Positive Thinking and a Positive Attitude

Positive Thinking and a Positive Attitude

Power of positive thinking, positive attitude, goal setting, self-improvement, affirmations

Previously we took a brief look at Metaphysics and discovered the solid world you thought you knew, is really just an illusion.

What appears in front of your eyes is nothing more that energy vibrating at different frequencies and creating the corresponding geometrical form you see as physical dense objects.

Even colours, sound, air, your emotions and everything that exists in nature is constantly vibrating to produce the seemingly solidified world you live in.

In a very simple experiment you learned how water crystals changed their form depending on the type of music they were exposed to.

Gentle and calm classical music produced beautiful, delicate and elegant well- formed crystals but in contrast heavy metal music produced malformed and fragmented crystals.

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In conclusion you learned that ‘Like attracts Like’ which pretty much brings us onto the subject at hand and why positive thinking can and will change your life.

Positive Thinking with a Positive Attitude.

A positive attitude creates positive thinking which translates into positive outcomes.

When you live your life in accordance with the natural laws of the Universe you harness the giving and supporting properties it lovingly provides. There is a delicate balance between the Earth’s physical characteristics and the life it supports.

Look around you do you see the sun way up in the sky? It is perfectly positioned amongst a cosmos of 200 million stars providing the Earth with the properties essential to life.

The beautiful symmetrical Monarch butterfly takes off on its journey throughout the continents but always returns to the same spot. How wonderful!

Power of positive thinking, positive attitude, goal setting, self-improvement, affirmations.

The course of the mighty rivers depositing soil and sediment to form deltas, spills into the great oceans of the Earth.

The positioning of the glorious moon and its size co-exist perfectly to provide just the right amount of tidal action.

There are thousands and thousands of seismic and water events that create and shape our magnificent world.

The Universe will provide in accordance to your relationship with it via your superconscious mind and the impressions it directs to your conscious mind. It simply responds to your thoughts and is the core principle of Positive Thinking.

Positive Thinking versus Negative Thinking

What spectacles do you wear?

Do you see life as nothing more than a series of unrelated events which by some fluke, you just happen to be a part of?

You lose your job or your home gets repossessed and you think yourself to be a victim of life’s cruel penalty.

You move through life with no real sense of direction or purpose, you are not unhappy but neither do you experience a sense of fulfilment and joy but merely put it down to your ‘lot in life’.

It is essential you understand the basic operating principle of natural law:

When you hold any goal, idea or thought continuously in your conscious mind it must be brought into your reality and into your life. You are harnessing the most powerful single force in nature when you tap into the dominion of your mind.

Your conscious mind is the canvas on which your thoughts are projected and so does not distinguish between negative thoughts and positive thought. It simply projects these thoughts as experiences into your life.

Power of positive thinking, positive attitude, goal setting, self-improvement, affirmations.

It is so very important therefore that you always keep your mind focused on what you want to happen and only on what you desire to come into your life. Do not allow doubts and fears to re-shift the focus of your mind. These negative thoughts will manifest as your negative experiences. You must eliminate these thoughts entirely from your mind to avoid bringing them into your life.

Your life is a compilation of the out-picturing or expression of your continuous conscious thoughts. Every person, circumstance or event occurs by the irrevocable and immutable law which consciously deliberately and systematically brings either good experiences or negative experiences into your life.

Positive thinking therefore is essential to good experiences and totally dependent on your ability to project positive thoughts onto the canvas of your mind.

Embrace your aspirations, plans and thoughts by positively talking about them to friends and family. Use language that conveys the accomplishment of your goals. Create a physical and emotional sensation as a platform to receiving whatever it is you desire most.

Use visualisation to support your goals and imagine it is already yours.  Feel yourself in your goal and enact the thoughts and feelings the moment engenders. Make it real, it is real, you already own it in this dimension, which is the impetus of your mind.

Power of positive thinking, positive attitude, goal setting, self-improvement, affirmations.

With the utmost discipline, perseverance and focus on the things that you want in your life, you draw close to you and utilise the giving and supporting properties of the Universe. It provides exactly what you need through the mental connection of Minds. That is, the thoughts of your mind in collaboration with the Universal Mind to manifest your reality.

The Universal Mind is doing what it does best with the same scientific exactness it takes care of the rest of Humanity.

Power of positive thinking, positive attitude, goal setting, self-improvement, affirmations.

Understand the relationship between the microcosm of your mind, positive thoughts and the Universal Mind or macrocosm.

It will allow you to perfectly position yourself to receive the full benefit of the most powerful single force in nature to manifest your grandest dreams and deepest desires.

You will become the Master of the Ultimate Design called your Life.

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