Beware of Belly Fat

Disease and belly fat Beware of Belly Fat!

We have looked in great detail at all aspects of weight loss but the subject of belly fat is one that deserves a section all of its own. Not least for aesthetical reasons, most would agree it is not terribly easy on the eye!
Yes the subject of belly fat has far reaching consequences to your health that you MUST be aware of and what you need to do to wean it off your waistline, for good!


Belly fat also termed visceral fat, or omentum fat (the abdominal fat storage facility) is one of the most dangerous types of fat in your body.The omentum is a flab of tissues that looks like an apron which is positioned under your abdominal muscle and covers your intestines). Belly fat lies close to your solid organs and releases hormones and other chemicals that cause high blood pressure.  It is also linked to cancer and other serious conditions.

The circumference of your waist line is an indicator of serious health conditions such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes.  If you are a man with a waist line of more than 40 inches and a woman more than 35 inches you are at a higher risk of disease. As a general rule your belly circumference should be half your height in inches. (there are 12 inches to 1 foot).

Beware of Belly Fat – It’s no joke

Belly fat is not the excess fat you see as dimples on your thighs or the jiggley fat dangling from your upper arms that look like wings! No, you cannot pinch this type of fat because it lurks deep below the abdominal muscles of your belly like a deadly Piranha fish lying in wait for its prey! And what do you think it preys on the most? An unhealthy high sugar, high calorie, high fat, high refined carb diet, with a sprinkle of stress and a sedimentary life style thrown in!

What kind of fruit are you?

Are you an apple or a pear? In regards to your shape of course! If you have a pear shaped body you will carry extra weight around your hips and thighs. An apple shaped body will carry the extra pounds around the middle area and will bulge like a bramble! This should give you more cause for concern because this extra weight is belly fat.

Disease and belly fat

Belly fat is bad news!

  • It increases the levels of stored fat in the liver

Storing large amounts of belly fat results in stored fat in the liver. It places more stress the organ making it difficult for the liver to carry out its function of removing insulin from your bloodstream. Because belly fat blocks the cells and muscles from using sugar and responding to insulin adequately, it induces insulin resistance. You then run the risk of serious disease such as heart attack, stroke, cancer, diabetes, blood pressure and premature death.Belly fat has even been linked to dementia.

  • Increased risk of colon cancer

An increased accumulation of fat increases the levels of certain hormones that play a role in cell growth including the growth of cancer cells.

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Deep belly fat is very close to the large abdominal vein called the portal vein. When fatty acids from visceral fat enter the portal vein they travel directly to the liver and can have a negative effect on cholesterol levels.

  • Belly fat shortens your life

Each 5cm increase in waist line size (little more than 2 inches) raises the risk of premature death by 13% in women and 17% in men. Some studies like the one that appears in the Nov 12 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine puts the risk even higher. Led by lead author Tobias Pischon MD, MPH, the study concludes that people with the most belly fat had almost twice the risk of premature death then those with the least amount of abdominal fat. The study was one of the largest and longest health studies conducted on 360,000 Europeans. Read more

  • Belly fat does nothing for your looks or your love life!
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Belly fat suppresses Human Growth Hormones (HGH) in your body resulting in faster ageing. Reducing belly fat can actually boost HGH levels and slow down the ageing process. So if you want to restore that healthy glow to you skin, blitz the belly fat!

Belly fat has been linked to erectile dysfunction (ED) in men. Clogged arteries and blood vessels reduce blood flow to critical organs including the genitals. Without good circulation to that area men can have problems getting or maintaining an erection.

An Australian study published in The Journal of Medicine found that losing just 5% to 10% of body weight over a 2 month period improves the erectile function. Even women’s sexual pleasure is maximized with increased blood flow to sensitive areas.

Now you are aware of the serious health risks associated with belly fat, I hope you are ready, set, go to getting rid of it once and for all?

You will look and feel so much better as you move on to a happier healthier life.

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