Raw Facts on Raw Milk

The Raw Facts on Raw Milk

Raw milk, real milk, healthy diet, antioxidants, eating healthy

What is Raw Milk?

Raw milk sometimes referred to as real milk, is milk directly from cows fed on fresh green organic grass on the farm. The milk is taken from the cow then cooled to around 36 to 38 degrees F and filtered before being bottled. That’s it, there is no processing, pasteurising, heating or transportation to factories and stores.

Cows and Raw Milk

Cows are essentially herbivores and the natural diet of this ruminant animal is grass. Ruminant animals have two stomachs and consequently have a complex digestive system designed to break down substances found in the cellular structure of grass and other green plants which they’re likely to ingest during grazing. So when a cow is fed on pastures of green healthy organic grass you can expect they will produce a high quality nutritionally dense product called Raw Milk! It is packed with amazing health benefits and naturally occurring properties.

Grass fed cows are healthy so don’t need antibiotics or artificial milk boosting hormones. These cows are happy, thriving and strong and produce a superior milk to prove it! They also live longer with a life span of about 12 to 15 years.

Exactly what is the score on Raw?

Raw milk from grass fed cows have amazing properties.

Raw Milk is not pasteurized

Raw milk is a nutritional living super food bursting with beneficial bacteria, food enzymes, vitaminsminerals, antioxidants and immunoglobulins.

Raw milk, real milk, healthy diet, antioxidants, eating healthy

Vitamins AK and E are found abundantly in raw milk. These health promoting components are sure to support a healthy and wholesome life.

Raw Milk produces an important fatty acid known as CLA Conjugate Linoleic Acid

CLA found in grass fed cows has been reported to fight cancer, hypertension and dispose obesity, boost the immune system and of course is heart healthy. Grain fed cows have as little as ⅕ the CLA in their milk compared to grass fed cows.

Raw Milk is rich in Beneficial Bacteria (Probiotics)

These bacteria are essential for optimal health. They support immune system functioning and fight against pathogenic disease-causing bacteria. These bacteria are particularly helpful for your gut to aid the digestion process.

Mark McAfee a dairy farmer from California set up a laboratory experiment whereby he injected raw and conventional milk with pathogens. The following morning he examined the raw milk and found the pathogens were gone. They were destroyed by the friendly bacteria. Examining the conventional milk, Mark McAfee found the pathogens all present and accounted for just waiting to get into your refrigerator!

Read more about Mark McAfee’s farm:

Raw Milk is rich in Food Enzymes

Food enzymes such as lactase, lipase and phosphatase are naturally present in raw milk. They make the digestion of milk much easier, metabolise vital nutrients as well as support the absorption process.

Enzymes have important antimicrobial properties which keep harmful pathogens at bay.

Raw Milk is not Homogenized

Yesirree! All the naturally occurring raw cream rises to the top to produce a lovely creamline. The raw cream and butterfat with all the health benefits are alive and kicking in fresh raw milk.

The fat molecules remain intact, wholesome and healthy.

Butterfat is rich in short and medium chain fatty acids including heart healthy CLA and not to mention a particularly rich source of Vitamins A, D and K2.

The beautiful fresh raw cream can be used to make raw butter and other tasty food dishes.

Raw Milk will Clabber (ferment)

Raw milk, real milk, healthy diet, antioxidants, eating healthy

If you leave raw milk unrefrigerated for a day or two, its beneficial lactic acid producing bacteria multiply and turn raw milk into a probiotic-rich, yoghurt like edible food. Said another way the milk will clabber. Clabbered raw milk is particularly healthy because its sugars have been used up by the lactose (milk sugar) causing it to lose its sweetness. It can be used in food dishes or you can freeze it for later use.

Pasteurised milk on the other hand does not clabber since the bacteria have been killed by heat. It will however putrefy and turn stinky courtesy moulds and yeast.

Raw Milk Supports your local Family Farmer

Raw milk, real milk, healthy diet, antioxidants, eating healthyRaw Milk

Supporting your local farmer is:

  • Good for your health
  • Good for your heart
  • Good for your local economy
  • And a good way to get your voice heard and protect your right to enjoy real, traditional, healthy foods.

Raw Milk Safety

There is some controversy surrounding the safety of raw milk. It is a genuine concern for those considering the raw milk alternative.

Raw milk is rich in a lactic acid producing bacteria which naturally protect against the nasties or pathogenic bacteria. These friendly bacteria (probiotics) protect against illness. However raw milk like ANY FOOD can become contaminated.

The main factors and source of contamination are:

  • How the milk is produced
  • How the milk is handled.
  • How the milk is packaged

All have an impact on the safety of milk.

Find out more:  Read Here

Raw milk, real milk, healthy diet, antioxidants, eating healthy

Make sure to ask questions about your raw milk farmer such as:

How is the milk produced?

(Heating milk renders it less capable of bacterial self-defence)

How is the milk and the cows handled?

Green grass versus starch grain?

Pasture grazed cows versus confined manure laden pens?

Is it stored in a cold refrigerator?

How is the milk bottled?

Or collected, is the farmer’s environment clean? Is the milk bottled in glass containers?

Is there a regular cleaning schedule?

Is there a presence of excessive manure?

What relationship does the farmer have with his cows?

Do the cows have access to fresh water?

Is the pasture treated with pesticide, herbicide and fungicide?

Buying raw will give you and your family so much more…

So question, question, question until you are completely satisfied about the health and safety and the hygienic environment of your raw milk.

I found this a good resource to help you on your way: Read Here

Don’t leave anything to chance. Take your health into your own hands!

To find good quality raw milk try this resource: Read Here

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