb says:

    Good info here – healthy diet and exercise were key for me. Good to know there are lots of options for women!!

  4. One of the sad results of women experiencing symptoms during menopause, is the increase in mood changes, labelled depressions that many doctors treat with anti-depressants unfortunately. Personally, having been sick during the “menopause” years, I don’t know what symptoms I might have experienced. I decided when I was well to go on bio-identical hormone therapy and am very, very happy I did. There is always help to deal with symptoms and I appreciate your thorough list and explanations in the effort to help educate and help other women. My suggestion is always ask lots of questions and if you don’t find the answers feel right for you…get a second or third opinion. Diet and exercise are so key to our well-being at all stages in life. Thanks Michelle for all your great info here!

  5. I was very fortunate and did not have a difficult menopausal transition. I chose not to take replacement hormones. Back in my time, this topic was hardly talked about, certainly not many articles other than those written by pharmaceutical companies pushing product. Great valuable list of information.

  6. Michee says:

    Oh there are indeed Deb! You can literally exercise your way to a more manageable Menopause, not to mention your general health and well-being.

  7. Michee says:

    I’m happy to hear bio-identical hormone therapy worked well for you Beverley. So many women experience the horrific symptoms of menopause they’re left totally debilitated and despair can set it. Fortunately having lived a healthy lifestyle for most of my life and an ardent gym junkie, my symptoms were somewhat minimised. Thank you for your perspective on menopause management.

  8. Michee says:

    Fortunate is the word Roslyn when you’re able to dodge some of the awful symptoms of menopause. I’ve watched friends and colleagues go through hell during menopause, some as early as 34 years of age and still continuing. Thank goodness for research reviewing the use of HRT and its role in breast cancer and other undesirable disease with often serious side effects.

  9. Thank you Michee for providing this very informative post on managing menopause 🙂 As I am going through it now, I will be 52 the end of this month, so I am right in the middle of it! These tips help me so much! Thanks 🙂 I will bookmark this for future reference 🙂 Appreciate the info!!

  10. Sharise says:

    Hi Michelle,
    I enjoy all of your blogs; informative and captivating. I will be 35 this year so I am still in the childbearing years and at least 10 years away from menopause. I have witnesses my mom and aunt experience it and it seemed like a nightmare. However, they did not take the “organic” approach to treating it. It is refreshing to know that I currently practice the organic approach as a part of my routine. Thank you for shedding light on this topic.

  11. Renee says:

    Michelle, thank you for the great info! Never really thought about how managing menopause can be done naturally as well. Good tips to keep in mind, when the time comes. I like that diet and exercise can help your body cope, even during the dreaded menopause. With your post, you made it seem less worrisome. Thanks again 🙂

  12. Hi Michelle, Thank you for this very timely post! I haven’t been in the official stages yet – though I am closing in on them now. I did hear something interesting from a friend of mine. She has been having 20 -30 hot flashes per day and she stopped drinking coffee (even decaf) and wine; plus she stays hydrated with lots of water. She says it has helped her tremendously. Something I will try, along with your suggestions as I go on this journey – though I will go kicking and screaming .. LOL.

  13. Hazel says:

    The M word. AACK. Not something a woman wants to even hear when turning 40. LOL. I will pass this article on to friends since some of us are wondering about perimenopause. I do have a friend who is in menopause and after she started eating “clean”, her awful symptons subsided and now everything is manageable.

  14. Michee says:

    You are most welcome Joan, I’m not too far behind you and the tips have helped me immensely! Hopefully the worst is behind us both! 🙂

  15. Michee says:

    Thank you Sharise, I so enjoy sharing my experiences to help others. It seems your organic and healthy lifestyle will shield you from the worst of Menopause and position you for a smoother ride! Keep doing what you’re doing! 🙂

  16. Michee says:

    You’re welcome Renee, writing to help others is my number one passion so if these tips have help somewhat, I’m happy to be of service. I have lived a healthy lifestyle for over 20 years and can tell you, it pays dividends in the Menopausal stage of life and for overall health and well-being. I think it what’s they mean when they say 50 is the new 40! 🙂

  17. Michee says:

    Great stuff Tamara, sounds like you’re in good hands with friends already doing what’s necessary! 20 to 30 flashes per day is gruelling but hopefully she will see a reduction with her diet changes. You may be one of the lucky ones to skip through perimenopause much like a friend of mine who didn’t experience any of the symptoms most women do! (Life’s just not fair darn it!!!) 🙂

  18. Michee says:

    Yes, the dreaded ‘M’ word but hopefully after reading this article, you think more about the ‘M’ in Manageable than the ‘M’ in Menopause! By all means share my blog Hazel, sharing is caring especially if it relieves awful menopausal symptoms! 🙂

  19. Eek!! I’ve been having my own personal summers for as long as I can remember so the very thought of menopause scares me. I don’t know how I will be able to deal if I flash any hotter. I’m glad there are some natural ways to manage many of the symptoms that may come when I finally do make that transition. Genetically, I should be about 10 years out still, I hope.

  20. Michee says:

    Menopause can be scary for a lot of women but I hope after reading my article women feel more empowered to take control of their health. Thanks for your comments and here’s to cooler summers! 🙂

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