Hoorah for Whole Foods

Hooray for Whole Foods!

Wholefoods, diet plans, healthy diet plan, healthy recipes

We Love♥ Whole Food!

Whole foods are delicious and here at Sharing Self-Improvement we encourage you to include 70% to 80% of them in your diet. It’s ok to introduce them gradually and increase your intake as you go along. You’ll certainly be encouraged when you see and feel the difference whole food makes to your body.

Can you imagine being nourished with the best quality fuel so that every system in your body is working to peak performance? I promise you will love the results.

Why am I so sure?

Because I have lived a healthy life-style for many years, improving and tweaking as I go along and I look and feel great all the time. People tell me I look 15 years younger than I am, I never get sick and I have so much energy that my fitness buddies call me ‘Duracell’!

I am passionate about healthy food and conscious living and just as passionate to share it all with you.

So why Whole Food?

Whole foods are:

  • More likely to protect against disease possessing properties and they act as a natural defence. Also healing properties which can reverse chronic disease.
  • A power tool for your weight loss management, increasing your body’s metabolism and releasing food into your bloodstream at a slower rate so that you feel fuller longer but also helping nutrients to be absorbed better. As a high quality food they have fewer calories.
  • The fibre content of whole food regulates blood sugar by slowing down the conversion of starches into glucose. The fibre also alleviates constipation.
  • The good bacteria (flora) lining the walls of your intestine which keep the bad bacteria in check thrive on the natural properties contained in whole food to function and keep disease at bay.
  • Tasty! Eating food in its natural state will delight your taste buds. Your palate will be woken from a state of desensitization due to excess sodium and sugar and you will experience a new appreciation of tasty food.

Let me at ‘em! 🙂

How do I get all this wholesome Whole Food

Here’s one way. Click the image below for an amazing storehouse of whole, nutritionally-dense, natural, organic, raw  GMO-free food. Say hello to a healthier, happier you! 🙂

Your Source for Superfoods Since 1995

Your Vegetable based Whole Food

Fruit and Vegetables – and if it’s raw ask for more! When it comes to fruit and vegetable try juicing.

Wholefoods, diet plans, healthy diet plan, healthy recipes

It is an excellent way for your body to easily absorb the micronutrients straight in to your bloodstream. The chlorophyll in green plants (vegetables) for example has remarkable benefits to your health from increasing blood count to reducing inflammation.

Do however watch your intake of certain fruit and vegetables with a high Glycemic Index which should be eaten in moderation, particularly for weight loss and weight management.

Whole Grains:

Wholefoods, diet plans, healthy diet plan, healthy recipes

Brown rice

Wild rice



Whole wheat


Buck wheat



Beans and Legumes:

Wholefoods, diet plans, healthy diet plan, healthy recipes


Kidney Beans

Chick Peas 

Raw Nuts and Seeds

Wholefoods, diet plans, healthy diet plan, healthy recipes

Your Animal based Whole Food:

Wholefoods, diet plans, healthy diet plan, healthy recipes



Sea food (shrimp, lobster, soft shell crabs)

Small fowl (chicken, turkey)

Large Animals

Grass-fed Pork, beef, venison

You can also include salad as a whole food but do be careful about the dressing you choose. Many packaged dressings may seem healthy because they are fat-free or low-fat but are high in processed sugar or crammed with artificial sweeteners.

Fat from Whole Food

Wholefoods, diet plans, healthy diet plan, healthy recipes

Unsaturated fat are heart healthy! Monounsaturated Fat helps lower LDL (bad) cholesterol whilst boosting HDL (good cholesterol). 

Polyunsaturated Fat is a great source of Omega-3 fatty acid which are an essential part of your diet. They can be found in whole food such as:


Olive oil





Dark leafy greens

Flaxseed oil

Even pasta and bread qualify as a whole food provided they contain 100% unrefined whole grain. Look out for wheat products made with 100% whole grain flour which is made from the whole kernel of the grain.

Wholefoods, diet plans, healthy diet plan, healthy recipes

This includes the bran (the outer shell), the inner endosperm, which is the largest part of the grain and the tiny germ, which nourishes the grain. These 3 together make up the grain and are nutrient-rich.

Any foods can be labelled as wheat if they contain wheat flour so don’t be deceived by products with similar names like ‘wheat flour’ or ‘enriched wheat flour’ or ‘wholemeal’ which lose more than half of their nutrients through the refining process (the bran and germ is removed).

To make sure you are getting whole grain or whole wheat – Whole Wheat Flour should be the first ingredient or 100% whole grain.

With so much Whole Food on your list you will never be short of wholesome, nutritious, tasty meals and healthy snacks. Speaking of healthy snacks, check out this delicious Trail Mix and other snacks for a nicer nibble between meals. 🙂

I found this excellent resource to help you with your whole food diet: Learn more:

and discover the healthiest food all in one place that will tantalise  your tastebuds and leave you crying out for more!  Click the image to take you one step closer to great health and vitality, you’ll be so glad you did!

Your Source for Superfoods Since 1995

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