Fat Burning and Thermogenic Food

Fat Burning and Thermogenic Food

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Previously you learned all about how fat gets deposited in your body. Now we will look at the food that will give you that extra metabolic kick to help you burn baby burn it all away!

If you do a search on ‘fat burning foods’ or thermogenic foods as they are sometimes called, the search engine will return over 3000 pages containing lists upon lists of foods that burn fat.

Most of you do not have the time, neither the inclination to scroll through this info and even if you did, most of it would not even be relevant anyway! Why is this I hear you asking?

Because all the search engine has done is to provide you with is a list of raw information. What you need is a better understanding of the facts versus the fiction and what to do with all this raw data.

At Sharing Self-Improvement we will help you compile a sensible diet plan of nutrient dense, natural food, lower caloric density food and food with a higher thermogenic effect on your metabolism. All of this, in a healthy combination that will maximise the food’s capacity.

Yes there are foods which can speed up your metabolism, but there is also research to prove that although the fat burning of certain food is real, the amount is very small.

For example a palatable dose of hot peppers only increased metabolism by 21 calories. Other research revealed green tea extract increased metabolism by 79 calories over an average of 24 hours. Yet both foods are on the list from the search engine results! You would have to drink 3 to 4 strong cups of green tea to get the necessary fat burning component. This component called Epigallo Catechin Gallate (EGCG) would require a consumption of 270 to 300mg to get your metabolism going!

That is an awful lot of tea and all those peppers! I cannot image the havoc it would reap on your stomach not to mention your poor tongue!

Essentially all food is thermogenic because the body must use energy to digest them. The energy burned during digestion is called the thermic effect of food’ (TEF). And because foods have different thermic effect according to the food type, you need to know what foods will boost your metabolism.

Dietary fat for example has the lowest thermic effect on food of around 3% as well as simple carbohydrates which is the reason this particular type of  fat is easily stored as body fat.

Lean protein is top of the list when it comes to first class thermogenic food and requires 30% of its calories for digesting and processing. For example if you eat 100 calories of fillet salmon, almost 30% of those calories are burned off just to digest it. Therefore the net caloric value is only about 70%.

Self-improvement, burn calories, healthy diet, fat burning, fat burning furnace

Fibre-heavy complex carbohydrates also have a high thermic effect of around 20%. Due to this high thermic effect, these food groups are less likely to be converted to body fat than any other type of food.

I found this really good resource for further information: Read more here

Having a top 10 fat burning food list is all well and good but only effective when you learn what food is best to consume them with for optimum results.

Not discounting your metabolic type, which is a huge weight loss factor, you have learned that PROTEIN has the highest thermic effect on food and therefore an essential requirement for your fat burning diet. Another mega bonus of lean protein food is that it suppresses your appetite!

When you combine thermogenic lean protein foods with the right amount and types of essential fat, adding plenty of green vegetables and just the right amount of natural starchy carbs, you’ll have a fuel-injected, fat burning, lean, mean machine!

And it is as simple as 1. 2. 3.

Step 1

Select a green or fibrous vegetable such as broccolibrussels sproutasparagusspinachgreen beanscauliflower or salad vegetable. Fruit such as apples, avocadokiwi, papaya are ok.

Step 2

Combine with a lean protein such as chicken breast, turkey breast, egg whites, wild Alaskan salmon, grass fed red lean meat.

Step 3

Add a natural starchy carb or fibre-containing complex carb such as brown rice, whole grainsbeansoatmealsweet potato.

There you have it, taking account your own calorie requirement and metabolic typing, a meal bursting full of all the essentials to kick start your fat burning furnace! Now all you need is to include the right amount of water and exercise and you are good to go!

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fat burning food list in and of itself is of little value. In the pages to follow we will provide you with an integrative framework to help you with food choices. Your fat burning furnace will soon be burning away those calories!

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