Science-based Nutritional Supplements

I am super excited to share my new company with you because I KNOW it’s going to change your life in a BIG way! Why? Because it did mine!

As you probably know, I am totally committed to delivering the highest quality Health and Wellness products to you, my cherished visitors.♥ I do this by researching and scrutinizing hundreds of different company’s (and trust me there are millions out there!) to find those that align with my values and vision.


I have been very impressed with the company’s I am currently working with but recently I discovered a company that blows every single one of them out of the water!

I am thrilled to introduce this new company to you although they’re not exactly new, they’ve been around for over 23 years and still growing strong!

Who Are They?

They are industry leaders producing science-based nutritional supplements with Pharmaceutical Grade. Their products are designed for optimum cellular function in the body.

What does that mean for you? It means that when you use these products you are choosing the VERY BEST for your body! They have a dedicated team of world-renowned nutritional experts and over 60 Scientist that are constantly working to formulate the highest quality products to promote human health. Read More about why this is so important!

They are one of only three other companies across North America and Canada that received a 5 star ranking from an Independent 3rd party study commissioned by the Canadian Government.

The study was written by a renowned biochemist that evaluated over 1300 products based on:

  • Completeness
  • Bio-availability
  • Purity
  • Potency
  • Safety

And if that wasn’t enough to put my company at the top of their game, they were willing to go through further 4th party testing to confirm the content in the bottle matched what was on the label.

So if you care about your health and what goes in to your body, there’s nothing better out there! Their products are the safest on the market! Why? Because they under-go rigorous 3rd party testing with the same attention that goes into the manufacturing of over-the-counter medications. You are definitely in safe hands… we got your back!

In fact we got your front, your side, your head, heart and whole entire body because that’s what our beautiful Dr Myron Wentz designed USANA Dr Wentz Quotethese products to do! He said “I dream of a world free from pain and suffering. I dream of a world free from disease.

And over 700 Olympic and Elite athletes worldwide agree, that’s why they trust their health and their professional careers to a company that sets the gold standard!

There is so much more I want to share with you about this AMAZING company!

As a special treat for a limited time only, I am offering a 30-minute complimentary health and product consultation on Skype audio. As a Certified Life Coach & Professional Health Coach, my goal is to help you look great and feel even better and the good news is, with our natural line of nutritional supplements, food, and skin care, you ABSOLUTELY can!

How Do You Get Started?

Easy! A simple click will do the trick! 🙂 Click here or on the graphic below, fill in your personal details in the fields provided, then click continue to complete your very own True Health Assessment. Discover just how healthy you are (or not as the case may be!), in less than 10 minutes!


I will automatically be notified once you have completed the assessment and will contact you by email to set up a consultation. Soon after you will receive a Personalized Health Plan to get you going on your own path to optimal health.

Please note that the answers you provide during the True Health Assessment are confidential and I DO NOT have access to your results. You will also qualify for a 10% saving if you purchase with me instead of directly via my website! Yay!

You are PHENOMENAL and deserve to live the very best version of YOU! Take a step in the right direction of health, wealth and wellness TODAY!

Be Blessed, Stay Beautiful♥

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