Limiting Beliefs and Low Self-Esteem

Limiting Beliefs
Low Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem, limiting beliefs, positive thinking, self-improvement, inner peace
Limiting beliefs are the beliefs you hold to be true about who you are that limit the development of your physical, emotional, financial, intellectual and spiritual potential.


There is a close relationship between limiting beliefs and low self-esteem. Low self-esteem is like a parasite that survives by feeding off the energy you supply to your limiting beliefs.

I want you to get a mental picture of a bloodsucking parasite sucking away at your energy because it amounts to the same as limiting beliefs draining your life supply and robbing you of healthy self-esteem.

Self-esteem therefore is the result or manifestation of limiting beliefs.

What is Self-Esteem?

Self-esteem is the view and opinion you have about yourself that affects your confidence, vitality and self-expression. Self-esteem is good when it is high self-esteem and is embodied by someone with confidence, emotional balance, high achievement, positive energy, well presented, forward thinking and eloquence.

Low self-esteem by contrast is reflected in a person’s low or negative opinion of themselves and their value to the world whilst being pre-occupied with judgement either of themselves or from others. It usually shows up as low self-perception, a lack of confidence, depleted energy, self-criticism, low-achievement negative terminology, little or no enthusiasm and a dull view of the future and the world.

The Seeds of Low Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem also has its origin in our childhood and is often the result of what our parents told us as we were grew up and developed into adults. This does not always have to be the case and could be the result of other factors, events or circumstances.

I remember when I gave birth to my first child I was so happy and excited. When he popped into the world, I doubt there was anything that could top the sheer delight and contentment I felt. However I was not so willing to embrace the puppy fat I’d put on in various places. In between the three hour breast feeds, changing diapers, bathing, changing and a whole lot of other duties that bequeathed a new mum, I was exhausted. A sexy body was the last thing on my mind and the weight continued to pile on.

The experience really affected my self-esteem and I felt frumpish and unattractive. I also noticed a down turn in my intellectual ability and all my brain could manage was a compilation of a few choice nursery rhymes and Mr Ben stories! I was steadily regressing despite the pleasure I got from my baby son.

Other experiences that may not necessarily stem from you childhood can affect your self- esteem such as a new job, unemployment, the end of a long term relationship, bullying at work, media pressure, body image, a family death, an unexpected or traumatic experience. The list is endless and although these examples may not be directly connected to your childhood, the limiting beliefs that were possibly fed to you when you were a child, will impact your ability to deal with the situation or event.

Low self-esteem along with your limiting beliefs are often embedded somewhere deep in your subconscious waiting for some event in your life to present itself. Or it could be the compelling thoughts you have that you are weak, stupid, inferior to others, not good enough, flawed in some way, worthless, ugly fat, unattractive, a failure or a loser. If these thoughts occupy a large portion of mind, you are probably fighting with of low self-esteem.

The Progression and Danger of Low Self-Esteem

The natural and basic need for every child is to feel a sense of love and security from their parents. It is almost inevitable for low self- esteem to take root if these basic needs have been not been met as you develop into an adult. It is even more likely if the absence of love and security in your childhood exposed you to abuse, neglect or violation. The burden of this crime will most certainly be carried into your adult life and translated as low self-esteem. In far too many cases it can be the catalyst for depression, anxiety and mental health.

Low self-esteem, limiting beliefs, positive thinking, self-improvement, inner peace

As the writer of this website my one goal is to inspire and affect my readers and assist you as you transform your life. Overcoming low self-esteem is not easy but I promise you are not alone.

At Sharing Self-Improvement I will teach you techniques and strategies to defeat this debilitating condition and restore a vibrant and confident self-image and success in all areas of your life.

For example, meditation is one of my all time favourites for making a shift in your mental state.  Click the link to get Free Meditation Tips – Learn How I Beat My Stress and Anxiety Through A Weird Meditation Method not to mention how it can help tremendously with low self-esteem.

Why am I so sure of this?

Because I have suffered from low-self-esteem in the past as a result of being dumped on by my parents. I have felt ugly, alone and unloved and can relate to many of the descriptions that define this horrible state of mind.

But I have chosen to reject the views and opinions of others and tap into my own power to define who I am and how I would like my life to be.

That scared, insecure little girl too worthless to even be seen… NOT ANYMORE!

I have rid myself of any negative self-perceptions and claim my rightful space in the world. You can too with your own Personal Power that will liberate you from the clutches of low self-esteem for good.

You can be free and find happiness and joy in all areas of your life.

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