Self Improvement For Our Community

Self-Improvement for
Our Community

Self-improvement, affirmations, self-help, community, inspirational

At the heart of Sharing Self-Improvement is our Community because Community is our heart.♥

Self-Improvement for our Community is a new concept that brings you collective empowerment at a click of a mouse in a warm, caring and safe environment.

At Sharing Self-Improvement not only does your journey start with the first step, we lovingly make it with you.

When I created Sharing Self-Improvement it was for the sole purpose of inspiring ordinary people to do extra ordinary things. I believe that people coming together with a common goal is a powerful catalyst for change.


Because at the heart of all human being is a need to belong. To be seen, valued and appreciated and within the framework of this website, our aim is help you to tap in to that all-powerful resource within to unlock and realise:

Your highest potential

Your deepest desires

Your greatest achievements and

Your grandest dreams

And Community is key to the whole process.

The Community section is where it all happens. A platform for us to share stories, exchange ideas, inspire each other’s dreams, smile, laugh and cry together and of course share the love.

At Sharing Self Improvement we will undoubtedly experience the peaks and the valleys ahead of what I hope, will be a very special journey.

Have you ever wanted to take an adventure that would exceed the ordinary?

Do you have a dream buried so far deep inside you’ve almost forgotten what it looks like?

Does every day look and feel the same and change seems so far in the distance?

Well now is your chance to shine right here and right now through the pages of Sharing Self-Improvement.

We will have a section for your:

This and so much more. And I’ll start the ball rolling by sharing my story and I invite you to come along:

Self-improvement, affirmations, self-help, community, inspirational

As of writing, I am at home in the U.K but my thoughts and dreams are taking shape somewhere in the distance. ..

Since as long as I can remember, I always knew that I would end up living in a hot tropical country and several years ago I did! I spent 9 happy years in the Caribbean with my children who are now grown up.

Unfortunately life happens and in the process I lost my business and wounded up back on the grindstone in London town. And it is from here that I am creating the greatest picture of all.

I have recently put a new Construction Company together called Homes on the Horizon Ltd which is currently being marketed by my Personal Assistant. I also started building three apartments and have almost completed the foundation stage. My longer term plan is in land development and building homes for purchase and rent.

I am happy and excited about the future and through Sharing Self-Improvement, I will post pictures and updates of my project. You will share every moment with me as my hopes and dreams unfold.

I am a single parent with no particular technical expertise. I look just like you! My parents were ordinary working class people who raised me in a semi-detached house on a little street in Newcastle.

So what is the one thing that propels me to such heights?

I believe in an Infinite Power that dwells within us all.

If you tap into that Inner Resource, Abundance will truly flow into your life. And Conscious Living with LoveKindness and Compassion is a sure guide to get you there.

So there you have it. My life in full view of the world wide web!


To inspire you so that you too can life your dream and find true happiness and success along the way…