The Facts on Raw Butter

The Raw Facts on Raw Butter

Milkman milking a cow. Close-up.

Picture this:

Sarah Green is a 35 year old woman who is 8 months pregnant with her first child. She has a strong and toned body from the years of healthy diet and exercise. Sarah lives in a quaint little village at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains with her husband Tom who is a successful writer. Life is good for this young successful couple and 6 weeks later when baby Jakes comes along, he makes it perfect.

Why am I telling a story about the Green family?

To make the point that environment impacts the result!

Sarah’s physical and emotional (or mental) environment has produced a strong health baby. Her nutrition over the years coupled with her lifestyle and beautiful surroundings, has brought happiness and peace to her life (result).

Now if we apply the same principle to the environment of cows which are grazed on green grass, well fed, healthy and are free to roam, would it surprise you that their produce is naturally better and of a superior quality?


For millennia people around the globe have prized milk and butter for its health benefits.

The Bible has references to butter as the product of milk from the cow and of Abraham setting butter and milk from a calf before three angels who appear to him on the plains of Mamre.

So why Raw and what does it mean for your diet?

Raw butter is the fatty portion of raw milk from cows that have been fed from grass pastures. Nothing is added except the churning that is needed for the raw cream to turn into the delicious healthy beneficial fat your body requires.

Butter and the Bad Press

In 1953 Dr Ancel Keys wrote a paper proposing that saturated fat and cholesterol in the diet were responsible for Coronary Heart Disease (CHD).

Numerous subsequent studies have failed to find any clear link between the two.

However Dr Ancel’s findings perpetuated the negative belief about saturated fat. It helped the design of the’ margarine myth’ by the food industry, who created an unhealthy man made product which most consumers have sadly bought into.

Unmasking the Margarine Myth

Margarine manufacturers tricked the general public by convincing them that margarine was the healthy alternative to butter. Back when the baby boomers were children, mother’s systematically began to change from using butter to margarine in their diet.

Consequently since the 1970’s the American diet (and likely other industrialised nations) have seen a considerable reduction in the average saturated fat intake. However rates of obesity, diabetes and heart disease have surged.

The makers of margarine have successfully created a product which is 100% man-made and 100% unhealthy and here’s how they do it in 10 deadly steps:

Raw butter, margarine, healthy diet, heart healthy, diet plan

  • Cheap poor quality vegetable oil such as corn, cotton seed, soybean, safflower seed and canola are heated to extreme temperatures from oils seed to extract the oil. The extraction process using high temperatures causes the oil to turn rancid producing unpleasant noxious odours and tastes. Furthermore the rancid oil is loaded with free radicals that react easily to other molecules causing cell damage, premature ageing and a host of health problems.
  • Hexane, a solvent derived from a crude oil and known to cause cancer is added to remove any remaining oil from the seed pulp.
  • Acid is then added to remove the gum from the remaining crude oil.This refining process is known as degumming and essentially gets rid of any impurities. A caustic soda is added to remove the degumming acids.
  • The oil at this stage is grey in colour with a nasty odour. It is subject to deodorisation at high temperature and high pressure to remove the chemical odours. This destroys all the nutrients and antioxidants
  • The oil is bleached to get rid of the grey colour. The bleach is Fuller’s earth and is the same ingredient found in cat’s litter.
  • The refined oil is mixed with a nickel catalyst which is a highly toxic heavy metal along with hydrogen gas. It is then exposed to high temperature and high pressure in a reactor. The high temperature and pressure together with the presence of the nickel catalyst causes hydrogen atoms to be forced into the oil molecules creating a partially solid saturated product. This process is called hydrogenation and it is when dangerous trans fats are formed.These artificially created saturated fat molecules have been twisted out of shape during the partial hydrogenation process. As a result they do not have a natural or complete molecular structure and consumption of these fats have been linked to serious health problems.
  • After the partially hydrogenation process a smelly, lumpy grey grease is left. This is then filtered to remove left over nickel and other unwanted substances. However due to the properties of heavy metal, nickel residue is never fully removed.
  • Emulsifiers which are like soaps are added, then the oil is steamed cleaned to remove the foul odour.
  • The remaining mixture is then bleached to remove the grey colour and artificial flavours, synthetic vitamins and a natural colour is added to alter the appearance and taste.
  • Finally the finished product is packaged in plastic tubs, transported for distribution and sold in the grocery to the poor unsuspecting consumer. All erroneously in the name of a health promoting product.

Now that the margarine myth has been busted let’s look further into choosing butter over margarine is best for a healthy diet.

Raw Butter –v- Margarine

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