Food Matters Diabetes Reversal Box Set

Food Matters Diabetes Reversal Box Set

Have you been told that Diabetes is incurable?


That medication is the ONLY way?


Are confused about where to start or what to do?


Or want to help someone you care about with Diabetes?


There is another way…


Blood sugar problems, excessive weight gain and diabetes are becoming an increasing problem at a time when we have access to an almost unlimited supply of processed and sugary foods.


Most people don’t know that type II diabetes is a preventable disease that can be reversed without medication! That you can return to full health following a diabetes diagnosis without having to suffer the side effects of a lifetime of pills and medication!


Now is the time to take your health into your own hands and become truly informed as to the true causes of Diabetes, the treatment options that are available and the diet and lifestyle modifications that will facilitate a speedy recovery.


Get The Real Facts!


The Diabetes Reversal Box Set is the most comprehensive, hand-picked selection of resources that will arm you with all the information you need to heal and begin a return to health. You’ll also hear the stories of others who have achieved remarkable results and experienced a full recovery following a type II Diabetes diagnosis!


Immersion is the key!


This box set has been hand selected from the creators of Food Matters to take your knowledge about preventing and reversing diabetes to an entirely new level! Through owning this box set, you’ll get to enjoy an immersion-style experience, which will accelerate your knowledge and healing potential.


Watch the films, read the book, make the recipes, do the detox and continue your healthy lifestyle with the 6-DVD cooking set!


The total package includes:

– Five feature-length documentary films


– One 6-DVD cooking class set


– One Hard Cover Book


Learn the truth about which foods can heal your body in the shortest time possible and take your health back today!



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