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New! Harmony


Hot Flashes? Intense PMS Symptoms? Unexplained Weight Gain? Night Sweats? Mood Swings? Low Sex Drive?


Think It’s Menopause?… Think Again.


Harmony’s “Feel Good” Secrets


Tame The Toxic World & Get Your Groove Back




Swinging from raging to weeping uncontrollably… Fighting a losing battle with belly fat… Staring at your alarm clock for hours in the middle of the night… Curling up in agony with cramps… Getting knocked out with blinding migraines…

You’re not alone in this battle. Every week, I see more and more women come into my Wellness Center as patients with similar symptoms.


This is NOT Your Mother’s Menopause.


Yet, when you link the symptoms all together, it looks eerily similar to it.


Your environment has thrown you a serious curveball. This is not the same world your mother grew up in.


There are now too many unnatural “estrogen-lookalikes” that get into your system through the environment.


These estrogen mimics come from everywhere… plastic bottles, your drinking water, chemicals and hormones in what you eat and drink, cleaning products, cosmetics, and even the air you breathe.


These unnatural mimics make your body react like it is loaded with estrogen. Your progesterone level gets completely overwhelmed. As a result, your hormones go out of control.


Symptoms of low progesterone can include: anxiety, fatigue, low sex drive, vaginal dryness, irritability, insomnia, depression, mood swings, migraines, weight changes, wrinkles, and dry skin


Fortunately… there is a solution.


I call it Harmony.


Harmony is my topical cream that includes natural progesterone, pregnenolone, and sarsaparilla. No other formula contains these 3 “feel good” ingredients that can help eliminate extreme menopausal symptoms, lift your spirits, boost your libido, and help your skin look younger and fresher.