Understanding Metaphysics for Limiting Beliefs

Metaphysics and Limiting Beliefs

Self-esteem, limiting beliefs, inner peace, self-improvement, spirituality

Truth is even more spectacular when it is expressed in the form of science, now Truth becomes beautiful and perfect!

As we discovered previously Creation is the sub total of energy vibrating at different frequencies. When there are two frequencies in close proximity, the lower frequency will always rise to meet the higher.

It is known as the Principle of Resonance and we can see it in the process of tuning a piano for example. The tuning fork has a higher frequency than the piano strings so when struck and brought close to the corresponding piano string, the string automatically raises its vibration and attunes itself to the same rate at which the fork is vibrating.

Lower Frequency automatically aligns to the Higher Frequency.

This is a very powerful concept which you can practice in your own life.

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Mind Over Matter For a Better Life

When atoms slow down as we have earlier discussed, a more dense matter is produced. It is sometimes called third dimensional matter.

When molecules in your body increase speed to a higher frequency through thoughts of lovejoyhappinessgratitude etc, the higher dimensions of consciousness can be reached. When consciousness is raised to the highest levels, the realms of Spirit can be attained.

The road to creating the world you desire sounds pretty easy then if all you have to do is think loving thoughts right?

It certainly can be but for most, they are plagued with negative and limiting beliefs buried deep within. Without realising they become the intrinsic thought pattern which define your behaviour, choices, outlook, experiences and life itself.

What is a limiting belief?

Self-esteem, limiting beliefs, inner peace, self-improvement, spirituality

Limiting beliefs are the beliefs you hold to be true about who you are which limit the development of your physical, emotional, financial, intellectual and spiritual potential

They are a thousand times stronger and more compelling than your dreams and desires and reside deep within the crevices of your mindLimited beliefs are usually imposed on you from the very first day you enter the world, then systematically throughout childhood, sometimes unintentionally but often times very deliberately. They are sometimes the offspring of your parents own self-perception, which they consciously or subconsciously pass onto you.

The modern and demanding world we live in also plays a huge role in perpetuating limiting beliefs and has a major influence on what you think about yourself.

Even when your life is happy and full and all seems to be well, limited beliefs can raise its ugly head in the face of adversity, a new challenge or relationship or change to your familiar environment.

Where do limiting beliefs show up?

Limiting beliefs show up when:

  • You wake up one morning after 12 years in an unhappy and dysfunctional relationship, you look in the mirror as you get ready for work and say to yourself ‘even if I left this guy, I am so fat and ugly nobody else would even look at me’.
  • You are stuck in the same job that you’ve hated with a passion for 6 years but are too afraid to leave because you are plagued with thoughts of ‘I am way too stupid to go back to school and get a new qualification in the field I would truly enjoy’.
  • You have spent months and months developing a new piece of software that you know will take the technological world by storm.  You apply for a small business loan but remember your father who lost everything when he launched his business and never quite recovered. Thoughts of ‘best stick to what I know, failures are bad’ makes you instantly disregard the loan.
  • Your self-esteem is so low that being in an abusive relationship is less painful that being alone.
Self-esteem, limiting beliefs, inner peace, self-improvement, spirituality
  • You cannot pay your bills, your car has just been repossessed and the refrigerator is empty, you are totally broke and wonder why you always end up in this kind of mess!

The suggestion of changing your thoughts to loving thoughts as a strategy towards happiness and success is only one part of the puzzle.

Developing You is Part Two

Self-esteem, limiting beliefs, inner peace, self-improvement, spirituality

By developing a deep, loving and unconditional relationship with the many aspect of your being, you begin to explore and enjoy the real you. You will instinctively begin to align yourself with the energies that bring forth balance and harmony.

The falsely imposed layers that surrounded you for such a long time can now be stripped away to reveal your True and beautiful nature.

Your new gained knowledge of the mind will help you identify limiting beliefs that may be buried deep within your subconscious mind.

Negative and destructive thoughts that no longer serve you can now be banished by changing the frequency because you know you have the power within to do so.

Identifying limiting beliefs and understanding their expression as your thoughts and behaviour is key to eliminating them from your life.

When limiting beliefs no longer control or define who you are, you consciously make way for the abundant flow of all good thing.

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