Colours, Crystals and Essential Oils

Colours, Crystals and Essential Oils

stress, crystals, energy, spirituality, essential oils

Nature’s Wonderful Gift to You!

Okay so we’ve almost reached the final stage of our Stress Management game plan. We’ve systematically covered all areas of stress and by now you should be metaphorically rolling up your sleeves, ready to take on the world!

This page and the one to follow is the lighter side of Stress Management and is packed with lots of information to help you create a balanced and harmonious space in your life. That way, stress won’t stand a chance and will go scurrying on by, with its proverbial tale between the legs!

As you have learned throughout the pages of this website, life is made up of energyEnergy vibrating at immeasurable speeds to make up the physical structure of the material world. Everything that exists is woven in to the make-up and magic of life. Minerals are energy, plants are energy, the spectrum of colour and of course food is all energy vibrating at different frequencies.

Lower frequencies of anger, fear, stress, anxiety, grief etc eventually become the physical toxins at the cellular level producing disease.

Conditions of lovehappiness, gratitudekindness Spirituality vibrate at the higher frequency and in conjunction with various techniques, practitioners can balance these vibrational energies to bring about healing and create balance and harmony in the physical environment.

Read more about LifeFlow Meditation 2.0 and how this amazing brainwave training system can dramatically improve the internal state that leads to an abundance of high frequency energy.

When two frequencies are brought together, the lower will always rise to meet the higher. This is the principle of resonance.

Crystals resonate with the frequency of healthy cells, and draw unhealthy cells (which are vibrating on a lower frequency); back into the normal range.

With the use of essential oils, crystals, colours, certain types of food and natural food supplements etc you too can raise your frequency to support a stress-free life.

Let us look at which Essential Oils, Colours and Crystals support Stress


Colours are used to attract different types of energy and can bring calmness and tranquillity to stressful or hostile environments. Colours can also affect your mood and well-being.

Science backs up colour therapy and so in the arena of stress management colours can play an important and effective role.

Read more from the Minessota State University Study:

I also found some great information on this website that goes into far more details that I could ever on the subject of colour therapy

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The Colour Spectrum


stress, crystals, energy, spirituality, essential oils


The colour of calm and tranquility. Using pink around the home will create an atmosphere of calm and tranquility. Pink also has balancing properties so wearing pink can promote inner peace.




stress, crystals, energy, spirituality, essential oils

Yellow yanks up your spirit! If you are feeling down or depressed, this is a good ‘pick me up’ colour choice. Yellow corresponds with the solar plexus chakra and so its expression is full of energy and vitality.




stress, crystals, energy, spirituality, essential oils

Choose blue to create a calm atmosphere due to its very relaxing energies. It promotes tranquility and healing and will certainly help you get a good night’s sleep. Blue corresponds to the throat chakra which governs communication. Wearing blue therefore would be an excellent choice for public speaking engagements since it promotes good communication.





stress, crystals, energy, spirituality, essential oils

Red is associated with passion, fire and is closely linked to the vibrancy of life and energy.

It is also linked to the emotional state of anger, irritability and impatience. Probably not a great choice if you are dealing with a difficult situation of stress. However red corresponds to the root chakra so is an excellent choice for achieving a sense of grounding and security. Be careful with this colour though, it is not the obvious choice for creating an environment conducive with calmness and relaxation.


stress, crystals, energy, spirituality, essential oils

Green is the colour of Mother Earth so intrinsically possesses healing, giving, restoration, harmonising and balancing properties. It is a soothing colour and can relief anxiety. It can also invigorate, so if you are feeling drained, green will give you the get up and go you need to get going! Linked with the heart chakra, green represent transition and transformation. The chlorophyll in plants is a great use of green energy so fill your home or space with lots and lots of exotic plants.




Violet or Indigo

stress, crystals, energy, spirituality, essential oils


Associated with the brow chakra which is the seat of wisdom, violet is the colour of wisdom, peace and strength. A great colour for your home to promote a peaceful environment and the condition of inner peace.



stress, crystals, energy, spirituality, essential oils


White is cleansing and purifying. It brings a clean, fresh look and feel. Wearing white helps to cleanse the mind and purify the spirit. It is an uplifting colour and can propel your mood from down to way up high! The great advantage of white is that it pretty much goes with anything.

Crystals and Essential Oils resonate with the higher frequencies to bring about healing.


Stress Supporting Essential Oils

There are few producers of essential oil that come anywhere close to perfecting a Therapeutic grade oil. But after discovering DoTerra  you’ll will be as excited as I am about this beautiful product. Read here to discover essential oils that have not been adulterated in any way retaining only their true plant essence derived from singular plant species.

stress, crystals, energy, spirituality, essential oils



A good choice to stimulate joy. Bergamot helps to soothe your feelings of anger, frustration and blame. Using this oil will helps you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Chamomile Roman


Roman Chamomile helps you to feel at peace and can soothe negative feelings.



Cinnamon is the oil connected with passion and purpose. It is emotionally warming and can point you towards finding meaning in your life.



The calming oil. Frankincense can help centre you and bring clarity. If your are feeling overwhelmed and flustered, frankincense is a very good choice



The balancing oil that can relieve feelings of anger, frustration and irritability and leave you with a sense of calm, security and balance. Geranium is a good choice for when you need an extra bit of strength to deal with a challenging situation.



The scent of lavender immediately brings thoughts of a loving and tender embrace. It is the oil of choice when it comes to the nurturing of your mind, body and Spirit.



For inner peace and stillness using myrrh can activate this quality. If you are feeling lonely or sad try a touch of myrrh to alleviate these feelings



Be still and enjoy moments of clarity and understanding when using this oil.  In the busy world of activity sandalwood can bring the stillness you seek.

Ylang Ylang


Only the tiniest drop is needed to fill your space with calm and tranquility. Ylang ylang can be used if you feel anger or frustrated and can help convert these feelings to peace.

Stress Supporting Crystals and Gems

stress, crystals, energy, spirituality, essential oils



It contains high amounts of natural lithium so can draw out the negative energies of stress and worry. An excellent choice to bring calmness and peace of mind.

This beautiful stones resonates with the solar plexus charka and so is conducive to enhancing creativity.

Kunzite Crystal


If you want to bring more love into your life, the light pink crystal of Kunzite Crystal resonates with love on all levels. They are healing crystals for the emotions and can connect you to The Divine.



Awakening your heart to the healing properties of Scolecite.

What ever are your deepest desires, this lovely crystal will help bring them into your life. Another great choice to help you feel calm and relaxed but is particularly good for stress because it empowers helps you to take control of your life.

Green Calcite


The stone of serenity. It is an important emotional balancer. It can stimulate your energy so a really good choice when you feel lazy and need a little pep in your step! A refined looking stone, green calcite is known to enhance memory and can inspire those who have lost hope.

Black Tourmaline


If the people around your environment are full of negativity, use this stone to prevent their energy infiltrating your electro-magnetic field. It is a popular stone for strong spiritual grounding. Black tourmaline is a powerful for promoting positivity and happiness. Keeping it close by will also bring some good luck your way!

Now that Sharing Self-Improvement has got you all covered on the subject of stress, you’ve got every reason to jump-start your action plan to a happier, healthier stress-free life!

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