Quotes About Adventure. I Just Wanna Go On More Adventures.

“I just want to go on more adventures. Be around good energy. Connect with people. Learn new things. Grow.”

I love this quote!

I believe that buried within us lies the primordial code of what makes us human. An innate desire not just to explore, but to push beyond the frontiers of what is possible.

To connect and collaborate with one another in a deep and meaningful way. To exploit the dimensions of our intellectual mind. And to broaden our creative capacity and expression.

I Just Want To Go On More Adventures


When you think of an adventure, most people imagine some off the grid excursion to an exotic land. Far away travels to snow-capped mountains of the Swiss Alps. Or perhaps mysterious meanderings to the heart of the Nicaragua Rainforest comes to mind.

Of course who wouldn’t want such awe-filled experiences? But the destination is only one part of the adventure. The other part is YOU.

Deep within, dwells the song bird of your Soul awaiting to spread its wings and give voice to your story.

You are the magic carpet ride whose voyage is unafraid, unfettered and navigates the terrain of life with strength, boldness and passion!

You are the Adventure! The dynamic energy at the source of your being that some describe as God, others an indomitable will, for some it’s the beat of nature, or the mind when it is still.

Be Around Good Energy

We are steadily turning in to a faceless society. Where Apple is an addiction, Facebook your best friend, Twitter your daily diversion that includes every weekend! 🙂

In addition to Social Media, life has become so demanding you rarely have time to truly listen and connect with others in a sincere and meaningful way. Everyone seems to have a hidden agenda that some no longer even try to hide!

But we all need so much more ~

Nothing can replace a reassuring touch or a tender kiss. A listening ear that hears without judgment and understands without ill-will.

Humanity truly thrives when you meet life with kindness and care about your fellow-being. When you show up and are fully present to unleash your compassion to those around you.

When you align with people who resemble this, you are undoubtedly around Good Energy!

Connect With People

Get out and live damn it! Stop hiding behind Social Media. Stop being the victim of your self-imposed fears. Take a quantum leap to freedom!

Show yourself off to the world with a smile. Open your heart and let people in. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. Vulnerability is your most powerful asset because it is the doorway that leads to ultimate joy!

You are a single thread in the tapestry of life to which we all are interconnected. You find the meaning of life, not by yourself, but with others.

Make FUN your closest friend and throw yourself in to life creating deep, meaningful connections along the way!

Learn New Things

Challenging your mind changes your perspective! It expands your learning curve and stretches you in all directions. Learning new things is exhilarating and tremendously empowering and the more you learn the more it drives you to learn more!

Learning new thing takes you to new places. It opens new doors exposes you to new encounters. Go Learn New Things, you’ll wonder why you didn’t a long time ago!


Stepping out of your comfort zone is the catalyst for growth. Growth is a transformative experience and one that should be embraced. Because as you grow you become a better person.

You make decisions that are more conducive to your health and wellbeing. You grow in wisdom and intellect, inspiring those who come your way.

In the process of your growth you become less self-serving and self-absorbed and are able to see the world through the eyes of others.

You grow in to the kind of person that people like to be around and the energy you bring in to the room, rarely goes unnoticed.

Growth is the beautiful, soul-filling journey that harnesses life-enriching qualities such as giving and serving humanity. Growth is the life-long journey that should only ever end when you take your final breath.

Moments With Michee

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  1. I certainly agree with this entire article! I feel it is so important to grow daily, if we are not, we are just stagnant. Really enjoyed this Moments With Michee

  2. Michee says:

    Dropped the ball on this one, sorry about that Danielle. Thank you for your comments and you are soooo right, if we are not growing, we’re not moving forward and expanding our horizons!! Ough! Shudder at the thought! 🙂

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