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Thank you for clicking on this page to learn more about me.

My name is Michelle H. A Williams but you can call me Michee,  as I am known to the Internet world.

I am the founder of this website where I get to share timeless life-enriching principles, to help you create a better life.

I was born in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, a small city in the North East of England where I spent the first thirteen years of my life. I then moved south to London with my mother and siblings after my parents divorced.

My main passion and purpose is centred around health, wellness and self-improvement. I have lived a healthy lifestyle for the last 20 years and experienced first hand, the benefit it has brought to my life. Not just the obvious benefit of great physical and mental health, but as an unshakeable platform for development and expansion.

Living a healthy lifestyle is the catalyst for betterment. It conveys a powerful message when you chose it as a way of life. You are consciously choosing goodness. You are making a claim that your health matters because you are worth it. You value yourself enough to reflect quality in everything you consume. And I’m not just talking about the consumption of food, I mean everything you take in!

I love living life to the max. After many years of great health and vitality, a lifestyle I enjoy and an accumulation of knowledge and experience, what better way to share it and help others, than to become Certified as a Life Coach and Professional Health Coach.

I have helped many people take charge of their lives and become empowered. Being a Life Coach is such a natural fit for me because it reflects my own belief system in so many ways. A belief that each one of us has greatness within. We all have the innate gifts and talents to create the life we chose. Nobody else can define who you are, but you!

I am the product of my own beliefs, which I implement consistently to overcome obstacles and challenges and live the life I dream.

Even though my childhood was pretty dysfunctional and I grew up with an alcoholic mother in an abusive home, the direction I chose in life was always one way…  UP!

I raised my children almost totally alone and they have turned out to be great kids who both attend University. We enjoy a good quality of life and they are well grounded.

I refuse to let anything get in my way of success. I never allow anyone to define who I am. When you are steadfast in who you are, you are the definer and the designer of your life. Period. You become so empowered that even if fear is latent in the background, it never overshadows. I push through regardless until I reach my goal.

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So yes, my childhood was disadvantaged. Yes, it was tough raising my kids alone. Yes, I had no family support as I grew up. But they are all my circumstances, they are NOT who I am.  Who I am, is what defines and designs my life!

Believing and living this value system positions me well as a Life Coach. I draw on these principles to achieve my own goals and dreams and impart them to my clients in helping them achieve theirs.

I really enjoy watching the inevitable transition to greatness during my sessions and it is the number one reason I love being a Life Coach!

Another great passion I attach to my career bio is that of Business Entrepreneur. I have had several businesses including a taxi business, a car rental service and currently, Managing Director of my own Construction Company, Homes on the Horizon.

I have the entrepreneur spirit and get a buzz from starting a business and seeing it through to completion. Being an entrepreneur speaks to my creative nature. There are so many skills you have to develop and draw upon in the process of building a business. It has stretched my learning curve to infinity and pushed me to expand every single resource.

I describe my journey as a ‘die-hard entrepreneur’, as the zenith of my creative expression. It has taken me to places I didn’t even want to go but once I got there, I realized that wasn’t the real destination. The destination was the journey because of my growth and fortitude along the way!

Another one of my acclaimed hats is that of a writer (blogger) and poet. I began writing at a very young age and always appreciated this very precious gift. Many times, words would simply flow and it was as though I was merely the vessel, through which the words were being transmitted. I would be up at 3 am literally assigning these words to paper as they flowed in, and out of me.

I am incredibly fortunate to be able to transfer my writing skills to something I really enjoy by sharing information on my website. More importantly writing facilitates the original concept of Sharing Self-Improvement, which was to create a platform to empower ordinary people to achieve the extra-ordinary, in all areas of life.

For as long as I can remember, I have challenged people to transcend their self-imposed limitations. I have encouraged everyday people to break free from the crippling chains of mediocrity. My purpose in sharing, is to inspire you to live exciting lives. To live large and in charge! To be happy and healthy. To tap in to the vast reservoir within, bringing forth your own greatness to be the best version of you.

“Be yourself, everybody else is taken’ – Author Unknown

Regardless of what you perceive to be obstacles, you can overcome anything and create the life you desire. I did and created Sharing Self-Improvement, to help to do the same!

For me, writing + inspiring = Sharing Self-Improvement.com. My vision realized!

As I get closer to the end of my bio, it would not be complete without mentioning the one thing that gives me an incredibly natural high!   I am a fitness and cycle fanatic. I love it and have been cycling for over 3 years.

As you read through my website, you will see that I am an advocate of physical exercise and fitness. Most people I meet immediately comment on how well I look. I attribute a healthy glow, toned body and a physical appearance 10 years younger than my age, all to exercise. And that’s just one side of the coin. Did I mention the surplus of energy, mental agility, and the fact that I am super healthy? Exercise is definitely top of the ‘take charge of your life’ agenda.

Last but by no means least, I am a mother of two grown up kids. This is perhaps my greatest achievement of all, to raise children with a good head and a good heart. Kids, who can go out into the world and make a positive contribution to society. Both of my children attend University, an accomplishment that makes me a very proud Mum!

As you get to know me you will see that I don’t just talk the talk, I walk the walk. Even when the walk is up a 100 foot mountain carrying a 90 pound weight on my back! I carrying on walking because I believe in myself and know, despite the load, I’m going to reach the top of the mountain!

Which brings me to the closing paragraph of the mountain I’m sitting on today.

Although I didn’t have the best childhood as I mentioned earlier, it was not going to deter me from creating a better life for my family.

I moved from the U.K when the children were 7 and 9 to the Caribbean where we were able to enjoy a better quality of life. They certainly received an excellent education and it was a joy ferrying them to and from school. Though we faced challenges through the years, for the most part it has been terrific.

We live happily and peacefully on an acre of land where my back garden is literally a rainforest. My home faces a mountain range and I enjoy watching the rising mist and listening to the idyllic sounds of nature. It is pretty awesome up here and a great inspiration for my work.

I now reside between the Caribbean and the U.K and more recently the U.S due to my partner who is a musician out of Chicago.

I look forward to a new chapter of my life through the pages of Sharing Self-Improvement.

Be Blessed, Stay Beautiful


on a mission to Motivate, Inspire and Enrich your life…