Self-Improvement for your Body

What is Self-Improvement for your Body?

The components of Self-Improvement for your body consists of a healthy diet plan plus a great training programme, added to on-going support. All this with a sprinkle of motivation is a  huge step towards your weight loss challenge.

When you think about losing weight, most people have a mental picture of spending hours and hours in the gym, sweat gushing down your forehead, gasping for air and your poor old body, griping in…

 Self-improvement For Your Body


Maybe that’s the reason many find it difficult to take the first step.

There may be a different approach to improving your body and you may be surprised to learn, that losing weight does not start with losing body fat!

If you do a google search on ‘how to lose weight, the search engine will bring up thousands of diet fads, get fit gurus claiming that they will help you lose a 100 pounds in 7 days, and diet pills of all description!

In fact there is so much ‘network noise’ out there that you don’t need to go 10 miles on a treadmill, trying to keep up with all the information is more than enough to wear you out!

Where do you even start?

Firstly let me re-assure you that you are in the right place to learn everything you need to know about losing weight, keeping it off and optimising your health.

You will also gain knowledge about nutrition and the food to eat versus food to avoid.

But for now I want to share my own personal weight loss story and explain what I mean when I say ‘losing weight does not start with losing body fat’.

For most of my life, I was involved in some sort of physical training. At a very early age, I played basketball and oh yes, I could shoot those hoops like a pro! My tall height was a huge plus until I wouldn’t stop growing and just seemed to tower over everyone around me! Back then the growth was only in one direction… up!

I continued my involvement in various fitness activities throughout my teen and adult life and well into motherhood. For the most part, physical activity always featured.

However as I got older and my metabolism began to slow down, my weight started to go up, and up and up!

I also found that after achieving my desired weight it was very difficult to sustain it for long periods of time. For years my weight would go up and down regardless of my 3 hours loyalty to the gym at least 4 days a week!

By then I was all spun out of spinning, had given boot camp the boot and Zumba could go Rumba for all I cared! Yes, it all taken its toll on my body and smashed my keep fit attitude into smithereens. Worst of all, I was in my late 30’s and still unhappy with my weight.

I put my Einstein hat on and realised things had to change but the change would be to my mind-set.

I re-educated myself, ploughed through a mountain of information, most of which ended up in the trash!

I emerged as a better-educated woman with a wealth of experience bursting to share it all here with you, through the pages of my website.

Now do you see why I say that losing weight or health management does not start in the gym, it starts from within.

Weight loss along with health management is a journey. It is not a destination but a Way of Life. It is anchored from an internal reference point that creates your attitude and beliefs about your body.

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You will learn that just like your body, all aspects of your life is determined from the same internal reference point.

As you get better at understanding, valuing, fine tuning and mastering from this internal reference point, it will undoubtedly shine through in all aspects of your life.

So yes, you will lose weight and get into that slinky black dress or jeans or whatever you chose to show off your  new super sexy  bod. Yes you will lose belly fat and replace it with sexy sought after curves. And yes, absolutely yes! you will get… that it is all a process which starts from within!


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