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Now that you know the dangers of belly fat and the serious implications it has to your health, at Sharing Self-Improvement we will teach you how to get rid of it and keep it off for good!

The accumulation of belly fat is usually from a high caloric intake, lack of exercise, unbalanced diet, comfort eating, fast foods and unhealthy snacking.

The good news about belly fat is that it is more metabolically active than the top layered subcutaneous fat which means it is easier to lose. Most people see weight loss in the abdominal region before anywhere else particularly if you have lots of it.

Getting rid of belly fat follows the same principles as the weight loss strategies I have discussed throughout the website. This chapter therefore will simply reinforce, summarise and provide extra tips to make the road to weight loss a whole lot easier!

The Golden Rules to Losing Belly Fat:

Belly fat, burn fat, fast food, healthy diet, how to lose weight

Love your body enough to ensure that everything you put it into it will bring about balance and harmony. Decide to do it, then DO IT! Don’t fight the process, enjoy it and have lots of fun!

Forget about the diet pills, fad diets and internet scams luring you in for their own exploitation. In fact forget everything that is not in direct harmony with ‘weight loss as a way of life’.  Having this type of solid framework will support  your weight loss plan in a much more consistent and realistic way.

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  • Jot it in a Journal

A journal is a great way to get you motivated and record your fat loss journey. Write down your achievements and even the cheat days which will give you every good reason to get back on track!

  • Create a plan

Create an Action Plan and stick it on your bedroom wall so it becomes the first thing you see each morning. Include a 30 minute physical activity plan which includes a warm up and stretch. Last but by no means last, a daily nutrition plan with specific goals to work towards.

Belly fat, burn fat, fast food, healthy diet, how to lose weight

8 glasses a day will help keep the belly fat away! It will curb your hunger and really help in your weight loss goals.

  • Eat a healthy breakfast

By making sure that you eat a healthy breakfast you will eliminate food cravings and provide your body with the energy and nutrients to fire up your day.

  • Think colour
Belly fat, burn fat, fast food, healthy diet, how to lose weight

Become an artisan of food and colour co-ordinate your plate with a combination of rich coloured carrots, peppers, spinach, and tomatoes. But keep the white well out of sight, eliminating this colour when it comes to pasta, bread, rice and potato (with the exception of cauliflower!)

  • Do not starve yourself

By starving yourself you actually deny your body of the important nutrients it needs to burn calories. Your metabolism responds by slowing down to conserve your energy. It is an artificial way to lose weight, can be dangerous and is more likely to result in you putting back all the weight you loose!

  • Say no and mean it!
Belly fat, burn fat, fast food, healthy diet, how to lose weight

Say NO to high sugar sodas and fruit juice, refined grains, refined carbohydrate, some saturated fat and trans-fat.  If you really cannot say no, at least make every effort to reduce these foods from your diet until you can. But let’s have a big, mighty YES! to whole foods, healthy beans and grainsnuts and seeds, unsaturated fat, good saturated fat, lean proteinvegetables and some fruit.

  • Little and often is the way to go

Eat more regularly throughout the day rather than the standard 3 meals per day. Think of your metabolism as an open furnace. Every time you top up with ‘fuel’ it flares up and burns up calories. So flare up your furnace throughout the day for better fat burning results. For the most powerful flare up of all, fuel it with fat burning foods, such as fish, lean proteindark chocolate and citrus fruit. Also eating more frequently reduces hunger pangs.

  • Cardiovascular is King!

Along with whole body strength training of course! Top on the list for cardio has to be high intensity interval training. This deadly duo is GUARANTEED to blast away the belly fatExercising in shorter but more regular sessions has more benefit than one long work out session. The beauty being that calories will continue to burn well after you’ve finished your workout! Hip hips…. Away!

  • Stop the Stress and get More Rest
Belly fat, burn fat, fast food, healthy diet, how to lose weight

Yes really! Stress causes the secretion of cortisol which breaks down lean muscle. It then holds on to fat storage in the abdominal region, bad news for belly fat, so less stress is best!

When you are tired and your biorhythms are off you end up eating more. Tiredness produces a hormone called ghrelin which triggers cravings for sugar and other fat building foods. So be good to yourself and get the 7/8 hours of sleep your body deserves.

Belly fat has to go!

By implementing these simple but effective strategies you will marvel at the results they bring. So banish the belly fat and discover a healthier, sexier you!

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