Love, emotional love, aesthetical love, Balanced love, peace

My bounty is as boundless as a sea,

My love as deep; the more I give to thee.

The more I have, for both are infinite‘.


(Romeo and Juliet, 2.2.139-41)

‘It is not how much we do,

but how much love we put in the doing.

It is not how much we give,

but how much love we put in the giving’

Mother Teresa

if you create any open space within yourself, love will fill it

Deepak Chopra

‘I have decided to stick with Love.

Hate is too great a burden to bear’

Martin Luther King Jr

Philosophers and Poets, Preachers and Wise men, Spiritual Gurus and the Enlightened have throughout the ages and in modern times written about Love.

People have attempted to define, speculate, explain, contain, capture and describe what this all-powerful, inherent force of nature really is.

Ironically, in our futile attempt to conceive the inconceivable and try to describe what true love is, we can sometimes forget that the very essence of love is immeasurable, boundless and absolute.

With that said Sharing Self-Improvement will share some thoughts on love from our usual hearty and holistic perspective.

What exactly is Love?

Love in its True and Infinite form

Love is the all-pervasive, all-emcompassing and all-powerful primordial energy of the Universe. Love is entwined within the very framework of everything that exists. At the very core of your being, beyond the mind and body complex, lies your True Self which is synonymous with the purest form of Love. The sacred place within us all that is submerged in Divine and Unconditional Love.

Love is Infinite and inherently free therefore flows inhibited throughout the stratospheres and hemispheres, plains and plateaus, night and day, as the irrefutable force of nature.

Love is the essence of life. Love is the Animator of your Soul.

This Love connects your Spirit to God, The Divine or whatever Higher Power you have named. The development of your Spiritual Nature begins as you tap into this part of your being which dwells deep within. Seers and Prophets have accessed these realms but they are by no means hidden to the sincere Seeker of Spiritual enlightenment.

Through meditationprayer, silence and communing with nature, you too can embark on a journey of peace and harmony as you align yourself with Spirit.

Love in its Emotional form

Love, emotional love, aesthetical love, Balanced love, peace

Most of us have had the experience of falling in love. You know that gooey feeling you get every time you think about your sweetheart.

When he calls to say he’s coming over, your body gets all tingly and you swear you’re going to melt right there and then!

You want to be with him like every second of every day and even that’s not quite enough! Come on, most of us have been there at some time another! Crazy in love!

This type of Love is connected to your emotions. It exists in the realms of the finite simply because it is subject to change and is conditional. It is dependant on external stimuli like relationships, reassurance, touch, sex, understanding, intimacy etc.

At Sharing Self-Improvement there is a large emphasis on the development of emotional love which can create the space for you to enjoy happy and healthy relationships.

This type of love is emotionally balanced it not afraid to be committed, gentle or caring. It is not afraid to express passion or affection or conversely share moments of pain. It is not detached from its source. When this type of love is balanced it comes to a relationship willing to be open and vulnerable. intimacy is no stranger when you are in sync with emotional love.

You will hear it in your laughter and taste it in your tears. You will remember it warmly as the fun times in your life.

Love in its Human form

Love, emotional love, aesthetical love, Balanced love, peace

Human love is what I describe as the innate Love that is expressed as empathy and connection to your fellow-man or woman.

It is the love that compels folk to jump into action during hurricane Sandy or Katrina as we have seen in recent TV reports on these terrible disasters.

The love that urges volunteers to give their time to the local animal shelter or in a simple gesture of giving up your train seat for an expectant mother or someone less able to stand.

Human love greets a stranger with a smile or is in the two dollars you kindly donate to your locate charity.

Human love is well rooted in the True Self we spoke about earlier, as all forms of love are, but is expressed in the human exchange of one being to another.

Love in its Aesthetical form

Love, emotional love, aesthetical love, Balanced love, peace

This is the love of Nature, the love of the Arts, the love of Architecture, the love of Poetry or any form of creativity that finds its expression in beauty.

Once again the more you touch the inner part of your being and allow love to flow openly, you will naturally develop love of the aesthetics. The sight of a single rose will arouse a depth of love within that is really quite special.

As you develop this form of love you will experience a heightened state of appreciation and connection with the beautiful things around you.

Love in its Balanced form

Love, emotional love, aesthetical love, Balanced love, peace

At Sharing Self-Improvement we encourage you to embark on your very own personal journey. To nurture yourself from the inside out. When you are in balance from a mind, body and Spirit perspective you make room for Love to flow.

You remain open to receive Love and to give Love and to stay connected from a deep place of Love.

When Love is your goal and your guide you will easily recognise it by the presence of Love all around you.

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