Calorie Daily Requirement

Daily Calorie Requirement

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Now that you have learned why a calorie is not simply a calorie we can move on to calorie intake and how to calculate your daily requirement.

When you think about weight loss, most people think about it in terms of the number of pounds shredded during a weight loss programme. After all, isn’t that the objective, zap the fat, fight the flab, down with the pounds?

At Sharing Self-Improvement we take a holistic approach to weight loss and agree that yes, while dropping your weight is important the overall objective is to create a balanced bio-chemistry. By eating the foods that are in harmony with your metabolic type, you will naturally balance your hormones, get rid of stored fat and at the same time build muscle.

Weight loss will become so natural because your bodily activities are all functioning at optimum levels. You will also see amazing improvement in your health, vitality, and feel surprisingly happy.

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So getting the calories right is a pretty important part of the process as well as understanding the basics of how the metabolism works so you can put it all together.

When your body digests food there are 2 important metabolic reactions that occur. The hormone insulin and glucagon are released.

Insulin – Is a fat storage hormone produced by your pancreas. Its function is to lower blood glucose levels during periods of high blood glucose.

When too much insulin is produced after a sugar rush of simple carbohydrates for example, insulin will step in to action and create a fat storing environment.  This happens because the body can only store a certain amount of carbohydrates and after delivering glucose to the liver, muscle and brain what do you think happens to the over spill? Yes, they jump on the fast train to your fat cells!

Glucagon – Is a peptide hormone also produced by the pancreas and has the function of raising blood glucose when levels are low.  It does this by converting glycogen stored in the liver to glucose and releases it in to the bloodstream for immediate energy.

Both of these hormones are essential for your body to function properly. Having a balanced insulin-glucagon activity creates an ideal condition where by your body will actually build muscle while burning fat. It is this balance which is key to maintaining a healthy weight, brought about by eating according to your metabolic type and not just your caloric count.

Certain food will bring about insulin release much more than others such as refined carbohydrates and processed food.

This is why it is so important to make informed choices about where your calories come from which I have discussed at great lengths in the previous page.

Now that you are adequately equipped to make the best choice, you need to know how many calories your body requires to maintain a healthy weight.

Calories, burn calories, weight loss, fat burning, burn fat

Previously you learned a great deal on how calories from different sources will effect what you eat. This is where you will learn that counting calories is indeed very relevant to your weight loss programme.

Let us say for example, you meticulously follow your diet plan and consume one food from each particular food group according to your metabolic typing. However due to the large portions, as delicious and healthy as your meal is, the total calories add up to 2000 calories! And that’s just from one meal, you’ve still got dinner to go! And if you are a bit of a couch potato watching Oprah re-plays all day and only managed to burn 600 calories, you are going to have a problem!

Not to worry at we will help you estimate your daily calorie consumption. This will help you determine the ideal portion size for each meal. With this information you are well on the way to creating a well-balanced meal plan every day and for the rest of your life.

By the same time you will get in touch with your body and easily know what adjustments you may need to make over time.

Please don’t get hung up on calorie counting, counting calories in this way is only used to determine your allowance of each food type per meal. You will learn all about Allowable Food Servings as you progress through this website.

Daily calories vary from person to person and will differ according to many factors such as physical activity, body mass, height, age, gender and stress levels. Bare this in mind when you use the following calculation, which it is only a rough guide, and not scientific, but will provide you with a pretty good starting point.

For healthy weight loss the goal is to reduce your caloric intake by 20% (or consume 80% of your maintenance amount)

Multiply your current weight (in pounds) by 13, 14, or 15.

  • 13 – if your metabolism is slow and you live a somewhat sedimentary life-style
  • 14 – if you perform moderate exercise more 3 or more times a week
  • 15 – if you perform vigorous exercise 3 or more times a week.

_____ pounds x _____ = _______ calories per day (the amount required to maintain your bodily activities)

For healthy weight loss the goal is to reduce your caloric intake by 20% (or consume 80% of your maintenance amount)

For example let us look at a 165 pound female who works out pretty vigorously at the gym 3 times a week.

165 (pounds) x 15 (vigorous exercise) = 2,475 calories. This is the maintenance amount you need to reduce by 20%.

As discussed earlier, reducing your caloric intake by more than 20% in an effort to lose more weight can have very serious implication to your health. A 20% reduction as part of a healthy diet plan WILL optimise weight loss and give you the results you want.

Weight Loss Plan: 2,475 x 0.80 = 1,980 (your 20% calorie reduction)1,980 calories is the amount your weight loss plan dictates.

There you have it a simple calculation that will take you to the next step on your weight loss journey.

Food Matters Recipe Book

This may help too! Food Matters Recipe Book, I love the recipes and I think you will too.  Although it does not contain calorie counting food, it is packed full of  healthy meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Plus you’ll find healthy juices, snacks, smoothies and much much more.  Everything you need to lose weight, get healthy and stay healthy!

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