Stress Busters

Stress Busters!

Stress Busters, stress management, stress prevention, wellness, self-improvement

It is time to less the stress and take control of your life.

This page is the doing part of the process where you will learn Tips and Techniques to manage your life minus the stress. Of course, it is unrealistic to think you can totally eliminate stress from your life altogether but with good Stress Management you certainly are on your way to feeling more blessed and less stressed!

You have learned from previous pages that some stress is actually good for you. Eustress is the healthy stress that is great for motivation, focused energy and an overall improvement on your performance.

To maximise the effectiveness of your stress busters I strongly recommend that you first read the previous pages on stress and follow the pages sequentially to benefit from the entire program. This includes Introduction to StressStress the Silent KillerIdentifying Stress and Stress Management Action Plan.

Because in order to make change happen you have to start from the bottom and work your way up. In others words, a change in your mind, (perspective, approach, attitude, etc) facilitates the change in your life.

Here are your All-Engaging, Life-Changing, Soul-Searching Stress Busters!


Stress Busters, stress management, stress prevention, wellness, self-improvement

Do not suffer in silence. If you are feeling stressed, talk to a relative, friend or colleague. Keeping feelings and thoughts inside is like the metaphorical pressure cooker. Once the lid is securely sealed and pressure builds up inside, it will eventually explode and the after-math is not pretty!

Release pent-up emotions by getting them off your chest. The old adage is true today as it has ever been: A problem shared is a problem halved.

I found this excellent resource for you to use as a venting platform:

View here:

Avoid Unhealthy Habits

Stress Busters, stress management, stress prevention, wellness, self-improvement

Many people seek a solution or quick-fix from stress in the form of a bottle, prescription, a tobacco fix or mind altering drug, casual sex, compulsive shopping, junk food, gambling or escapism in the cyber world of facebook or a similar virtual reality.

Although for many this brings relief and some sense of satisfaction, the moment is very often short-lived and frivolous and does not fill the void that is at the root of the problem.

In some cases it can lead to an unhealthy dependency on the external quick-fix and trigger a chain events that have much more life-altering consequence.

Managing your stress from a pro-active perspective and not a reactive one will reduce the dependency on quick-fixes. As always with, we encourage small baby steps to create a much stronger foundation from the place of wellness and  well-being.

Set Priorities

Stress Busters, stress management, stress prevention, wellness, self-improvement

Breaking the big-size picture in to more manageable bite-size pieces, will enable you to mentally move forward without feeling overwhelmed. Feeling overwhelmed can literally disable you physically and mentally.

Do tasks that are easy before they become difficult and do difficult tasks before they become urgent.

Setting priorities can be done by simply writing out a priority list and choosing which one to tackle first.

As a Life Coach, I use this exercise regularly to help clients assert their own control over the situation and create accountability.

A priority list is also an excellent tool for moving you forward and something as simple as a check can bring a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

√ = Yes I did it!


Stress Busters, stress management, stress prevention, wellness, self-improvement

The benefits of meditation are endless. Meditation is proven to reduce stress and anxiety and in the modern age of technology, there is no such thing anymore as ‘I can’t find the time!’ when it comes to using the power of meditation.

Click on the link for Free Meditation Tips – Learn How I Beat My Stress and Anxiety Through A Weird Meditation Method and see how easy it is to introduce stress into the busiest of schedule.

Meditation allows you to clear away the information over-load and office and network noise that accumulate daily in your energy field.

Using chakras in conjunction with meditation is a powerful and effective way to unblock the flow of energy.

Read more about a unique system called LifeFlow Meditation 2.0 that incorporates brainwave training.  Click on the link to find out why science supports it as one of the most powerful tools on earth for dramatically accelerating your personal growth.  Did I mention its capacity to enhance your sense of well-being and reduce stress? Click LifeFlow Meditation 2.0 to find out more, you’ll be so glad you did!

Meditation has huge mental and physical health benefit and has been proven to positively impact neurological and bio-chemical processes in the human body. Read more:

Meditation improves sleep, enhances concentration, lowers your blood pressure, increases health, well-being and vitality, slows down the ageing process, helps you to live longer and connects you to others (through loving-kindness meditation techniques). Read more:

Meditate you way to a stress-free state! Click the image below to get started on your free meditation course TODAY!

Free Meditation Course

Call Time Out!

Know your limits and when it all gets too much yell ‘Time Out’, ‘Stop’ or whatever you need to let those around you know when it’s time to go!

Stress Busters, stress management, stress prevention, wellness, self-improvement

Stop apologising for recognising when your body and mind needs to replenish. Do not call time-out as an exception, rather use it as a frequent rule to govern the parameters of your daily life to keep stress out!

A five minute call out could save you from a five day hospital admittance or a five week home recovery plan. Time out can be used as an immediate response to intense stress at work or at home.

At work, take regular short breaks away from your computer screen and go for a short walk for some fresh air away from the building.

At home, let loved ones know that once you call time out, to respectfully give you the space and quiet in an area away from them. You may want to think about allocating a special area in your home just for time out moments.

Read the page on Spirituality and Prayer for ideas on how to create a special place.

