Dr Sears Pure Radiance Glow Exfoliating Facial Scrub


Glow Luxurious Scrub


Unmask your true beauty with Glow, the revolutionary facial treatment


Superior Skin Refinement and Antioxidant Support -with the Crystallized Cleansing Power of Concha de Nacar.


Dr. Sears’ breakthrough exfoliator and skin purifier Glow is here!Glow Exfoliating Scrub


You can now truly restore natural beauty to your complexion … but don’t wait … there’s some urgency to this.


Why? Because every day your cell renewal rate is slowing down. The net effect is that you begin to lose skin cells faster than you produce them. Plus, the new skin cells are thinner, not as strong, and less elastic. They’re “older.”


Fortunately, Mother Nature has provided a way to set things right. Dr. Sears has unlocked her secrets … and created Glow.


First, Glow gently wipes away toxins that can accumulate on your skin from the environment. Then it restores your natural protective layer of skin by energizing tired skin cells.


In just a few days… and with just a few minutes of your time… the change can be like night and day. You can go from a dull, graying color, to a bright radiance that shows off your true, natural beauty.


How is this possible? Part of the secret lies in a strange, vine-like plant found in the tropical rain forests of eastern Peru.


The locals that Dr. Sears visited call it the Inca Peanut. And hidden deep inside the seeds of this plant is a rare combination of these skin-revitalizing nutrients:


Omega 3

Omega 6

Vitamin A

Vitamin E

Essential trace minerals and proteins


But there’s more… Dr. Sears was told about a beauty secret used by the ancient Incan queens and noble women. They import pearls from the sea and then grind them into super-fine powder called Concha de Nacar. This powder was added to creams and lotions to help give skin a radiant glow.


Today we know there were other benefits to using Concha de Nacar and you don’t have to grind up your heirloom pearls to get it. Concha de Nacar is made up of tiny crystals. These microscopic crystals are the ideal exfoliator.


As you massage Glow onto your skin, the tiny crystals gently break through the film and grime of toxic sludge and carry dead skin cells away.


But that’s not all…


It has also been discovered that Concha de Nacar stimulates fibroblast cells to grow. These types of cells are key in maintaining strong, healthy, and elastic skin.


With each washing, you’re helping to create strong, youthful skin cells that radiate with life.


Along with the sensational skin-soothing effects of argan oil, and the antioxidant protection powerhouses Noni, Goji Berry, Mangosteen, Jojoba and Rose Hips, you’ll get:


Incredible skin cell rejuvenation


Increased elasticity


And a healthful glow to your complexion.


See for yourself the difference that pure, potent, natural Concha de Nacar and the Inca Peanut can make.


Try Glow without any risk.


You must feel the difference:


Clear, even, bright tones replace dull, graying colors


Sagging skin and the appearance of wrinkle lines are replaced with tight, smooth skin


Thin, fragile skin becomes healthy, strong, and vibrant.