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Metabolic typing, fat burning, water, healthy diet, how to lose weight



Weight loss does not have to be complicated so I have broken it down into 4 main areas:





  1. Metabolic Typing
  2. Fat Burning FoodWater and a Healthy Nutritional Plan
  3. Calorie intake
  4. Physical Training (Interval Training with Resistance Training)

The first step to weight loss is forgetting everything you think you know and re-start your education with SharingSelf-Improvement.com!

What is Metabolic Typing?

Metabolic typing is a clinical test to evaluate the highly specific dietary needs of an individual. We are all inherently unique in the way that our bodies process food and utilize nutrients. Therefore there is no such thing as a one size fits all diet because what works for one person may be a total disaster for another.

Metabolic typing, diets, diet plans, dieting, eating healthy.


Because our bodies have genetically based requirements, knowing your metabolic type will help match your nutrition to your unique metabolism and consequently balance your body chemistry.



With a balanced biochemistry you will be on the road to:

  • Eliminating food cravings
  • Increased vitality
  • Greater physical and mental energy
  • Easier and natural weight loss
  • Radiating health from the inside out.

We will look more in depth into the intriguing world of Metabolic Typing but for now you just need to know there are 3 types:

Useful Resources

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Fat Burning Foods and a Healthy Nutritional Plan

It is essential to know the high quality and fat burning foods you need to include in your diet. Also what proportion from each food group is the ideal intake per meal.

Some Fat Burning Foods

Metabolic typing, fat burning, water, healthy diet, how to lose weight

Jalapeno, Habaneros and Cayenne Peppers

Eggs, AvocadoBeans

Green Tea, Skim Milk, Olive Oil

Brown Rice, BroccoliSweet Potato

Chicken Breast, Pork, Lean BeefTurkey

Salmon, Tuna, Sardines

Healthy Nutritional Plan

Metabolic typing, fat burning, water, healthy diet, how to lose weight



Although each food group is necessary for losing weight, it is also necessary to consume calories in proportion to a particular food group. Your diet should include:



The importance of knowing your Metabolic Type cannot be understated here because it will determine what proportion from each food group you should consume at each meal.

A healthy ratio of ProteinCarbohydrates and Fat, according to your Metabolic Type is crucial to determine a Healthy Nutrition Plan.

If you are a Protein Type – add more protein to each meal

If you are a Carb Type – add more carbohydrates to each meal

If you are a Mixed Type –you will usually have a balanced mix of both.

Calorie Intake

Remember that first step I mentioned earlier, the one where you need to forget everything you think you may know about weight loss? Well this is where you should forget about the traditional idea of calories and start your new way of thinking and understanding calories

Metabolic typing, fat burning, water, healthy diet, how to lose weight


Calories from food of course are essential for sustaining a healthy body. They provide the power that drives your body, similar to the fuel that powers a motor car. Traditionally, you were taught that if you consume 1500 calories, you need to burn in excess of 1500 calories in order to lose weight. In other words calories in = calories out, regardless of the calorie source.

The problem with the old way of thinking is that it completely ignores the value of calories from each food source which have different effect on body metabolism. So in fact some calories are better than others when it comes to weight loss.

For example refined carbohydrates effect insulin release and will cause you to feel hungry faster. Whereas glucagon released food from protein will help you with hunger control.

This simple comparison should clearly illustrate how the effects of calories on your metabolism differ greatly depending on the source. This is a fundamental concept you must grasp in your weight loss education.

Do not think of calories in terms of numbers but in terms of value and effect on your metabolism.

We will discuss this in much more detail going forward.

Physical Training

To wrap it up in this section I will introduce you to the best way to train and eliminate that 2 hour cardio workout session at the gym. You will be amazed!

Metabolic typing, fat burning, interval training, healthy diet, how to lose weight

Introducing Interval Training

Interval Training in a nutshell is a combination of high intensity, burst-type activity followed by a low intensity or active recovery within your workout session.


Interval or High Intensity Interval Training expands your energy demands to maximum capacity thus burning more fat and carbohydrates during the process.

There are huge benefits to this type of training which we will further explore in a section dedicated to this subject matter.

Interval Training is only the first part of your physical exerciseResistance Training will maximise your exercise programme with outstanding results.

Why Resistance (or Strength) Training? Both terms are interchangeable.

Because muscle is the most active metabolic tissue in your body. Creating leaner muscle with resistance training will build a stronger framework to aid your fat burning exercise programme.

Muscle is anabolic which means it is constantly demands energy. The development of muscle mass during your resistance training programme, can burn up to 50 to 70 calories per day. Therefore by adding 10 pounds of muscle during your programme, it is possible to burn 500 to 700 calories.Burning calories is vital for shredding both the Subcutaneous and Visceral fat.

Resistance Training is an essential part of your training programme. It has huge health benefits such as preventing heart diseasediabetes, stroke and osteoporosis by keeping inflammation levels low and avoidance of visceral fat in your body.

There are many elements to weight loss but having the right information and guidance through SharingSelf-Improvement.com you are a stone throw away from overcoming your weight loss challenge.

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