Why Self-Love Should Be The Centre Of Your Life!

What is Self-Love?

I was recently invited to be a guest on Bold Radio and we had such fun talking about how to create more happiness and joy in our lives. Much of the discussion was around Self-Love and what that term actually means on a day-to-day basis.

As much as I enjoyed the show, there simply was not enough time to get down to the nitty gritty of the topic. I thought what better way to do so than in today’s blog!

It is one of my favourite topics anyway and not only do I enjoy raising my vibration through writing like this, I love that your own vibration may be lifted as you read and resonate with the words!

Why Self-Love?


Because you deserve to be the very best! You deserve to shine and live your life with passion and excitement.

We all have a greater purpose to fulfil during our time here on earth. Every situation, circumstance, event and encounter, has the potential to move you toward fulfilling your Life’s Purpose.

Self-Love creates a clear channel for you to flow intuitively and in harmony with your life’s purpose.

When your life is on purpose you’re sure to experience good health, energy and enthusiasm for life, fulfilling and supportive relationships, freedom to express your creativity and a deep sense of well-being and peace.

Self-Love is the journey that takes you there. Read more at Oprah.com

It puts you at the centre of your Universe and creates a space where YOU matter. Embracing the concept of Self-Love starts with claiming the real you and unleashing your gifts and talents in an authentic way.

Self-Love therefore is fundamental to your entire being because everything you do and everything you are sits at the cornerstone of Self-Love. The more love you give to yourself, the more you have to spread around!

And when you operate from the level of Self-Love, it is imbued in your words, actions and intentions. Kindness comes easily, love flows freely because you are in sync with the omnipresent energy of the Universe.

Self-Love supports your dreams and endows you with wings to soar to the furthest reaches leaving the mediocre and self-imposed limitations behind.

Self-Love feeds and nurtures the seeds of greatness within you and as you grow you become the unstoppable power that lives your mission, no mater what life throws at you.

It gives you permission to be fearless in the face of adversity, challenge, difficulties and uncertainties. Self-Love therefore lays the framework for Inner Strength to thrive so that you can overcome such transient moments in your life.

It means that you don’t short-change yourself but instead honour and remain true to who you are.

Self-Love and Vulnerability

Self-Love undoubtedly has the quality of unstoppable, strong, confident, fearless and whatever adjective that captures its essence. But there is another quality that is just as deserving with equal power: Being Vulnerable!

There I said it! 🙂


Some women don’t like to think of themselves as being vulnerable because it is erroneously associated with being wet and weak.

This could not be further from the truth.

As well as being a process you should practice daily Self-Love is also a state of Being. A state of Being that is synonymous with the free-flowing abundant energy of the Universe.

When birds fly they are gracefully carried by their wings to the desired destination. There’s no pulling, tugging or forcing. They don’t impose sanctions or conditions or question the process before they take off. They simply spread their wings and fly, they don’t worry that there’s nothing to hold onto!

When you render yourself vulnerable, you open a doorway that connects you to the exact same supporting energy of the Universe. You let go! And the isms and schisms that defined your world, dissolve effortlessly!

You no longer fear rejection or need the approval of others. What they think of you is not your concern. Not in a hand on hip, neck-rolling, ‘I don’t give a damn what you think’ kind of way! Rather a gracious acceptance of what is and not your interpretation or demand of what you think it should be.

Resistance releases its chokehold and sets you free. You are in sync with the wind beneath your wings.

It is why allowing yourself to be vulnerable is perhaps the grandest expression of inner strength ~ there’s simply nothing to hold on to!

A child-like persona is reborn and with complete faith, you celebrate the delights of life with simple awe and wonder.

You may not know where you are going but as long as you spread your wings, the wind will carry you there.

You are free to love and free to be loved. This is Self-Love in its purest expression! Read Maria Shriver’s thought on vulnerability.

Developing Self-Love

When you look around what do you see? Do people appear happy? Are they living their dream or lives on purpose? Are they healthy, wealthy and living to the fullest potential?

If we’re living in the same world, the answer is probably no!

Read more and discover some of the root causes of society’s unhappiness.


Most people are not excited about their lives. Their bane is the mundane! They are trapped in a bad nightmare of monotony that numbs their senses and dims their vision.

They have neither inner or external power and often live from a fear-based perspective. From their eyes, the world seems dark and dismal. They are afraid to let go and let the magic flow in, out and around them.

