The Power of Positive Thinking

The Power of Positive Thinking

Positive thinking, affirmations, positive attitude, subconscious mind

Now that you have learned why positive thinking and a positive attitude is essential to the manifestation of your reality, let us discuss what it looks like and how you can put it into practice in your daily life.

‘The greatest revolution in our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing their mind, can change the outer aspects of their lives’.

William James (1842-1910).

When I think about positive thinking and a positive attitude I liken it to a motor vehicle which you travel in through life. You are the driver of the vehicle and your journey is totally dependent upon how it is navigated.

If you are sitting comfortably and securely in your vehicle and treat it with the utmost respect, after all, it is a lot bigger and mightier than you, the ride home will be far easier. You will be able to negotiate any dangerous spots and may even pick up one or two long-enduring travellers along the way.

However if your vehicle is an awkward fit, the seatbelt yanks you with every bump, it is probably going to be a long drive home! If without realising, you fill up diesel in a gas engine and forget to check the water and the oil, it won’t be too long before your vehicle breaks down at the side of the road and may never actually get you home at all!

I am using the analogy to demonstrate the position you take in life and the pay-off as you go along your journey.

As a disciplined, conscientious and thoughtful driver you place yourself in the best position to get the most out of your road trip. Your positive attitude towards your vehicle is one of kindness and respect which creates an unbreakable bond with far-reaching consequences.

Translate this into your own world and the positive position in which you journey through life is guaranteed to bring you success in exactly the form you need.

Conversely, if you live life in a hap hazard way with no plan or road map, filling up on the wrong type of fuel, you may find yourself on the long road to nowhere!

You are the driver of your own destiny, how do you take care of your own vehicle?

The Pervasive Power of Positive Thinking

How you can practise it through:

  • Gratitude
Positive thinking, affirmations, positive attitude, subconscious mind

The Universal flow of energy operates through a dynamic exchange of giving and receiving. When you live from a position of gratitude you continue the circulation of good things into your life.

Embrace life as a precious gift, everything you receive from it is by way of celebrating your unique and delightful existence. From your favourite childhood teddy bear to your platinum engagement ring take nothing for granted. Be grateful and say Thank You for everything in your life.

  • Joy
Positive thinking, affirmations, positive attitude, subconscious mind Power of the mind

The joy you feel in your heart is akin to the Universe smiling out to the far-reaches of the globe. Joy brings joy, happiness brings happiness.

You can consciously and deliberately change the way you feel inside and it will reflect your world outside. Smile from your heart when you smell the aroma of fresh cut flowers and see the joy reverberate to the many facets of your environment. Having a joyful disposition aligns itself to the abundance of joy destined to come your way.


  • Kindness

When you give from a kind and willing heart you multiplying the stream of goodness that comes to you from the Universe. The Universe does not worry about lack or if there is enough to go around. There is an abundant supply of everything you need. In your willingness to give, your gift has already been replaced a hundred fold by the unlimited kindness of the Universe.

Give either your time or money to a charity and feel a sense of gratitude to be in a position whereby you can give.

Kindness is not always conveyed in a tangible form. It could be a compliment you pay a co-worker, a smile, a prayer said for an ailing friend or a positive thought you send out to the Universe.

The kindness you give with a sincere heart is never lost or overlooked by the Universe.

  • Love

Love is one of the highest expressions and creates a frequency which is closest to Spirit. Spirit exists in the world of the unseen but is the life force which animates the very existence of life through which the unseen becomes the seen.

Positive thinking, affirmations, positive attitude, subconscious mind

When you operate your life from a position of love and see love and express love in all things, you ignite the law of attraction. Good things come your way.

Embrace love of yourself and live in harmony with the Universe by gently letting go of inner tension or negativity. Simply release it to the Universe. Whenever you feel any negative feelings, physically place your hand in that area, absorb it into your palm, then open a window and in a symbolic gesture, blow it away!

Gently say to yourself ‘I feel love, I choose love’ and do something loving every day. Tune in to the abundant love of the Universe as it takes care of your every need and generate love throughout your life in this way.

Do not give power to a difficult situation or circumstance. Change the vibration and chose to think about it lovingly. Look at why the event has shown up in you life and what you can learn from it.

When you live from a position of love, you co-exist harmoniously with the Universe. Nothing stands outside and you loving see and feel everything as One.

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