Dr Sears P.A.C.E Express

DrSearsPACEForget the idea that more is better when it comes to exercise. With PACE Express, you don’t have to put in a lot of time to make big changes in your health and your physique.


PACE Express is a Dr. Sears created program designed to give you maximum fat-loss results in only 12 minutes a day. The reason it’s superior to other programs is that it’s progressive. That means that every workout is different and you’re progressively challenging yourself to get maximum results. It’s the fastest, most effective workout program on the market.


All it takes is 12 minutes for a leaner, fitter you.


Cardio Makes You Store Fat!


You see, it doesn’t matter how much fat you melt while running on the treadmill… or how many hours you spend at the gym… or whether you do one of those “insane” workout DVDs.


All that matters is what happens to your body when you stop.


When you finish a cardio workout, your body goes to work storing fat to fuel your next workout. That’s why those last few stubborn pounds never seem to come off by just doing more cardio.


The cardio is working against you.


My Anti-Cardio program restores your body’s natural metabolism and re-trains your body to store energy in your muscles, just like your ancestors did…


And it reprograms your body to dump that extra fat.


I call my program PACE Express – and you can do it at home without any special equipment. It takes just minutes instead of hours.


The best part is, when you finish your PACE Express session, your body continues to burn fat for up to 24 hours – while you get on with your life.


Burn Fat While You Rest…

And Power Up Your Heart And Lungs