Sadly most people have given up on their hopes and dreams and have become disempowered and detached. The sparkle they once had has faded in to the dull, doom and gloom that has become their life.  Read more about the why’s of giving up on your dreams

As grim as this may sound, there are too many people who live in a world of black and white, instead of living it in full HD colour! 🙂

The first part of developing Self-Love therefore is often about overcoming the fears and false ideas you hold about your self. The False Evidence that Appears Real to you and sadly shapes the distorted view of who you are and how you see the world. Read more

It is about letting go of the blocks, doubts and uncertainties that have kept you in bondage, limitation and lack and prevents you from claiming your truth. I write more about this here

The programming of your mind has fed your inner demons and supported your self-sabotaging efforts and decisions.

It’s way past time to change the cassettes and throw away the worn out filters of your mind and just about everything else that does not honour and value your welfare and your worth.

Start replacing all negative thoughts and doubts into positive beliefs of who you are and unleash your authentic self to the world! 🙂

Give yourself permission to ditch what is not working for you and create a world of healthy, loving and supportive relationships.

Let go of the lies and the disguise that has masked the story told by others and start writing your own script of self-fuelled possibilities.

Get back to that place of alignment minus the labels and roles that have defined and confined you most of your life. Learn and re-live you again and get comfortable with your own unapologetic needs and wants.

Go live your life in full vibrant colour through enriching and transformative no-hold back experiences. And if fear, uncertainty or doubt come knocking at your door, let them know in full Dolby surround-sound, you are NOT at home! 🙂

Kick fear, uncertainty and doubt to the curb and let them know unequivocally, you’ve got some living to do and will NOT be home anytime soon! They’ll get the message in no time leaving you to unleash the phenomenal, totally empowered version of you onto the world!

Change the view of you who you are from the inside out! Read more

How Self-Love Shows Up in Your Life

The moment you accept yourself, you

It is critically important that the journey you embark on is from a position of Self-Love because you want it to show up in every nook and cranny of your life.

Engaging in a love affair with yourself is the beginning of the most beautiful relationship you will ever experience.

Self-Love is kindness and acceptance turned inwardly. It is the colours of a rainbow and sunshine personified. The glass of Self-Love is full to the brim and celebrates a life lived on your terms!

When you love you, it creates the space for others to love you too and here are more ways Self-Love shows up in your life.

  • Creative Freedom

You are free to expand your creativity through the arts, literature, dance, music, poetry, drama and other modes of creative expression.

  • Energy and Vitality

You have an exorbitant amount of energy that is powered by your love of life. You use it generously to transcend and transform all areas of your life.

  • Fun in the Sun!

You’re no stranger to fun and come rain, sleet or snow, you always wear a healthy glow! You shine your sparkle and bellow your laughter in full celebration of life!

  • You Are Beautiful

You accept who you are and need neither apology or approval. This is when you truly become beautiful.

  • Relationships Rock

You are love and supported by healthy relationships. Friends who want to see you fly and a mate who stands by your side! Even if you’re not in a relationship but find yourself in need, you won’t have far to go to find a friend indeed!

  • Courageous Journey

This is perhaps the strongest indicator of Self-Love. You are not afraid to take risks because you rely on a powerful inner source that never lets you down. You trust and your internal reference point takes you courageously to the hilltops and the heavens of your self-created world!

  • Simple Happiness

The most worthwhile investment is the one you make in Self-Love. It pays dividends and you derive your sense of joy from a twinkling star. You find moments of sheer delight in fluffy little shapes of cloud. You experience happiness as an inner state of being that has little to do with the goings on outside. Simplicity is perfection through your eyes!

Starting Today!

I talk to many women who have lost themselves in the expectations of everyone else. They go round and round the merry-go-round of routine and every day feels the same. They are lost in the meaningless maze of mundane. They have forgotten who they are!

If this sounds remotely like you, it’s time to reclaim your personal power starting from today! Create your own life agenda and transform your world into amazing! 🙂

Maybe you need help getting started? I would love to help you on your way to greatness. As a Certified Life Coach I have helped clients find a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in their lives.

What would the best version of you look like? If money, your job or location were not an issue, where would you be on the spectrum of happy?


A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. I can help you take your first steps towards a fabulous rest of your life. Check out my Coaching Program and if you like what you see simply choose the Coaching Package that fits your need.

