Casualties of Conventional Milk

Eliminate Conventional Milk!

Healthy cows make healthy milk

Conventional milk, healthy diet, raw milk, grass-fed cows, milk additives

Unhealthy diseased cows make… ??  Your guess is as good as mine!

Here are the facts

Grass fed cows are healthy so don’t need antibiotics or artificial milk boosting hormones. These cows are happy, thriving and strong and produce a superior milk bursting full of what your bodies need. They also live longer with a life span of about 12 to 15 years.

A very different picture emerges from the grain fed, factory raised cow bred solely to maximise the commercial farmer’s profit, without any other consideration for the cow.

Their un-natural grain diet along with hormones and protein supplements fatten them up faster. To artificially increase milk production it is estimated that 33 per cent of cows are injected with the artificial growth hormone rBGH. The cows are penned up so closely together without vegetation or the light of day that they are exposed to high levels of toxins from decomposing manure.

They are subject to such inhumane brutality and high levels of stress they eventually succumb to sickness. They are then pumped with antibiotics to keep them moving and producing. The life span of these unfortunate cows is sadly around 4 years.

But what becomes of the produce from cows treated in such a barbaric manner?

Conventional milk, healthy diet, raw milk, grass-fed cows, milk additives

Just as you would expect the milk from cows fed on feedlots is of a much poorer quality. The heavy grain diet changes the composition of the milk and it loses some of its naturally occurring properties. For example the natural antibiotic which has protective properties is not present from cows bred in confinement. Also when cow’s fed on an unnatural diet of grain it alters the pH balance of the cow’s stomach which changes the fat and nutrient levels.

Let’s put the Microscope on Milk

Conventional Milk and the Pasteurization (deadening) Process

milk, benefits of raw milk

Exposing milk to high heat during the pasteurization process greatly reduces nutrients and many immune-enhancing components and digestive enzymes. Proteins in particular that are present in milk are denatured by high heat which makes the milk hard to digest.

Pasteurization also kills good and bad bacteria. The beneficial bacteria with its protective properties render the milk prone to pathogens and other harmful bacteria. And what do you think has become of the bad bacteria killed in the process of pasteurization? Absolutely nothing, they’re still sitting in the milk waiting to be poured onto your breakfast cereal! Yum yum!

Conventional Milk and Homogenization

This process involves forcing milk through small orfices under very high pressure. It prevents the cream of the milk from rising to the top by breaking down the fat globules into much smaller particles. The forceful and intense process leaves the delicate fat subject to oxidation.  Oxidized fat = bad news for your heart and health. Furthermore the high pressure and heat alters the milk’s colour, flavour and nutritional composition.

Conventional Milk and Cow Cruelty

Conventional milk is made from cows that have been pumped with antibiotics, growth hormones, genetically engineered (GO) milk stimulant hormones, steroids and oestrogens. Their feed is laced with pesticides and they are fed with pellets containing chicken manure and other animal by-products. Toxic fertilizers and heavy metal invariably play a role in creating an unhealthy diseased toxic animal.

Glass of milk anyone?

Conventional Milk and Additives

So many naturally occurring vitamins are lost before conventional milk lands in your shopping basket. To make up for this milk manufacturers lace your milk with synthetic vitamins which can have a detrimental effect on your health. Furthermore some diaries even add powdered milk to ‘low fat’ milk to give it more body. However they conveniently forget to mention the possible dangers of oxidized cholesterol. Oxidized cholesterol is linked to heart disease because it increases your LDL (bad) cholesterol levels. It is also a source of carcinogens. This is what Wikipedia had to say about Oxidized cholesterol.

This is what Wikipedia had to say:

“Compared to fresh milk, powdered milk (and powdered eggs) are stated to be exceptionally high in oxysterols (oxidized cholesterol).[1] The free radicals have been stated to have atherogenic (“causing atherosclerosis“)[2] and carcinogenic (“causing cancer“) properties.[3] Powdered milk is frequently added to 1-2% pasteurized milk to give it more body.”[4]

Conventional Milk and Butter fat


Contrary to popular belief fat is healthy, at least some are and butterfat falls into that category. They are rich in fat soluble vitamins like Vitamin AD and K2 which are important for calcium and protein assimilation, immune system support and hormonal balance, to name ‘butter’ few. Sorry couldn’t resist that one!!

Now that you know the facts about conventional milk I hope it will help you at least consider going raw.

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