Secrets to Success

Secrets to Success

How to be successful, keys to success, self-improvement, positive attitude, positive thinking.

Success Action Plan

If you’re looking for a clear and practical strategy to attain success in your life then you’re in the right place!

This is where you will learn what it takes to create the right mind set and thought patterns to help you develop that winning attitude!

Attitude is a prerequisite to success.

Looking at very successful people who have excelled in their field or industry, we see there are patterns of common behaviour and ways of thinking which bring about their success.

What if I told you that successful people have a very deliberate and precise way of doing things? In fact it is so deliberate and precise it could easily be measured to the same exactness as a scientific formula.

Like cause and effect, there are certain natural laws that govern the various processes of life. Excessive amounts of junk food every day for example equals a higher chance of suffering from obesity. It really is that simple.

Therefore following the laws that govern the process of becoming successful has the same mathematical certainty as following any other natural law.

Imagine if you could adopt these same patterns of behaviour and replicate the same thought process to bring about the success in your own life.

The following section is a compilation of data collected from the patterns of successful people which you can apply to your life much like the application of scientific formula to calculate a percentage, ratio or circumference. By meticulously following a formula it will guarantee you the success you desire.

The 7 steps to success:

  • Claim your Fame
How to be successful, keys to success, self-improvement, positive attitude, positive thinking.

The Universe is a mental intelligence which systematically responds to your thoughts. Claim whatever you choose, make a decision that it is yours and set a target. Be very specific and write it down, displaying it clearly in sight. Believe it and say it to yourself and the Universe in the present tense so it is already in your possession.

I am the Managing Director of my own  Construction Company’

Say it loud, say it proud, say it with meaning, be clear it is what you believe in.

  • Poverty Thinking is Poverty Linking

Stop thinking poor, deprived, broke, ‘sorry old me!’ Poverty has absolutely nothing to do with how much you have in your bank account.  Get this loud and clear: Poverty is a Mentality. When you think poor, you act poor, when you act poor, you attract poor and stay poor. There is no shortage of money or anything else in the Universe, the only lack is the lack in your mind.

Even when I hit rock bottom, no money, no job, no home I refused to link myself to poverty and everything I do is from a position of wealth.

  • Circles Are A Girl’s Best Friend!

Remember when diamonds were a girl’s best friend? Well now it’s no longer diamonds but the circles you move in which will become your best friend and asset and greatly influence your success (and yes that includes google+ circles!)

Surround yourself with successful people, they have a way of behaviour that you will naturally begin to emulate. There is also a certain energy that surrounds success. Recall the Law of Resonance where the lower frequency will always rise to meet the higher? Allow their energy to raise your vibrational frequency to the ranks of success.

  • When Duty Calls Everything Else Falls!
How to be successful, keys to success, self-improvement, positive attitude, positive thinking.

Treat success as a duty. Integrate it into every cell of your body, every thought of your mind and every facet of your life. Success is not always about the money it is also the contribution you make to achieve your goal.

Put it firmly at the top of your agenda. Does that mean you have to sometimes compromise your family and friends? Yes sometimes you may have to. However it can also be about making small changes in the way you do things like making time for your project BEFORE going to the mall!

Wake up 30 minutes early and conduct research before your family awakes. American Idol? Get the re-runs on channel 7! They’re even more enjoyable watching them during the early hours of the morning anyway, when the rest of the family is fast asleep and it’s just you and a great big bowl of butter popcorn!

  • Be Principled in Your Practices

‘Like attracts Like’ so if your success is born out of the injustices and exploitation of others, it will be a short ride home. Even if your success spans years or even decades, you will be miserable and lonely because of the violation of natural law. Ugliness attracts ugliness, what ugly is, ugly does, so conduct your affairs in a just and benevolent manner. It’s easy to know how, just do onto others what you would like done onto you!

  • Time is Money!

Successful people and unsuccessful people are poles apart when it comes to their attitude towards time. I can personally attest to this. Whilst at the grocery I noticed my regular tin of tuna was $1.20 more than the store downtown. So in a frenzy-like-state, I raced across the other side of town in my car, ploughing through traffic, then spent 10 more minutes looking for a parking space close enough to the store. I grabbed two tins of tuna thinking to myself, wow, what a saving and stood up in the cashier’s line for what seemed to be at least 20 minutes! Tired and stressed, I could not help thinking, all that for a couple of bucks! I soon got the message.

Successful people know the value of time and use it only to further their success. Even in business they hire experts who have the technical expertise rather than wasting days trying to figure it out. For the mundane, they get a maid! A housekeeper carries out the household chores leaving them free to pursue the bigger prize.

Successful people utilise every minute of the day which is why they get up at the crack of dawn to make the most of the hours towards a project or special task.

How to be successful, keys to success, self-improvement, positive attitude, positive thinking.

They usually work out very early so that they are in the best mental state for the day ahead and enjoy capturing the energy the early morning brings.

Early to bed, early to rise is definitely a familiar mantra of success people.

  • Gratitude is a Winning Attitude
How to be successful, keys to success, self-improvement, positive attitude, positive thinking.

Living in a state of gratitude connects your mind to the Divine Source which delivers the gifts to your life.

Be it a new job, a business opportunity, your first home, a special relationship or just a new day. Saying thank you puts you in harmony with the Divine by acknowledging your blessings.

In every moment there is a dynamic exchange taking place which creates the flow of life. As you receive from the Universe, in giving thanks, you give back your gratitude which supports this dynamic exchange.

Gratitude has a quality that vibrates at a higher frequency bringing you closer to God. Success is supported by Divinity.

This simple plan will help you align yourself to the higher frequency of success. Practise these principles and not only will success be yours, you will bask in it enjoying every moment as you share it around.

Your success will grow and grow and there will be no limits to expanding the dimensions of your world.

With mathematical certainty this formula will guarantee all the success you can handle.

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