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Does it really exist?

The age old and profound question firstly needs to be asked…

What is Happiness?

What does it mean to be happy?

And how does happiness translate in your life?

Wise men and scholars of all generations, cultures, traditions, religious doctrines and philosophies have pondered over the illustrious question and theorized on the meaning of happiness. It is such a profound, broad and subjective topic, that I wonder if there is a definitive answer to the question, What is Happiness?

Here at Sharing Self-Improvement we will probe into the deep and mysterious waters to discover the true meaning of happiness and what it means to your life.

One dictionary definition of happiness describes it as ‘good fortune’ ‘a state of well -being and contentment; a pleasurable or satisfying experience’.

When you think about happiness it is often connected to an object, person or event that has caused the emotional state of happiness. For example in the following statements:

  • ‘Looking at my beautiful Japanese garden always makes me feel so happy’ (Object)
  • ‘I am deeply in love, my husband makes me so happy’ (Person)
  • ‘When I finally made it to Managing Director after all these years, it was the happiest day of my life’ (Event)


It is easy to see that there is a real, tangible and intrinsic relationship between what you connect to on the outside or transient world to your emotional state of happiness.

Most of us have experienced that mushy feeling of being in love. What about when you moved into your very first home? Wasn’t it exhilarating? Bet you wondered if you would ever get back down to earth from that perfect number 9 blue cloud way up in the sky!

And those of you who are parents; who could forget that special once in a lifetime moment when you held your new born baby and your life felt complete?

It would be a pretty sad and lonely existence if you never experienced such moments of happiness which are very real and meaningful to us.

Real or Unreal which is the Real Deal?

girl suffering hangover

But what happens to happiness when your husband falls in love with your best friend and leaves you to raise both children all by yourself?

Where does the happiness go after your company’s re-structure which leaves you out of a job after 36 years?

Is there still happiness after the mortgage company has repossessed your home and the flowers in your once beautiful garden all but wither and die?

Such life changing events would be difficult for most of us to bare but in the midst of it all what if you were asked that profound question about happiness. How real is your happiness now?

Most of you under these circumstances would experience some level of trauma because of your relationship with the external object, person or event. The relationship defined happiness in your world. However when there is a change or departure from the external world or reality you have created, the question of happiness is challenged.

These moments are sometimes known as crossroads in your life. I wonder if perhaps it was at these crossroads that the great philosophers questioned and reviewed the true meaning of happiness?

So in summary it can be said that it is the external things in life that give you a sense of happiness.

This type of happiness therefore is:

  • Known as subjective, transient and external. That is, happiness that is subject to the objects, persons and events that are occurring in your life.
  • Temporary because it is always changing as time goes by.
  • Derived from an external source which you may or may not have control over.

Is there any other type of Happiness?

There most certainly is another type of happiness that has existed from the beginning of time buried among the writings of the Ancient Traditions. Put very simply it is the Happiness that dwells within and reflects from your True Self

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It is the internal happiness that is untouched by the ever changing events of your life and is certainly not subject to time or space. It is not transitory but resides permanently in the realms of infinity deep within your Soul.

When your journey seeks this type of happiness your search will lead you to True Happiness of an internal kind.

You will no longer continue to chase after the illusive dream that by its very nature remains constantly out of reach. But make no mistake, you can and will realise these dreams but they will be reached from that untouched place within. I like to think of it as an unfolding adventure from the inside out.

But the road to your dreams will not be travelled from the position of your marital status, your royal connection, your professional or honourable title, your claim to fame, religious dogma, or your post code! True Happiness and by extension Power has no name, no fame, no address or title but is defined by the connection you have Within. All that is Within, will shine beautifully and completely Outwardly…

True Happiness is therefore not dependant on your outward status but by the Integrity of the Soul.

At Sharing Self-Improvement our mission is to assist you unfold your Path to True Happiness…

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