Self-discovery is the most beautiful journey you will embark on. I certainly have learned to love and accept who I am unconditionally. It’s ok when I make mistakes, or mess up, it’s ok when I cry and feel afraid. Self Love is my safe haven in these moments but also ensures I don’t get stuck there.

It provides a gentle and nurturing space for healing and self-forgiveness that matches with the loving vibration of the Universe.

I do hope you get this concept. Being hard on yourself is conflicting with your spiritual nature. You move further and further away from your Essential Being with acts of selfishness, hatred and hostility towards yourself and others.

You disconnect from the whole and become alienated from the shared humanity we all belong to.

Self-Love is your responsibility and your right.

If you have enjoyed reading as much as I’ve enjoyed writing, please share my blog. Wanna make sure you never miss a post? Then sign up to my newsletter today.

Be Blessed, Stay Beautiful x

Michee Signature_Fotor



Certified Life Coach and Professional Health Coach. Passionate Health and Wellness practitioner for over 20 years. Business entrepreneur and Managing Director. Fitness enthusiast with a love for cycling! Writer (blogger), Poet and Mum.

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26 Responses

  1. Inspiring and extensive piece on self-love. There are women who think they love themselves, accept themselves, however, one only has to look at some relationship choices to know that the self- love is not deep. So many actions are based on self -acceptance. And despite one’s original circumstances, one can overcome them to create a thriving life. I know.

  2. What a soulful post, Michelle. It is so authentic and your joy and enthusiasm for life and for all of us living our best, authentic lives is so very crystal clear. Self-love is still a concept to so many, especially women, as somehow the joy and wonder of childhood gets stomped down as we move through life and often in the very critical formative years, we learn to search for something outside ourselves to make us feel whole and fulfilled.

    Then begins our individual journey of self-discovery and I am coming to believe it is part of the process of being human. Each of us has our own journey to experience and some learn the lessons earlier in life, than others do. It is a fascinating topic, as we see how brands are now seeming to get that the feminine energy is rising on the planet and appear committed to actually speaking to women where they are at. My hope is that the younger generation of women will have the opportunity to live their lives fully in their truth and through this, the world will finally see the change towards equality for all, that we have long been working towards. Thanks for this outstanding post and for so eloquently sharing who you are and how you are being of service to others in the world!

  3. Luv says:

    Your blogs and voice are amazing Michee!!! Thanks for hanging out with Me on Real Life With Luv.

  4. Such an inspiring and informative post. What stuck in my head was “Start replacing all negative thoughts and doubts into positive beliefs of who you are and unleash your authentic self to the world!” To me, this is the “magic potion” for success and happiness. Our thoughts are so powerful and everything starts there…inside our head! I live one day at a time and am happy to wake up healthy! That is my happiness! 🙂

  5. I loved this! As a coach, I do a lot of work with my clients around self-love and self-care. It is so important to acknowledge your unique value and to take the time to love on yourself. Great share!

  6. Deb says:

    Really great post here. Favorite line is: “Give yourself permission to ditch what is not working for you and create a world of healthy, loving and supportive relationships.” Love your insight.

  7. Michee says:

    Glad you enjoyed the post Deb!

  8. Michee says:

    Thank you for your comments Coach Niquenya so glad you enjoyed the post! Self-Love is the cornerstone to all else in our lives.

  9. Michee says:

    So beautifully said Alexandra, living one day at a time deepens our appreciation of life. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  10. Michee says:

    Thank you my lovely. I enjoyed being a guest at Bold Radio, there’s so much to share and learn. x

  11. Michee says:

    Wow Beverley your words touch me deeply. There is no doubt in my mind that feminine energy is on the rise and is having a profound affect on our relationships with each other and to the Universe. In online marketing terms, I liken it to a ‘call to action’ that women are intrinsically and duty bound to respond to in order to change the masculine-imposed ideas and concepts that have led us down the road to disaster! Though terribly overdue the time is now for a more nurturing and kinder energy to create the lasting change we all desire. Thank you kindly for your great words of wisdom and profound insights.

  12. Renee says:

    Great coaching Michelle! To me self-love is absolute and total acceptance of who I am, and yes, this needs to include all that makes me. I must accept the good, the bad, and the ugly about me, along with the special, the amazing and unexpected of me. All of me, and that’s the true path to self-love. It’s not easy, though it is worthwhile. Thanks for inspiring a good sense of self-respect and a good dose of self-love.

