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At the Heart of Sharing Self-Improvement is our Community because Community is our Heart.♥

Poems and your Thought of the Day.

We all have a need a place to be heard and this is the perfect platform to say it out loud!

Why not flex some creative muscle and showcase your talent where it matters. At Sharing Self-Improvement we welcome contributions of poetry, words of wisdom, your thought or reflection of the day.

Poetry is the language of the Soul and has the quality to touch, uplift and inspire. Sharing is caring so leave your written expressions and ignite the spark of poetic magic.

Poetry of love and full of laugher, poetry of life and happy ever after. Thoughts to make you ponder and ask why, thoughts that reflect and make you cry.

Poems full of passion, make-ups and break-ups. Thought that you make you search deep down inside.

Join us, introduce yourself and share your literature on the pages of our Community.