Dr Sear’s Primal Force Ultra Accel

Dr Sears Primal Force Ultra Accel

Primal Force’s Ultra Accel


Live your best life with Ultra Accel


Superior Cardio and Antioxidant Support – Now with Super-Energizing PQQ


Dr. Sears’ best-selling breakthrough supplement Accel just got better!


Until now the only way to increase the number of your mitochondria – the tiny power plants within your cells that give you all your energy – was through vigorous exercise.


Now we have a nutrient that can have the same effect on energy production that vigorous exercise has.


It’s called PQQ.


Why does PQQ work so well to supply you with energy?


Mitochondria have their own supply of DNA. So they can multiply within each of your cells. That is … if they have the right nutrients.


That’s where PQQ comes in. PQQ triggers what we call “mitochondrial biogenesis”.


As your mitochondria become weaker as you get older, they die off and you lose your capacity to make energy. PQQ acts as the “spark plug” inside your cells helping you make new mitochondria. Then CoQ10 helps each individual mitochondria make energy.


That why Dr. Sears added PQQ to create Ultra Accel. Because the key to staying young is having MORE mitochondria that are healthy enough to produce energy.


PQQ also has other benefits:


PQQ can relieve the stress on your brain cells called excitotoxicity. This helps you maintain youthful, fast brainpower.


PQQ is a remarkably strong antioxidant that shields the mitochondria in your heart from stress, helping you maintain cardiovascular health.