Conscious Living

Conscious Living

You, body, mind, soul, spirit

What is Conscious Living and can it make a difference to your life?

Conscious living could be defined as the practical application or the art of self-awareness. It is the practice of continuously celebrating your Mind, Body and Spirit by means of your life experiences.

I cover many related topics throughout this website and you may see overlaps as one topic is closely linked to the other. I suggest you continue reading as each approach is from a slightly different perspective.

Conscious living is what it suggests; living with a raised consciousness or awareness in the many different areas of your life. It means being present and fully engaging with life in the moment.

What does this mean for your life?

It is all about choice. Choosing to live a conscious life at it relates to your mind, body and spirit gives you unlimited power to create the life you desire.

fat man eating hamburger

A non-conscious lifestyle looks quite different to conscious living. There is little or no integration of the mind, body and spirit complex.

Those on this path are slaves to their sensory or carnal desires and spend their time trying to keep it satisfied. They do as they feel, because the relationship between thought and action is severed.

The five senses are necessary to interact with the physical world but are limited in terms of perception. The naked eye for example cannot perceive anything that falls outside the visual spectrum, such as ultra violet or gamma waves.

The five senses are also rooted in the lower realm of your physical body and satisfy your base or animal instincts. However the insatiable nature of the senses makes it impossible for them to ever be satisfied.

You know you are living a non-conscious lifestyle when for example, there is a disconnect between satisfying your hunger and healthy nutritious food. It look a bit like this:

  1. Your food craving needs to be satisfied.
  2.  Hunger = food.
  3. Consumption without consequence.

You are then perfectly justified in eating what you want, regardless if it’s a greasy burger deeply fried in rancid saturated fat with a double portion of fries of course! But hey, it’s only 3 or 4 times a week right?!

An unconscious lifestyle can present in much the same way when it comes to your relationships, your career, your finances and even your home. You will likely see the same disorder and neglect. You don’t care enough about anything to do make the necessary changes to take charge of your life.

Celebrating your Mind, Body and Spirit

Enjoying the nature

Celebrating your mind, body and spirit is the essence of conscious living. You actively and deliberately acknowledge the power and presence of this unbound energy.

In doing so, you create a deep connection to Life Force energy which becomes the foundation of your life.

In celebration of your mind, you harness its infinite Power to create wellness and abundance in your life.

In celebration of your body, you provide the nourishment it requires to optimise your health and vitality.

In celebration of your spirit, you align it with the all- powerful, all pervading, all- loving unifying energy force and with it, become One. Your life has meaning and is on purpose.

Conscious Living and Your Environment

Human hand feeding the bird.

Living a conscious life means your relationship and interaction with your external environment is the same with your Inner Self.



You extend love and respect:

  • To your physical environment and acknowledge the life force energy that runs through citizens of all colours, contours, dialects and nations.
  • To the rivers, the mountains and the oceans and all living creatures from the smallest humming bird taking refuge in your garden to the mighty blue whale.
  • To the inanimate rocks and sea shells that share the same life force and deserving of equal appreciation.
  • To the unseen solar system which has existed for your lifetime but another dimension, may just be a twinkle of time.

A conscious life is embodied in the relationship you create with yourself, Earth and all Humanity.  A relationship fashioned on love and respect for all.

You will naturally develop a sense of responsibility to yourself and the world you live in and your life’s purpose will include making it a better place.

There is an order to conscious living which supports the Divine blueprint of life. Choosing to live your life this way creates the framework for continued expansion and the perfect unfolding of your Mind, Body and Spirit.

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