Namaste, spirituality, self-improvement, affirmations, God

My Gift to You

Namaste is a Sanskrit term used as a greeting in the Hindu tradition. It is unlike the Western greeting of saying ‘hi’, ‘hello’ or ‘good day’ then more than likely you rush off to work or wherever you are going.

Namaste has a much deeper Spiritual depth and meaning which is rooted within and spoken with a sincere blessing bestowed to the recipient.

The translation of Namaste is namah + te = Namaste which translates to ‘I bow to you’ and is grounded in the sentiment of ‘the Spirit in me honours the Spirit in you. Namaste is a beautiful gift you give your neighbour, friend, family member or anyone you exchange the greeting with.

It conveys the quality of humbleness and kindness as you extend a gift to your fellow human being from a place of mutual love and respect.

But Namaste has an even deeper meaning and value for humanity. When you exchange Namaste, you acknowledge the Life Force Energy, Spirit, Divinity, the Self, the God in me as being the same in you and in everything which exists in nature.

Namaste, spirituality, self-improvement, affirmations, God

The simple gesture could have life-altering implications and change the course of Humanity, if we all lived in the Spirit of Namaste and treated one another in this way.

On a global scale it would eliminate the need for nations to dominate, oppress and control other nations with war and weaponry. They would no longer see the world as an environment where the fittest survives and everything else as a threat to that survival.

On a local scale it would change attitudes of superiority, inflated egos and greed because each one of us would recognise and respect the common link we share with each other and know the Universe has an abundant flow to provide for all Humanity.

‘May our minds meet’

The deep spiritual essence of Namaste creates a space for our minds to meet. It is a beautiful sentiment which is rooted in the core of your being where the ego does not exist. It assumes nothing except the entwinement of two Souls being acknowledged and accepted in that gracious moment of Namaste.

The Greeting using the gesture of Namaste

In meeting a fellow human being one would place folded palms gently across the chest with a slight bow. This gesture is the gracious practice of extending love, respect and humility.

It leaves no room for the meeting of egos which are usually loaded with preconceived assumptions from a position of dominance. It eliminates the presupposition that’ I am better qualified and experienced in my job than you are’.’ I am prettier and slimmer than you. ‘My race and religion is more superior to yours’. ‘Where I live is more important, bigger and better than where you live’.

Namaste has the immediate effect of relegating the ego in the presence of another and engenders the humble exchange of minds. You let go of the need to dominate and control and act as though you are better or greater. The Spirit of Namaste gives permission for unconditional love to be the premise of acceptance as you greet and honour the God in your fellow human-being without seeking anything in return.

Living in the Spirit of Namaste

When you live from the Spirit of Namaste you are aware of the intrinsic connection to all life.

Namaste, spirituality, self-improvement, affirmations, God

You revere the life force energy running through every element of life from the atomic particles unseen by the naked eye, to the magnificent Milky Way which is home to some 400 billion stars.

There is no distinction between you and the homeless bag lady roaming the city streets except the clothes she wears on the outside. She is no more able to exist alone than the Monarchy of Moldavia because our existence is dependent upon one another’s. The true nature of her being is the same as yours.

Separation is not a concept of Spirit which celebrates the beauty and value of all who inhabit our planet.

Namaste and Giving

Give freely and willingly with no expectation of reward. Selfless service is the highest form of giving and conveys the love and respect you bequeath to others.

Namaste and Gratitude

Gratitude is a sacred attitude. Honour the precious gift of life as you give appreciation to the many blessing around you. Allow your ‘thank you’ to reverberate to the furthest reaches of the Earth.

Namaste and Kindness

Kindness is nourishment for the Soul. It is bonded to the unconditional love of the Universe which brings kindness to the table of others.

Namaste, spirituality, self-improvement, affirmations, God

It is pure in its nature so brings no harm or injury to humanity or any living creature.

Namaste and Forgiveness

‘Forgive ye’ your sins and the sins of others, for you do not know from whence they came’. ‘There but for the grace of God go I’. Such concepts dispel judgement and condemnation of the less fortunate and the mistakes made by others. Forgiveness of yourself and your neighbour allows for your development and transition to the highest plains.

Namaste and Love

Love is the highest expression of Namaste. It is the absolute Love that reigns supreme in your Soul and embraces all that exists with compassion, humility and respect.

Love journeys upon the abundant flow of life as it delivers the essence of Spirit to all.

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Namaste my friend, as you grow, may you live in the Light of Oneness which supports all things…


Be Blessed, Stay Beautiful

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