Allowable Food Servings

Allowable Food Servings
Meal Planning

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Portions Sizes

Ok, so now you have learned how to identify your metabolic type. How food, depending on its source, affects your metabolism. And how to create a 1, 2, 3 step process to combine food and get maximum benefit. You should also have learned how to calculate your caloric maintenance amount per day using a simple formula.

Or better still use our calorie counter to keep a track on your calories: (link)

Now all we need to look at is how to fit your meal plan around a 20% reduction in your given maintenance amount.

This is where getting the correct allowable food serving will be fundamental to the success of your personal weight loss programme.

Firstly when we talk about servings, what exactly does it represent?

A serving is simply a reference amount to help you understand how much food is recommended every day from different food groups. The particular food group will determine how much your allowance is for that food. So depending on the food group, the servings will vary in portion sizes. Knowing the proper food ratios specific to your metabolic type will also be a major factor of your allowable food serving.

So to start let us identify your specific type ratios of ProteinCarbohydrate and Fat for each meal including a drink.

Carb Types

Protein – 20%

Carbs – 70%

Fat – 10%


Protein Types

Protein –45%

Carbs – 35%

Fat – 20%


Mixed Types

Protein – 40%

Carbs – 50%

Fat – 10%

A 10% requirement of fat may seem high but do bare- in-mind other proteins sources and healthy oils will make up this seemingly high percentage.

Allowable Food Serving

Weight management, how to lose weight, weight loss, meal planning, healthy diet plan

For each meal you are allowed different amounts from each group depending on the 20% reduction of your caloric maintenance amount. For example a carb type on a 2000 calorie per day allowance can have 2 proteinand 3 carbs for breakfast and 4 protein and 2 carbs for dinner.

Choose Your Ideal Food

Now all you need to do is choose food in the correct ratio from our comprehensive Ideal Food List which constitutes the various food groups. Using the example above, this carb type could have the following breakfast allowance:

2 protein:

consisting of 1 slice of bacon x 2 slices (2 servings)

3 carbs:

consisting of 1 slice of rice bread x 2 slices (2 servings) and

1 cup of blueberries (1 serving).

And dinner allowance:

4 protein:

consisting of 1 oz serving of white chicken ( 1 serving) x 4 ( 4 servings)

2 carb:

consisting of ½ cup of quinoa (1 serving) plus

1 medium size peach (1 serving).

A serving will generally consist of the following:

1 oz – for most: fish, meat and poultry

2 oz – for avocado

6oz – for greek yoghurt and plain yogurt

½ oz – for nuts and seeds

1 slice – for bread, sprouted wheat grain bread, rice bread, spelt bread, English muffin, bacon

½ cup – for beanslegumesgrains, bamboo shoots, high starch vegetableswith the exception of carrots and beetroot (1 cup) and raw milk

¼ cup – for raw cottage cheese

1 cup – for oats. low starch vegetablesfruit, berries, currants and dates

1 medium size – for fruit and egg

1 tbsp – for olive oil, fish oil, cod liver oil, flax seed oil, raw butter and nut butter

The most important component of a successful weight loss challenge is your attitude and approach.

At Sharing Self-Improvement our fundamental approach to weight loss is from a Holistic perspective. As mentioned throughout this website, our goal is not only for you to lose weight, but to bring balance and harmony to all areas of your life in the process.

As you become confident in creating your personal meal plans, you will instinctively adjust and vary the amounts from each food group to correspond with the needs of your body. It is why advocates a Holistic approach to weight loss

By developing a higher level of self-awareness, you will intuitively listen and respond to the needs of your body thus providing it with the nutrition it requires.

Although we have gone into much detail about metabolic typingcalories,allowable servingsmacro nutrients and a whole range of weight loss concepts, for the ultimate success, ‘getting in touch with you’ should play the lead role in your weight loss programme.

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