Harness the Power Within

How to Harness The Power Within

Spiritual values, inner self, spirituality, subconscious mind, living consciously

By now I hope you have a basic insight of the fundamental concepts and ideas shared at Sharing Self-Improvement.
I have tried to keep the theories simple and easy for you to grasp and incorporate into your life in a real and practical way. Laying out the information like this should create a strong framework for a better and deeper understanding.

Learning new things always takes time.  This is marathon and not a sprint.  In reality it is not even a race but a one-day-at-a-time type of journey.

In an earlier page I talked about the different parts of the mind made up of the Conscious Mind, the Subconscious Mind and the Superconscious Mind.

We then explored the world beyond its physical structure and discovered the metaphysical realm. The physical world you thought you knew made up of solid and dense matter is in fact a world where solidity does not exist. Everything is made of energy which is in constant motion creating its corresponding geometrical form. A form seen by your naked eye as the mountains, the birds and the trees and everything else that exists in nature.

So how can this knowledge benefit you?

Consider this:

If everything that exists is made of energy it means that everything exists as One.

There is no distinction between you and the indigenous tribes living in the Amazon Rain Forest for example. The geographical separation perceived by the naked eye is not real, it is an illusion.

There are no demarcations except the ones that you perceive visually. However visual perception as you know is limited and the naked eye cannot see anything that falls out of the visual spectrum. For example it has no night vision but does that mean life disappears during the night just because we cannot see it?

The naked eye can neither see ultra violet, ultra red, microwaves, radio waves, gamma waves either. So as you sing-a-long to your favourite Justin Tiberlake’s song on the radio, it is proof enough that some waves exist even though your eyes cannot see them!

Even though you are thousands of miles from the nomads living in the remotest part of the Moroccan Atlas or the Mentawai shaman from the jungles of the island of Siberut. You may be in a different time zone or human condition from the reindeer-herding nomads in the Russian Arctic. Guess what? Those miles, time zones and human conditions are are a mental construct which are insignificant in the grand scheme of life.

Power of the mind

There is a seamless design to life which keeps everything in existence, interconnected.

As you inhale the fresh, crisp morning air from the valleys of Sacremeto, California, it is recycled air exhaled from the breath of a tribesman in the highlands of West Papua!

Whether you can see it or not, nothing falls outside the Circle of Life.

Now that you have discovered the scientific facts that support the universal laws of nature you know that all energy vibrates at varying frequencies. You know the emotions which vibrate at higher frequencies and those which vibrate at lower frequencies.

Everything that shows up in your life is there because it matches the vibration of your thoughts.

Spiritual values, inner self, spirituality, subconscious mind, living consciously

Learning how to cultivate and refine the vibrations of your thoughts is the first step in transforming your life.

Understanding the vastness and capacity of your mind as a powerful tool which responds to what is planted therein. Having this awareness creates the potential for you to achieve optimum health and vitality, mental vigour, loving and fulfilling relationshipsemotional and psychological stability, material prosperity, lasting success and a deep sense of well- being and peace of mind.

So whether you need help to change old habits that have imprisoned you and stunted your growth or help to develop a new way of thinking. Perhaps learn more about living consciously in the moment, Sharing Self-Improvement is right by your side. I personally look forward to sharing the journey with you as you claim your space in the world and assert your Personal Power along the way.

Energy, Your Mind and how it relates to the Physical World

When you grasp the idea that there is no separation and that everything which exists is One, you will experience a Spiritual Awakening.

People that have little development of their Spiritual nature can only interact with the world from the level of the physical senses. Rather than seeing the interconnection of humankind they focus on power structures that keep humanity segregated and dominated.

The thoughts created in the microcosm of their mind are being emitted to the macrocosm of the Universal Mind in which manifests its corresponding geometrical form. In simple terms, the concept of ‘likes attracts like’.

A world that is besieged with war, weaponry, poverty, famine, global warming, racial dis-harmony, social injustice and unrest it is nothing more than the outward pouring of our collective thoughts.

Change your thoughts Change your world.

Spiritual values, inner self, spirituality, subconscious mind, living consciously

You have already seen scientific evidence of how positive words can affect form. Aligning the vibration of your inner world with thoughts of lovegratitudejoykindness, peace and harmony to match vibrations of the outer world is the Spiritual response needed to change our global condition.

When we are better, the world is better!

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