Emotional Awareness

Emotional Awareness

Emotions, feelings, healthy living, inner peace, kindness

Being aware of your emotions is the first step to creating a healthy and rich emotional framework from which to live your life. The previous page on Emotions asked the question what are emotions and where do they come from?

This section will look at emotional awareness and how emotional imbalance may present itself in your life. In the pages to follow I will also provide practical steps for dealing with your emotions as many people are never taught this basic but very essential life lesson.

First of all it is important to understand that with all the will in the world you cannot control your emotions. You can however make a conscious choice about what to do with them the moment they present.

Secondly you are the only person that can change what you feel. People, places, or events will not change your internal emotional state.

Sharing Self-Improvement’s website is all about well-being from a mind, body and Spirit perspective and I spend a lot of time encouraging the development of your being using this holistic approach.

I say so because as you develop a loving and meaningful relationship with your Inner Self you operate from a much better place and  are more able to deal with the emotional part of your being.

When I recognise a feeling of sadness within me for example, I first label the feeling. I say ‘I feel sad’. I can then trace it back to its source to understand why I am feeling that way.

I may ask myself questions around the feeling or emotion for better clarification. Recognising and labelling your emotions is a very powerful tool in deciding what you do with it.

How Emotional Imbalance May Show-up

Emotions, feelings, healthy living, inner peace, kindness

When you are dealing with a particularly difficult or painful experience, as a coping mechanism, you may subconsciously bury the pain inside. This is called Repressed or Suppressed Emotion. In your efforts to keep the pain at bay you may trivialise or dismiss and redirect your time away from the emotion to another person, circumstance, outlet or event.

Repressed Emotion

Repressed emotions may present in your life as a direct result of avoiding or feeling a deeply buried pain as follows:

  • Excessive: eating, exercising, alcohol, reading, television or sex.
  • Comfort eating usually with junk food.
  • A dependency on recreational or prescription drugs.
  • Drug addiction or other unhealthy addictions.
  • Compulsive or obsessive behaviour.
  • Engaging in distant or superficial conversations.
  • Working excessively.
  • Pre-occupation with Social Media Networks such as Face Book or Twitter.
  • Hiding feelings of anger under the guise of radicalism, philanthropic causes or love and peace organisations.
  • Pretending the anger-generated event never happened (denial).
Emotions, feelings, healthy living, inner peace, kindness
Negative emotions as you have learned previously carry a lower vibration which over an extended period of time leads to disease and acceleration of the ageing process. It takes far more energy to feed a negative emotion which is why it is so wholly depleting.
Here are some major symptoms of repressed emotions as they show up in your life:
  • Fatigue and sleep disorders
  • Depression
  • Chronic illness
  • Phantom health conditions.
  • Laughing on the outside while crying on the inside.
  • Indifference to life.
  • Avoiding discussions around personal matters in exchange for chatter on generic issues, interests or events.
  • Lowered drive in regards to ambitions, motivation or personal projects.
  • Dis-interest or distain to a healthy sexual relationship or low Libido.
  • Putting on weight or losing drastic amounts of weight.
  • Over reacting to minor incidents.
  • Hatred or dislike of self and others.
  • Preoccupation with media events, conspiracies theories and social media.

Your purpose on this earth is to progress towards the self-realization of your Spiritual nature. By aligning yourself with the higher frequencies of love and Spirituality you expand the spectrum of happiness and peace in your life. You allow the abundant flow of good things to you.

When you operate at a lower frequency by harbouring and feeding negative emotions, you literally block the flow of goodness to your life.

It is essential to make a commitment to your emotional health for psychological stability, a greater sense of well-being, purpose and meaning. You will ultimately find the peace and happiness you deserve.

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