Low Self-Esteem and Limiting Beliefs

Strategies and Techniques
to Eliminate Limiting Beliefs and Low Self Esteem

Low self-esteem, limiting beliefs, self-improvement, personal development, positive attitude

Let’s get rid of Low Self-Esteem once and for all!

It is really important to remember how and when limiting beliefs and low self-esteem found their way to the recesses of your mind.

Firstly they were planted by individuals, usually your parents or carers who probably had a low opinion of themselves at some level. Perhaps unintentionally but certainly directly they transferred their pain, anguish and anxiety onto you.

Secondly the unhealthy transfer of negative views and opinions onto you began at a very early stage of your life.

Keep this fact at the fore front of your mind as you embark upon your journey. It will serve as a framework to reinforce the extent limiting beliefs are embedded and have been for a very long time.

The process to remove the deep rooted unhealthy seeds therefore will not happen overnight.

When you begin the journey of change and transformation you must start with baby steps and make a promise to be kind and gentle with yourself.

Low self-esteem, limiting beliefs, self-improvement, personal development, positive attitude

If you try to run before you can walk, you will get frustrated at the first hurdle because you have not taken the time to lay a strong enough foundation.

So please take it slow. In essence the journey never really ends so you do not have to worry about reaching the finishing line!

Also a great option for the change process is some gentle meditation. I discovered amazing brainwave training that is also very powerful called LifeFlow Meditation 2.0 that will literally change you life! Click the link to see how!

Allow negative thoughts to enter your mind

It may seem strange to suggest that negative thoughts should be allowed to enter your mind.

Isn’t the idea to get them out of your mind you may well ask?

At the early stage of the process all kinds of thoughts will come up. The goal is NOT to create a battlefield for your thoughts by fighting with them.


Because you do not have control of what comes in to your mind

You do however have control over what you do with them

Gaining this understanding will help you become the gatekeeper of your mind, conscientiously deciding what can stay and WHAT MUST GO!.

Trying to keep out all the thoughts from your mind and not allowing thoughts to flow, even the negative ones can create subsequent negative feelings. Feelings of guilt for example for having the negative thoughts in the first place may set in and amplify the original thought. So again, it is okay for the thoughts to come, just not okay for them to stay.

Low self-esteem, limiting beliefs, self-improvement, personal development, positive attitude

The final reason you should allow all thoughts to flow is to avoid blocking out pain. For example the victim of a serious crime may subconsciously try to block out all negative feelings about the experience.

If you block out emotions it means you are not dealing with them. This is not healthy and you could risk blocking essential portals, restrict healing and the flow of good things to your life.

The technique of allowing all thoughts to flow has the quality of empowerment as you assert your own control instead of being controlled by your thoughts.

Remember you are the gatekeeper of your mind, when negative thoughts arise, gently but firmly banish them. Let them know who is boss and as time goes by, negative thoughts will fade in to insignificance.

The acronym KISS will work well as you proceed, so Keep It Short and Simple!

You can use affirmations to banish negative thoughts as they come up in your mind here are few examples but feel free to use your own if you choose:

This does work, you are creating a powerful system to weed out negative thoughts and overtime they will get tired of visiting. Not to be used on the in-laws though!

Friends for a Reason, a Season or a Lifetime

‘Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are’. This is a very pertinent statement and is key to the success of your journey.

Low self-esteem, limiting beliefs, self-improvement, personal development, positive attitude

If you have limiting beliefs or low self-esteem you probably feel more comfortable around low achievers or negative thinking people. They are perhaps your enablers standing by as your life gathers less and less meaning. In fact these are the friends you lean on because they are so good at carrying on the deception that has become the theme of your life.

It is like the blind leading the blind, but you will all eventually hit the same wall.

When you become tired of being tired and you know it is time to change the patterns of your life, the transition can be painful.

Friends that have wallowed with you in the same self-pity may be left behind on your journey. Even family members who stunt your growth should be encouraged to take a different route home if they cannot support the new direction of your life.

This can be difficult but friends are either with you or against you and if they are against you, you will never flourish. You will continue with the same self-defeating patterns that always bring the same results.

As your start to relinquish limiting thoughts and develop the qualities of high-self -esteem stagnant friends and family members will have less and less appeal. You will be amazed at the positive energy that emanates from you as you begin to draw like-minded people into your life. They enjoy the same things you do and will assist you on your journey. Many of these new encounters will become friends for a lifetime.

Claim your right to be here and your space in the world

Low self-esteem, limiting beliefs, self-improvement, personal development, positive attitude

Low self-esteem is the sub-total of the negative thoughts you hold to be true about yourself much like limiting beliefs. It is often linked to your perceived value to the world.

A great way to raise your self-esteem and become fully visible to the entire globe is by claiming your God given right to be here. After all, you possess the same magnificent qualities as the greatest mountains and the deepest oceans as we have talked about throughout this website.

You know you are One with the ancient oak tree and the mighty eagle of the enchanted forest. Nature is just as reliant on you as you are on nature as you co-exist in perfect harmony.

Does this not demonstrate the importance and significance of your existence? It should do!

Here are other ways that you can make this proclamation loud and proud.

  • List 5 things you like about yourself and put it on your bedroom wall as a constant reminder to how special, beautiful and unique you are.
  • Make a serious commitment to yourself about your transformational journey and stick to it, be kind to yourself and make allowances for mistakes and slip ups but all in the spirit of moving forward.
  • Start liking yourself and enjoy watching it develop into love.
  • Re-discover yourself, explore your likes and dislikes and create a plan to incorporate what you enjoy once or twice a week but most of all have lots of fun doing it.
  • Start a daily journal. This will help track your feelings and thoughts and is a good way of keeping a record and a review of your progress and success.
Low self-esteem, limiting beliefs, self-improvement, personal development, positive attitude
  • Get involved with positive people and organisations who are committed to global change.
  • Put affirmations up around your home that reflect something beautiful about you.
  • Start tuning in to your own frequency and learn how to align it with the elements that create balance and harmony.
  • Stay on this website and learn lots more about conscious living and living in the moment.

Free Meditation Course

Be ever vigilant during the transformational process to help identify your limiting beliefs and how they are expressed as low self-esteem. If you can understand how they were planted you will be more equipped to recognise how and when they show up in your life.

Once they show up, you can systematically banish them from your life.

The whole process is about learning you.

What makes you cry?

What makes you laugh?

What brings about that feeling of loneliness?

What makes you fearful?

What emotional blocks stop you from sharing or caring?

Can you love?

Can you be loved?

Can you trust?

We have only scratched the surface on the road to liberation and freedom but if you embrace the journey with an open and sincere heart it will lead to the True Self that lies within.

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