Dr Sear’s Primal Force Ultra Essence

Dr Sears Primal Force Ultra Essence

Ultra Essence


The Secret To Getting BETTER When Everyone Else Is Slowing Down


Nobel-Prize Winning Breakthrough Lets You Combine the Energy of Youth

with the Wisdom, Experience, and Financial Resources of Your “Golden Years”


For centuries, society was divided into the young and old. You were either in one camp or the other. Ultra Essence


When you’re young, you have physical power and stamina… but no experience, maturity, or money.


When you’re over 50, you have the money and experience, but your body is falling apart. And when these new handicaps pile up, it’s hard to enjoy the fruits of your life-long labor.


But a new breakthrough lets you combine the best of both worlds:


All the physical power, and potency you can handle… effortlessly married to the insight, wisdom and financial means you’ve earned over a lifetime.


Dr. Sears pioneered a whole new way of living, while working on one of the most exciting medical breakthroughs of our time… The Secret of the Telomere.


Extend the Power of Youth By “Flipping a Switch” in Your Cells


The secret I’m talking about is completely natural. In fact, it is already stored in your genes. All you need is a trigger that can reactivate it.


The pioneering researchers who figured out how it works won the Nobel Prize in Medicine.


It has to do with these tiny pieces of your DNA called Telomeres (TEE-luh-meers). These are critical to your ability to stay young as you get older… and here’s why.


Think of your telomeres as the time clocks in every one of your cells. Their job is to keep track of the number of times your cells can divide and copy themselves. They also act as a safeguard to protect your DNA.


Each time your cells divide, your telomeres gets shorter – like the burning fuse on a stick of dynamite. When the cells have shorter telomeres, it makes them weaker and more frail. When telomeres get too short, cells die and life comes to an end.


If you were to look at your cells under a microscope, you would see that younger cells have longer telomeres, and older cells have shorter ones.


But it goes even deeper than that. Short telomeres “command” your body to make new cells that are already old and decrepit. Longer telomeres “command” your body to make new cells that are younger and more vital.


You see, telomeres determine how old or young you feel… regardless of your chronological age.


The Way You Age Is Controlled By These “Time Clocks”


New studies are published every year showing us that people who are healthier and younger-looking than other people their age have something in common: longer telomeres.1,2,3


That’s why keeping your telomeres long and healthy is one of the most important things you can do to keep the rest of your body youthful and strong.


The new technology Dr. Sears pioneered helps support and maintain your telomeres. And by doing that, it can help you slow down your body’s aging clock and stay ahead of your peers.


Dr. Sears calls it Ultra-Essence.


Dr. Sears designed Ultra-Essence to give you the power to do something we used to think was impossible:


Age more slowly, while restoring the strength, energy, and endurance of your youth by maintaining the health of your telomeres.


It’s really a brand-new category of biomedical technology. And a brand-new category of nutritional supplementation.