Holistic Weight Loss

Holistic Weight Loss

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At Sharing Self-Improvement we are committed to sharing from a holistic perspective. That is, the integration of your mind and body with a little spirit thrown in for good measure!

We understand that to help you in your weight loss challenge, your needs must be addressed from a physical emotional and spiritual understanding. From this perspective you are guaranteed to achieve long term optimum health and develop a strong foundation of well-being from where you will direct your life. And it is from this place that you will experience true happiness and peace.

In understanding weight loss, the attitude you approach it from will determine the best outcome, therefore your mental attitude is an important part of the process.

Eating healthy for example will only last as long as your 5th bowl of raw carrots if you approach your weight loss solely to get thin rather than seeing it as a way of life. Even if you are able to lose 50 pounds, without the proper mind-set, it’s a sure bet that you will soon put it all back on again in next to no time. A holistic approach therefore is more concerned with the cause and understands that being overweight is merely the symptom. Once the cause has been healed, weight loss will be such an easy and natural goal for you to achieve.

So what do I mean by the term Holistic?

holisitic weight loss, how to lose weight, healthy diet, fat burning, burn fat

Holistic approach would include but is not limited to:

  • A mental shift to an attitude of greater appreciation of your body
  • An open receptive mind to facilitate education and learning
  • Understanding the intrinsic relationship between eating well and feeling well
  • Creating a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit complex to optimize your weight loss
  • Building a better relationship with yourself so that you can better respond to the specific dietary needs of your body (metabolic typing)
  • Incorporating a balance of cardio vascular training with resistance training to achieve your ideal weight
  • Understanding that a spiritual approach to life brings a certain balance and harmony to all aspects of your life

Food Matters Mastery

When you embark on your own personal journey of awareness and transformation it will lead to a mental shift and a greater sense of empowerment.  Through education and action you will be amazed at how a holistic lifestyle will bring so much value to your life.

I love the Food Matters Mastery that is packed full of goodies galore to help you and your loved ones begin the process of change.

You will have the best possible knowledge at your fingertips from top nutrition experts, recipes, shopping guides, up to date research and information on easy to watch DVD’s plus a member’s forum where you have access to the Food Matters team to answer any questions or concerns.

All this and so much more, it’s everything you need in one place! 🙂 Simply click the image above or highlighted text to find out more and get started today!

Holistic Nutrition

holisitic weight loss, how to lose weight, healthy diet, fat burning, burn fat

Holistic Nutrition is knowing how to create a healthy balanced diet based on the principle of nourishing your body with the goodness of food. And being part of the community at Sharing Self-Improvement, you’ve got all the education you need in one place. Holistic Nutrition is about developing a loving and special relationship with your body, it is about balance and healing from the inside out and having fun at the same time.

But it is not a one size fits all approach to nutrition, on the contrary I will encourage you to evaluate your own specific dietary needs, within a holistic framework until you find the path that is right for you.

When you begin to appreciate the relationship between your body, and the food you put into it, choosing natural and organic foods will be the only choice.

Whole Foods in, processed foods out is the simple mantra for your holistic nutritionWhole grainsbeans and legumesnuts and seeds is the nourishment your body needs!.

Yummy fruits and vegetables every day is what Holistic Nutrition would say but also balance at every meal. A good balance of protein, good carbs and nutrient-rich foods to keep the fat way and nasty disease at bay!

And water, water, water is the magic ingredient to fine tune your body to its peak performance.

Holistic Living

holistic weight loss, how to lose weight, healthy diet, fat burning, burn fat

Living a holistic life-style first and foremost grants you permission to claim your own space. You shout loud and clear to the world that you are here and you live life to reflect that sentiment.

Holistic Living puts you at the centre of your life creating your dreams and your goals from a loving and caring place. Love for you means love for your world and those around you.

How does it show up in your life?

  • You love the skin you’re in! and if you don’t, you recognise this and make good choices about getting to that place
  • You recognise your emotional needs and address them, honestly and lovingly
  • Weight loss is one day at a time, you know it is not about the destination but the fulfilment of the journey
  • You are confident and clever and when you smile, it comes from the inside out! And if your smile has faded away you look deep within for the reasons why knowing that where the answers lye
  • You are vibrant and passionate and create the life-style of your dreams but if you’ve lost your way a little, you’re determined to get unstuck and get real about defining your life
  • You are kind and care about humanity and respect all who share the world we live in

These are some of the ways that reflect a holistic approach to life which we will further explore through the pages of Sharing Self-Improvement. I hope you’ve gotten a basic understanding of how a holistic lifestyle is fundamental to your health and happiness.

Click here for Food Matters Mastery to get started today!

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