Living with Spiritual Values

Living With Spiritual Values

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What are Spiritual Values and their meaning to your life?

Spiritual values can be open to interpretation depending on the agenda of those seeking this particular way of life.

I inadvertently came across a website recently with a name that spoke to a particular demographic of society while segregating others. Out of curiosity I took a peek and must say, it was well put together and espoused some of the values I talk about here at Sharing Self-Improvement.

But the message and invitation was very clear in its name which was designed to cater to an exclusive group of people who shared the same physical and racial type or characteristics. It got me thinking about the true meaning of Spirituality and its underlying values and significance in the modern world.

With that in mind I will use this page to discuss what Spiritual values can mean to you and how they can bring meaning to your life.

Spirit at the core of Spiritual Values

Spiritual values, inner self, spirituality, self-improvement, positive thinking

Spiritual values are developed from the recognition and cultivation of the all-inclusive, all-pervading nature of the Spirit. That is, a Divine Entity which lies beyond your physical being but is the life-force of everything that exists in creation.

With this understanding of Spirit it helps to create a value system that is inclusive and not exclusive which would contradict the very essence of what Spirit is.

It is therefore quite easy to see that any system or structure that seeks to separate or segregate on the basis of a physical identity acts outside the auspices of Spirit and cannot be in alignment with its principles.

What about women’s groups, men’s groups or minority groups?

If the intention of your group is to create and develop harmony within its framework and expand its core principles to family, society and the world at large, I do not believe this strays from the principles of Spirit.

However if the goal of your group is to divide and rule under the banner of nepotism how does it serve or better the world in which we live? Is isolation from the whole based on a demographic make-up really the way to go? My view is that any practice with discord, disconnection and friction at its core simply cannot operate in accordance with Spirit.

Spiritual Values and basic Biblical Law

Spiritual values, inner self, spirituality, self-improvement, positive thinking

I could have easily summarised Spiritual values in one short sentence from the basic biblical law which states, ‘do unto others what you would have them do unto you’

This in a nutshell, encompasses Spiritual values because at the core of every human being is a need to be loved, valued, appreciated and respected. If this principle above all was extended to all humanity, there would be so much harmony and peace in the world and love would always prevail.

It would be very easy to follow and integrate this law as your frame of reference because how could you behave in a manner towards somebody else which you would not welcome for yourself?

You could not hate or hurt your neighbour because you would not want it for yourself. You would never violate, dominate or oppress your fellow-man or woman for what you do unto them, will be done onto you.

Every religious doctrine, philosophical belief system and ancient law subscribes to this principle under different guises. Even the principle of Karma is rooted in this rudimentary law.

The Essence of Spiritual Values

Spiritual values, inner self, spirituality, self-improvement, positive thinking

Spiritual values stem from the regard you assign to Spirit. The attention, appreciation and veneration of your Spirit develop and dictate your value system. It is here you learn to love and respect all Humanity. When you recognise the fundamental goodness of Spirit, kindness and compassion become a way of life and a requirement to enrich your Soul.

If you see Spirit in all things and operate from this position you naturally feel connected to those around you and feel a sense of responsibility to make a difference to the world you live in.

You understand that it is impossible to live in isolation and that what you do affects the whole. When you feel love within, you express love outside which literally changes the contours of the globe. When you live in a state of gratitude you are offering the special gift of Light to the world replacing it with all that is cold and dark.

Spiritual Values and Life Style

Spiritual values, inner self, spirituality, self-improvement, positive thinking

When you value your Spirit you place it in the highest esteem where no harm can come to it. This becomes your framework in every aspect of your life.

Smoking and drugs.

You say no because they destroy the fabric of your physical and emotional make-up and your desire is to express beauty, freedom and liberation from the inside out.

If you are not ready to say no at this particular juncture of your life be open to recognise that one day, you will be. That way you do not have to beat yourself up about it but leave space for when you are ready. Spiritual values advocate kindness to self and supports the principle of one day at time.

We like to party!

Great have fun and lots of it. But in everything you do, aligning yourself with Spiritual Values, brings dignity and self-respect to your expression.

Sex and the City!

Your body is the vessel of your Sprit and not a casual walkway. Through Spiritual values sex will become a sacred and sensual act shared lovingly with someone special. The void you are trying to fill with casual sex is insatiable and fleeting. When you live your from a Spiritual place, it is filled to the brim with much more meaning.  The endless search for external gratification is history!

Junk food Junkie

Why do you think they call it junk? Because the food belongs in the trash!

The more junk food you consume, the bigger and heavier you get until it starts to clog up your arteries, poisons your liver, causes acute insulin release which brings about diabetes II and offsets a myriad of disease.

Now you gotta start popping pills to counteract it all. You go from junk food junkie to prescription pill junkie, only it’s just not funny anymore!

Spiritual Flow equals Cash Flow

‘Whatever may be said in praise of poverty, the fact remains it is not possible to live a really complete or successful life unless one is rich’

Wallace D Wattles from The Science of Getting Rich

Cash flow is an expression of Spiritual flow so until you become the architect of your life’s designs, enriching it with every possible component including money, you are not truly embodying the magnitude of Spirit. Money is a form of energy which Spirit animates to enhance the quality of your life and deepen the profundity of your experiences.

Prayer in the Pulpit is this the culprit?

If you go to church, mosque, synagogue, temple or other religious building regularly and it works for you and brings all that you need to your life, keep doing what you do, it’s working.

If however you are truly looking for God, you will not find salvation in any building, prayer book, minister or hymn. They are all a means to the end perhaps but they are not the end in themselves. In fact the pulpit can be a hiding place for the worst type of culprit if your search is without and not within.

Spiritual values can only truly come from the sincere and honest introspection of Self and expressed from the realms of your True nature.

Bringing Meaning To Your Life

Living with Spiritual values starts with you.

Love yourself - happy smiling woman

In every aspect of your life you give permission for Spirit to shine brightly and abundantly from the inside out. In yours endeavours, there is an order and a deliberateness which is guided by Spirit.

When dis-order, dis-harmony or dis-ease show up in your life, you immediately draw upon Spirit to bring you back in alignment.

You connect with your internal compass and ask questions of yourself to help guide you peacefully and successfully through life.  Spirit clearly defines the path to your destiny.

You develop a deep sense of self-love and better understand what makes you function.

Your Spiritual values transcend the illusory realms of the physical world and transport you to the Highest plains where you begin to understand your purpose and see where you fit in the grand design of your life.

Everything will have a much deeper meaning to you as you grow closer to Spirit and your greatness will unfold right before your eyes. You will become the Master as you participate in the fulfilment of your dreams.

The veil that kept you in darkness will be lifted and you will see life in full HD colour, your dreams will be realised and happiness and peace will come from within.

It starts with you and ends with you. Spiritual values will bring freedom and liberation from the inside out.

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