Self-Improvement for your Spirit

What Is Self-Improvement For Your Spirit?

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At the essence of Self-Improvement for your Spirit recognises an All Powerful, All Knowing and Loving energy source that is woven into the very fabric of life itself. In your Essential StateTrue or Inner Self, you are One with this Pure Divine energy.

Spirit manifests from the realms of the Infinite Mind to the finite world as energy and matter. It is seen in nature as the mountains, the birds and the trees. It forms the morning mist and you see it as the twinkle in your baby’s eye. Spirit manifests as the intricate design of our solar system and as profoundly and simplistically as the single-cell amoeba.

We know Spirit as Goodness and rely upon it as Faith.

Ok, so you have whooped your body all nicely into shape and started clearing out the old cobwebs in your mind and can see bit more clearly.  What next? Is Spirituality really a game changer, does it matter? Is it going to change you into bible bashing or Bob or Koran carrying Karen?

Come on down Bob! with your Bible, Koran, Bhagavad Gita, Torah, Vidas, Tao Te Ching or empty hands for that matter, you will always be welcome at

We do not see or care about what sacred book you are reading from, if any at all. We do however understand that the essence of your being is kindness and love. That is what Spirituality means here. Our aim is to help you shine from that place and emanate it in all aspects of your life.

Taking that first step on your Spiritual journey is a bit like coming home, it has been a long time away but there is no place quite like it! At, we will truly make you feel at home as we help you:

  • Challenge values that you used to rely on but no longer serve you.
  • Develop or improve your propensity to Kindness and Compassion.
  • Understand that true giving is a reciprocal relationship with receiving and it is okay to give to Self.
  • Understand the nature of the Universe as a Powerful Provider.
  • See that Spirituality is not defined by a religion but a way of life.
  • Develop a Spiritual approach to life that will create a continuous flow of goodness to you.

As a young child attending a somewhat strict Catholic school run mostly by nuns, my exposure to religion caused me to question many things I did not agree with or understand.

As I grew up, I had many more challenges to my religious value system until I started to develop a personal relationship with God. It began a very special journey for me and I learnt that God was not some relic worshipped at the altar, or represented by a man wearing a collar. No, God was not anything I could even see and I finally understood that God was within me.

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That Infinite Power that created me, is me in my purest expression. I figured that if God is within me, then the properties of God would be within me too. So when I look outside and marvel at the wonders of God’s beautiful and perfect creation that He made manifest, I know that I too possess the power to create such wonders.

The more I develop that pure and beautiful energy within me, the more I align myself with the creative power of God and thus make manifest all my dreams.

At we will share many Words of Wisdom and help manifest your dreams, so you too may live in the perfect expression of God.

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