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At the Heart of Sharing Self-Improvement is our Community because Community is our Heart.♥

Weight Loss Success Story

We all have a story to tell and this is the perfect platform to share yours!

Losing weight can be one of the most challenging journey in a person’s life. The road is fraught with anticipation, disappointment, highs, lows, tears, temptations and triumphs.

Camaraderie is key when it comes to weight loss and one of the features to success is having support.

Research shows that people who attended group meetings when dieting lost more weight that those who chose to go it alone.

At  Sharing Self-Improvement we invite you to share your personal weight loss success story because we understand that in a warm and caring environment, sharing can be the catalyst for Empowerment, Change and Transformation.

Join us, introduce yourself and share your own story of weight loss success or encouragement or anything else you care to share.