Claim your Personal Power

Claim Your Personal Power

Personal power, self-improvement, pure potentiality, personal growth, empowermentWhen I look in the mirror what do I see? Something beautiful and cherished looking at me.’

Looking in the mirror of life you will be awed by the beauty that lies within you. You will glimpse a rare and precious jewel radiating from the centre of your being and igniting the many facets of your life with its elegant glow.

The mirror of life reflects the goodness you have created.

You have claimed what is rightfully yours which is the valuable gift of life represented and defined by you.

Your presence is a gift to the Earth.  The Earth celebrates when your inner power radiates to every corner of the Globe in harmony with its own magnificent power.

As the two become one, you have truly claimed your personal power!

How Does Personal Power show up in my life?

Your personal power has everything to do with the position you hold as you journey through life. I do not mean the position you hold in your job or your family position but rather the way in which you conduct your life from a position of power.

A position of power which draws its strength not from the accolades assigned to a Doctor or a Chief Executive of a large corporation. This power comes from a personal space within and the place where you orchestrate your life’s design.

You know you have claimed your personal power because your life will be filled with your dreams and desires and so much more.

Fear Will No Longer Be Yours

Have you ever been plagued with doubts and uncertainties about a new venture or a step you want to take in a totally new or unknown direction? You become fearful of the magnitude and so preoccupied with the’ ifs and buts’ you literally talk yourself out of the prospect and decide to play it safe instead. You do not trust yourself or the process of the challenge to support you. Sound familiar?

When you claim your personal power it replaces your fears and doubt with a sense of knowing. This allows you to step out of the realm of the known or the predictable into the realm of the unknown where all your endeavours are fully supported. It looks somewhat like this:

predictable circle_FotorunpredictableFotor

The circle on the left represents everything in your life which is safe and predicable and can be fully relied upon. It could be the job you have held for the last 10 years or it could be your 2 bedroom apartment on the 6th floor that you have called home since 1989. However, notice the thick dark circumference or boundary surrounding this circle, it confines you and limits your movement.

The circle on the right is the realm of the unknown and represents the incredible! The circumference is translucent and extends to the furthest reaches.. It is the realm that beholds all your dreams, desires and unlimited possibilities. There are no boundaries to limit or restrict you, only a sea of pure potentiality to keep you afloat and propel you to your greatest heights.

When you claim your personal power you live in the realm of the unknown where there are no fears or doubts as your aspirations unfold. You may feel the fear but you power ahead anyway relegating the fear when it arises. You move forward from a position of power knowing full well the Universe is supporting you and creating the space to define and glorify your life.

Personal Power and You!

Personal power, self-improvement, pure potentiality, personal growth, empowerment

When you claim your personal power you make a claim on the infinite resources of the Universe. You send a message that says ‘I belong here, in the perfect space from where goodness flows’

In unison with the flow of life you will delight in giving and bringing joy to those around you. Happiness will sparkle in your smile and twinkle in your eyes. Peace and contentment will fill your days. You are in perfect alignment with the abundant source of Life as it supports the claim to your personal power.

If you think of yourself as anything less than beautiful you relinquish your claim to personal power.

If you fail to see the magnificence residing in the core of your being you surrender your right to your personal power.

If the value and appreciation of yourself is not from a place of unconditional love you will never know or lay claim to your personal power.

Personal power is a gift from the Universe to express its infinite and divine potential through you.

It is your right and responsibility to claim your personal power!

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