  13. Michee says:

    I agree Roslyn, self-love shows up in every facet of our lives including relationships. When self-love is at the core of who you are, our relationships truly reflect that, when it is not, we end up compromising ourselves and our hearts broken! Thank you for your comments.

  14. Michee says:

    Lovely Renee, self-acceptance is loving yourself, warts and all and is a journey, not a destination which I agree is definitely worthwhile. Thank you for your comments.

  15. Sharise says:

    Self love is often perceived as being selfish or self – involved. How can we give love to others if we cannot start with ourselves? You touched on so many different levels of self love that I found myself saying “yes” and nodding my head! Very uplifting read and I will live life on purpose!
    Thank you!

  16. hazel says:

    Awesome post! I have friends who have gone thru EMDR to help them work thru some of the blocks – why they do certain things. I think it’s important to be positive and to look at a situation and how you can make it better, instead of just bitching and moaning about how it sucks. I’ve been there and it’s not fun being in that state of angry. let it go, move on, what-evs, NEXT!

  17. Hi Michelle,

    Loved your post on self-love 🙂 I think we all as women need to remember all of these points on how we should be making loving ourselves the center of of lives 🙂 Very important if we strive for the ultimate happiness, which is loving ourselves unconditionally and be who we are meant to be!

    I so needed to read this,thank you so much for sharing 🙂


  18. Interesting Article. I see how much our world struggles with self love in our time. We’ve been taught materialistically, things will bring us happiness, instead of only we can create our own happiness.

  19. What a great post! Self-love is so empowering and opens so many doors to great things. I loved that you brought up vulnerability as well. I think being vulnerable starts with self-love. Until you can be vulnerable with yourself I think it is dang near impossible to be vulnerable with anyone else. And if you cannot be vulnerable with anyone else I wonder if true connection is possible. I am thinking of the reflection I had when I realized that I could be truly vulnerable with my boyfriend. It was an amazing feeling of safety, love, support and self-assurance. Unless I was ok with me, loved me for me, I couldn’t experience those wonderful things through vulnerability with him. Thank you for sharing this post!

  20. Michee says:

    Beautiful Sharise! What other way is there to live but ‘on purpose’! 🙂 I am so glad you enjoyed reading.

  21. Michee says:

    Wow A.Lynn what a perfect testament to what vulnerability is all about! Being vulnerable has the quality of freedom and so being in that state, frees us from holding on to ‘stuff’ like anger, bitterness, fear and doubt. We let go and the magic flows! We attract the same vibration of safety, love and support that we’ve harnessed within. Your relationship sounds wonderful but I pretty much suspect it’s because you’re wonderful too. 🙂 Thank you kindly for your comments and sharing at a deep level.

  22. Michee says:

    Truly Heather. The only thing that can bring you happiness is yourself, everything else is just wrapping! Thanks for your comments.

  23. Michee says:

    Hi Joan, self-love is a journey and not a destination. As women we constantly need to re-balance and re-centre ourselves, particularly in a such a high-demanding society. Self-love is the ultimate expression of happiness because it inherently comes from the inside out. I’m so happy that it touched a spot and you enjoyed reading my post! Hugs right bac’atcha. 🙂

  24. Michee says:

    Hey no bitching and complaining my end either! 🙂 I agree with everything you say, let it go already! Move on to pastures green, life is too short to hold on to negativity especially when you’re only hurting yourself!

    For those who are not familiar with Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, or EMDR. It is a powerful new psychotherapy technique which helps people who suffer from trauma, anxiety, panic, disturbing memories, post traumatic stress and many other emotional problems. Thank you much for your insights Hazel. 🙂

  25. This is my fav: “Self-Love. You are not afraid to take risks because you rely on a powerful inner source that never lets you down. You trust and your internal reference point takes you courageously to the hilltops and the heavens of your self-created world!” Learning every day to do exactly this. Life is so exciting and beautiful when you rely on your inner source of strength (for me God) because it does not let me down. I trust that source with my whole heart, more and more each day. I trust more and more as I see how trustworthy he is… what a great post!

  26. Michee says:

    Thank you Norma I can feel the appreciation of your Source and your reliance upon it. I think the more we rely on the Inner Source within, some call it God, Supreme Being, Creative Intelligence, Higher Power or by any other name, the more we learn to let go and let love flow. We trust it will unfold perfectly to bring the happiness and success we all deserve. Thank you for your insights and wisdom. 🙂

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