Stress Busters, stress management, stress prevention, wellness, self-improvement

But do Power Off! Yes that means the phone, iPad, laptop and any other device that transmits through electro-magnetic waves!




Nurture  (You Time!)

Stress Busters, stress management, stress prevention, wellness, self-improvement

I have condensed the following paragraph to collectively look at on-going techniques that are guaranteed to indulgence the mind, body and Spirit complexes.

They include but are not limited to:

  • Taking regular spas, indulgence yourself in a full-body massage or chocolate and coconut body scrub.
  • Treating yourself to a pedicure, manicure and/or facial.
  • Take a power nap when and if you can.
  • Develop your creative side through art, dance, music, literature, poetry or in a way that has meaning to you.
Stress Busters, stress management, stress prevention, wellness, self-improvement
  • Keep visible! – Build a support network of friends and/or colleagues and neighbours. Meet with them once or twice a month for practical support or social activity.
  • Develop a physical relaxation technique that suits you and integrate into your life daily. This could be deep breathing exercises, meditation (as mentioned above) or deep muscle relaxation.
  • Take up Yoga. Yoga improves your body’s physical structure to deal with the negative effects of stress
Stress Busters, stress management, stress prevention, wellness, self-improvement
  • Keep a journal and keep a log of your emotions, your moods, your deep thoughts and even write down your dreams and aspirations.

Discover you!

The above list all relates to nurturing you, the following are techniques that create an unshakeable power base from which to operate.

They include but are not limited to:

  • Goal Setting and Challenge Yourself – continually keeps you reaching for the stars! It pre-occupies your mind with a self-focused and self-driven agenda to brush-off stressful elements and re-diverts your attention from stress to much more meaningful missions.
  • Decide to be free – Once you make a mental decision, you automatically plant the seed for its fruition. The physical world then constructs a plan to mirror or support that decision. Decide for your life to be stress-free, everything after that will follow!

“Being rich is a state of mind, a mental condition that creates wealth out of a dream and a decision”.

Michelle H.A Williams. 

Stress Busters, stress management, stress prevention, wellness, self-improvement
  •  Catch it, unwrap it, then throw it in the garbage! Catch stressors early on, remove their grip or stranglehold, then put yourself in the driver’s seat and DEAL WITH IT! Afterwards, simply move on.
  • Re-framing – this is a technique used in the field of psychology which arms you with the tools to change your take or perspective on any given situation. You assert power over the situation by making a conscious choice on how to deal with it. It makes you less re-active to stress and brings it under your control.
  •  Stop Taking Life so Seriously! – Laugh more, Stress less and Sing it out Loud! Laughing is actually a type of therapy used to reduce stress and is an an excellent endorphin releaser. Singing literally changes the energy vibration around your electro-magnetic field and creates a lighter, happier state (even when you are faking it!)
  •  Posture – Good posture supports the physical condition for positive energy to flow freely. If you are leaned over and slumped it is a reflection of a deeper emotional state, usually negative. It restricts breathing and reduces the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain. So sit up and be counted!
  • Accept the the things you cannot change Stop fighting the entire galactic stratosphere! There are things in this life that you cannot change and fighting and challenging all the time only results in waring you out! The timeless structures and policies will still be in place way after you’ve gone. Pick your battles very wisely and learn to ‘let it go’. One of my favourite mantras is ‘stop making it matter’ and helps me put a perspective on what’s really important. I was inspired to write the following quote:

“I cannot change the entire global picture but I can chose how and where I fit in to it”.

Michelle H. A Williams

  •  Do not be afraid to Delegate! – Some of the world’s most successful people and companies have mastered the art of outsourcing, which is a form of delegation. If they can do it, you can too! Alleviating the load lessens your burdens and frees up time for other tasks.
  •  Volunteer Work – If you have a passion or hobby that you would love to share with others, why not volunteer your knowledge and experience. Perhaps you are out of work and have time on your hands or would like to give something back to your community. Volunteer work really connects you on a deep level to those around you and satisfies the altruistic part of human nature. Become a mentor and impart your own knowledge and experience to the youth or junior members of your team.
Group of volunteers putting hands together on white background
  • Google ‘Guided Support Programs’ to look for a more structured approach to help you deal with stress.
  • Physical exercise is Fun! – no self-respecting list of Stress Buster would be complete without physical exercise at its core. Cardio vascular workout release the ‘feel good’ hormones called endorphins. Physical exercise gets oxygen flowing around your body which optimizes the efficiency of your organs. Make it fun and make it a way of life. Join the gym, start jogging around the block, invest in a bike and if you are a bit nervous about riding on the busy main roads, confine usage to your local park or similar enclosure. Walk to and from work instead of using the bus or train. Join a zuumba class, rock climbing if it floats your boat, but whatever you do – GET ACTIVE!
  • Enlist the support of a Life-CoachA Life-Coach is a great option for one-on-one support. They will help you unravel the string of unrelenting stress and find clarity and balance in your life.

There are so many tips and techniques on this page that will empower you to move from Stress to Success. Use your Stress Busters systematically and with unrelenting commitment and resolve to less the stress and take control of your life.

And don’t forget your free meditation course. Click below to get started TODAY!

Free Meditation Tips

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