Strength, Resistance Training

Strength, Weight or Resistance Training

strength training, resistance training, weight training, weight management, toning

When woman think about weight training they often have a mental image of a 6 foot female with bulging muscles, zero breasts and testosterone oozing from the very hairs of her armpits, ear holes and top lip!

Slight exaggeration maybe!

But what a lot of women and men do not perhaps realise is that strength training is not just about adding definition and giving you a more fit and toned body.

It has so many benefits to your health and well-being that it is an absolute MUST to incorporate into your life.

So let’s look at why strength training should be a regular part of your overall fitness programme.

  • Resistance Training can stop, prevent and reverse bone and muscle loss

After the age of puberty your body begins to lose bone and muscle density. And as you age the percentage of loss accelerates. By the age of 60 the average person will have lost ⅓ of their body mass.

  • Strength Training helps you lose weight

You burn more calories to make and maintain muscle then fat. So when you are lifting weights you are actually burning more calories to do so. In fact a pound of muscle burns 35 to 50 calories per day just by sitting there on your body. A measly pound of fat will only burn 3 to 5 calories per day! Strength training can boost your metabolism by a staggering 15%

  • Strength Training makes you stronger and fitter
strength training, resistance training, weight training, weight management, toning

Strength training is the process of contracting your muscles against a resisting force. This force could be a non-moving object such as the floor which you push against (Isometric Resistance).

Or it could involve contracting your muscles through a range of motions such as weight lifting (Isotonic Strength Training).

Both methods will strengthen and tone your muscles whilst increasing muscle endurance. So even though the results will be a perfectly toned and fit new body, you will have increased your strength by 30 to 50% during the process too!


My all time, ultimate favourite  program to strengthen your core, increase lean body mass and add more overall body definition is Dr Al Sear’s P.A.C.E. Express.

You apply your own body weight as resistance with phenomenal results!

Click the image to find out how this training program is guaranteed to get you body-gorgeous results. You’ll be so glad you did. 🙂

  • Strength Training helps you develop better body mechanics

During the process of building muscle you are also building the connective tissues that hold your muscles and joints in place. This provides greater stability, coordination and posture. Less worry about you falling over, as much as 40%, particularly as you get older.

  • Strength Training reduces the risk of disease

Heart Disease is lower when the body is lean and free of fat. By reducing the dangerous visceral fat which lurks in the heart region, you reduce the risk of heart disease.

In addition strength training may improve the way your body processes sugar leading to a reduced risk of diabetes. Some research indicates that weight training can increase glucose utilization in the body by 23% in 4 months. In your 30’s bone density generally reaches its maximum level of growth.

By the time you hit your 40’s it is on a continuous decline. Strength training maintains or even increases bone density as you age.  This can help in conditions such as osteoporosis, and bone fracture in menopausal women.

  • Weight Training reduces the risk of Injury, Back Pain and Arthritis
strength training, resistance training, weight training, weight management, toning

Because strength training builds connective tissues that increase joint strength and stability, it acts as reinforcement which prevents injury.

Strengthening the lower back muscles according to one 12 year study, had an 80% success rate in eliminating or alleviating lower back pain.

Other studies indicate weight training helps to ease the pain of arthritis.

Just when you thought it couldn’t possibly get better!

  • Strength Training boosts energy levels and helps with depression
strength training, resistance training, weight training, weight management, toning

Strength training increases the good feeling endorphins (happy hormones) that make you feel great!

It is a great anti-depressant, a claim supported  by a Harvard study.

The study revealed that after 10 weeks of strength training, clinical depression was reduced more successfully than traditional counselling.

Advocates of weight training talk emphatically about how they sleep better and feel more confident, capable and motivated with a positive healthy glow, and that includes me. 🙂

Combing strength training with your cardiovascular workout will not only make you feel great, but you will look great too and you will definitely enjoy the improvement it brings to your overall quality of life.

You can Get Fit in Just 12 Minutes a Day and show off your super sexy body in a matter of days not months!

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