Power of positive belief, positive attitude, positive statements, self-improvement, affirmations.

What are Affirmations?

The dictionary definition is ‘the assertion that something exists or is true’

Affirmations are short, powerful positive statements used to reaffirm a thought, belief or idea. Usually they are repeated to oneself as a reinforcement and in the process, affirmations are impressed onto the canvas of your sub-conscious mind where they begin to take root.

You have learned previously that everything in existence is made of energy which is constantly vibrating. Even that which cannot be seen such as air, sound, and electromagnetic waves are in perpetual movement.

Affirmations therefore are words that are vibrating at a particular frequency. Using positive words and tonality can literally change your state of being and ultimately change the outcome of the events n your life.

Affirmations can be used to ground your belief and strengthen your resolve thus become a guiding force in your life.

As you begin to use affirmations and practice regularly, they will become a self-fulfilling prophecy as you believe in them more and more.

You are telling yourself what you want and who you want to be in no uncertain terms. You are making a clear statement to the Universe through the portals of your Subconscious Mind which like the ripples of the ocean, reverberate to the Super Conscious Mind to bring your affirmation into reality.

Power of positive belief, positive attitude, positive statements, self-improvement, affirmations

‘The Universe has an intuitive mechanism of aligning itself to like or equal frequencies, so in changing your vibration, you can change your life. Remember always that like attracts like

Michelle H. A Williams

Affirmations really can be powerful when used correctly. I should point out that affirmations should be used along side an action plan in order for your dreams to manifest.  It might be a bit of a stretch to think affirmations without action will bring about the desired result.

With that said, here are a few tips that you can start using right away to saturate your mind with positive beliefs to take charge, change and transform your life.

Tips and Techniques for using Affirmations

  • Use short statements and words that have personal meaning to you.
  • Be clear, concise, detailed and very specific with your affirmations. Do this with several different affirmations rather then using one that is general and long winded.
  • Believe in yourself. Believe yourself to be an all-powerful being with the creative ability to bring good things into your life.
  • Love who you are and be kind to yourself. The energy you emit will attract the same kind, loving energy of the Universe.  In supporting yourself you will receive support from the Universal energy. Affirmations are far more conducive in this type of loving environment.
  • Use the present tense where appropriate and say ‘I am rich’ rather than ‘I want to be rich’ so that the Universe supports the state of you ‘rich’ rather than leaving you in a state of ‘wanting’ to be rich’.
  • Act like it is already yours, like you already own it in every way. Play the visual in your mind of you already having what you desire.
  • Practice closing your eyes when saying your affirmation and connect to your heart region. Simply channel your focus in this area and chant the affirmation gently to yourself.
  • Say it like you mean it! Say it with strong and determined conviction. Say it slowly to reinforce what you want to believe about yourself or the outcome of a situation.
  • Keep it light! Don’t let it become a chore or an ordeal. Make it fun, smile from the inside out when saying your affirmation.
  • Visualise – use pictures in your mind to support your affirmations.
  • Story board – use real life pictures to support your affirmations.
  • Touch it, feel it, smell it, taste it. Engage your sensory system on all levels to connect with your affirmation. Feel the sunshine on your skin as you lay on the golden beach when saying ‘I am on my holiday’ affirmation. Gently stroke your hand as you imagine it is the Soulmate your affirmation has manifested into your life. Imagine vanilla ice-cream on your taste buds as you sit in the garden of the beautiful home you have just purchased with your dream home affirmation.
  • Be creative, inhibited, free spirited and use your imagination! Be open to the real possibilities of change. Don’t be shy or let anything or anybody get in your way and most of all do not get in your own way!
  • Gratitude is a winning attitude! Be grateful for everything in your life and give thanks and acknowledgement for the things you have achieved or received.
  • Last but by no means least, use affirmations in conjunction with a specific action plan. It is unrealistic to achieve nay dream or goal without hard work, focus and commitment.  Affirmations will support your goals!

Now let’s look at some Affirmations you can use for every day situations and conditions.


‘I was created beautiful. I am beautiful from the inside out

‘I am powerful beyond belief’

Weight Loss

Power of positive belief, positive attitude, positive statements, self-improvement, affirmations.

‘Each week I have lost 1 pound and will continue until I reach my perfect weight’

‘I am motivated to lose weight

Relationships (looking for)

‘I am worthy to give and receive love.

‘My heart is open and ready to meet my Soulmate


‘I am confident and my confidence will shine everyday’

‘My confidence is growing’

Job Search

‘I will get that job because I know I am the best person for it’

‘That job is mine’


My body is healthy and will counter-act any dis-ease

‘A healthy diet is a healthier life’


‘I have the power to manifest my dreams

‘My dreams are my reality’

‘I expect to succeed’

‘I will succeed’


‘I am open to receive money in abundance

‘I am rich’

Overcoming Shyness

‘I will overcome shyness’

‘I will make new friends’


Power of positive belief, positive attitude, positive statements, self-improvement, affirmations.

God lovingly wraps His arms around me everyday’

‘I am connected to God

God is within’

Affirmations are simple yet very powerful.

Remember in the process of repetition you are altering your electro-magnetic field to match the corresponding vibration of the Universe. This irrefutable law, along with an action plan will help bring your affirmation into reality.

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