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Self-Improvement and Awareness

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Basic Awareness

Most people have a basic level of awareness as they go about their daily lives after all, it is crucial to your survival.

You wouldn’t go wondering around a bad neighbourhood at night for example because awareness would tell you its not such a good idea.

You wouldn’t choose a vacation in a war torn village in the Middle East because awareness would dictate that Disney World is perhaps the better option!

And you would not walk through two feet of snow unless you had proper clothing because awareness would let you know your fingers are likely freeze off otherwise!

But you know all this right? So the awareness that I will cover on this page goes a little deeper than helping you plan your vacation or help keep you warm!

Instinctive or Intuitive Awareness

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This type of awareness shows up for example, as the uncertain feeling you get when you encounter a person or a situation.

It is the automatic fight or flight response which could protect you in situations of fear or danger. It is the energy you may feel in the presence of a negative person.

Your instinctive awareness is rooted in the realms of the Spirit and is synonymous with your intuition that can be developed to even greater degrees.

Awareness and Your Surroundings

As you interact with the world in your day to day activities whether you like it or not you have to apply a certain level of awareness. During your working day for example you will generally have an awareness of your structural environment, the physical space you occupy, an awareness of time and the people around you such as their moods or emotions.

As you go through your day you are constantly rooted in awareness at various levels.

Your 3.30 pm management meeting for example. As you take your seat, you naturally check to make sure you are not encroaching on your co-worker’s personal space. If necessary you may pull the chair a couple of inches away if you sense their discomfort or perhaps your own.

Awareness and Personal Development

But what about the co-worker who arrives late, sits almost on top of you and seems to have no awareness of this?

And most of you have worked with a Kim or a David in the office, who are totally self-absorbed, jump in and totally take over the conversation you ‘thought’ you were having with your colleague!

Clearly along the spectrum of awareness, there are different levels of development from which people operate. The question then becomes:

What is the relationship between Awareness and Personal Development?

You can have a basic level of awareness with little or no personal development. However if you are developed, you will naturally have a high level of awareness.

In keeping with the office theme above, if Kim or David spent more time on their personal development, a conversation in their head may have ensued before jumping into somebody else’s conversation which can appear rude. Investment in their personal development would invariably create more awareness of other people’s space.

Unfortunately too many people go through life with very little awareness, be it self-awareness or an awareness of the needs of others. Equally, the importance placed on personal development seems just as absent from every day life.

For example having awareness is all well and good but if on the way to work you accidentally bump into a fellow commuter without apologising, what role does awareness play in the absence of personal development? Just being ‘aware’ of the commuter’s pain is pretty meaningless if all you do is shrug your shoulders and walk on by!

Compartmentalised Awareness

This is an interesting area and speaks to those who seem to have a very high level of awareness but only in certain areas of their life!

Awareness, self-improvement, self-development, personal development, personal growth

Meet Tony, young, good looking, successful, intelligent and heavily into health and fitness. Works out at the gym at least 4 times a week, he has so much going for him.

One morning a charity box was making its way around the office to help children in undeveloped countries. It arrives on Tony’s desk and he starts making fun of the malnourished children on the front of the box. His laughter and taunts get louder and louder when he states ‘no thanks not my problem’ and ushers the box with a flippant hand gesture to the next table.

Of course he has the right to make a financial contribution or not and even if he chooses not to, his decision should be respected and not judged.

However his patronising, uncaring attitude is an example of someone with compartmentalised awareness. An awareness on some level but only in relation to his physical environment (i.e his body, career, intellect etc). However Tony does not engage life from a place of holistic awareness.

Compartmentalised awareness is grounded in ignorance and imbalance and does not unify the mind, body and Spirit complex.  Usually one or more in this trinity, is out of balance

In the case of Tony, it is easy to see that the Spiritual part of his being is sadly out of sync.

Compartmentalised awareness can however be just as destructive in people who are overly religious. They are equally blinded by the religious dogma and cannot embrace life in its entirety.   Those with strong political views which divide and exclude may also fit into the same category.

Raising your awareness is such a necessary part of your journey. With personal development firmly at its core, you can look forward to the unification of your mind, body and Spirit and the flow of goodness to your life.

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